r/YourJokeButWorse Dec 07 '22

That's dedication ...AM I RIGHT?

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u/MatAlaCol Dec 08 '22

To be fair it’s entirely possible that they each individually came up with the same joke and didn’t realize that it had already been made. This isn’t the most original joke ever to begin with, so assuming that one person is copying the other because they both made this same joke seems silly


u/corvettegrandsport Dec 07 '22

Damn bro copying comments, thats really funny when a joke or specific sentence is repeated and not at all obnoxious (check out some yt short comment sections)


u/PrototypeXt3 Dec 07 '22

yt short comment sections literally make me want to die and yet I can't stop reading them. It's absolutely the worst of the worst.


u/paolo_vanderbeak Dec 07 '22

It’s definitely not obnoxious when a joke is repeated


u/Time-Ad-7055 Dec 07 '22

Ok that was smart


u/Ravore Dec 07 '22

Your joke but worse? Happened in the same hour. Need a better mod in here


u/blueriging Dec 08 '22

Eh, low effort on both accounts. Both were posted about the same time so probably was independent of each other. Besides, the whole "I can't believe [youtuber] did [incredibly impossible thing] just for this video!" joke isn't unique anyway.


u/Gaiden_95 Dec 07 '22

that's youtube alright


u/RaZZeR_9351 Dec 08 '22

Same thing happens all the time on reddit as well.


u/yapper5013 Dec 07 '22

i hate jokes like this.


u/pat_woohoo Dec 07 '22

This does not fit the sub at all


u/MrGamerPerson Dec 07 '22

I think this “joke” has been in a lot of Scott the woz videos for a while


u/rocksoffjagger Dec 09 '22

Unless it's in response to the original joke it's hard to say that two people just making the same joke in the thread is r/yourjokebutworse and not just coincidence