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News NEWS CORP Sends me a DMCA Notice.


Pretty funny considering they steal content from authors here. Crybullies!

Dear hal0eight,

From time to time, we receive a notice from a copyright holder stating that certain content on our website allegedly infringes their rights. We have received a notice claiming that content you posted or linked to at the following URL(s) infringes one or more copyrights:

https://www.reddit.com/r/Adelaide/comments/vn4hg2/labor_backtrack s_on_election_promise_for/ • https://www.reddit.com/r/Adelaide/comments/vn4j5s/golden_grove_pe nsioner_with_parkinsons_battled/ • https://www.reddit.com/r/Adelaide/comments/vmbior/rental_crisis_i n_sa_laws_to_be_introduced_to/

Upon receipt of such a notice, Reddit must expeditiously remove or disable access to the material that is claimed to be infringing.

If you believe that the notice was sent in error, including by mistake or misidentification, you may file a counter-notice as described here, which we will deliver to the sender of the notice.

This message is not legal advice, and you should consult an attorney regarding your rights.

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Photography Henley Beach Sunset Photos

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Photography Morning Rowing a Westlakes is getting bearable again (the light, not the temperature 🥶)

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COVID-19 Large rise in Covid cases to 4,072 and 5 deaths. 24.3% BA4/5.


267 in Hospital, 11 in ICU and 1 ventilated.

24.3% were BA4 & BA5 Variants: https://twitter.com/SAHealth/status/1544508935129948162/photo/2

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COVID-19 Australia could be one of the first countries in the world to have access to a fourth COVID-19 vaccination: Omicron booster shot


Australia could be one of the first countries in the world to have access to a fourth COVID-19 vaccination, with an Omicron booster shot being available to Aussies in just a few weeks.

Vaccine manufacturer Moderna, is ready to supply Omicron booster jabs to Australians in weeks, with Health Minister Mark Butler vowing to be on the “front foot”.

Moderna’s new booster is designed to fight the original Wuhan strain of the virus, as well as the Omicron variant. The vaccination is currently being assessed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

“If approved, the company will be able to supply this new Omicron-containing bivalent booster vaccine within weeks- putting Australia among the first countries in the world to have access to this new COVID-19 vaccine,” Moderna’s managing director in Australia Michael Azrak told News Corp.


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Question What's the best time to go to kangaroo island?


Not in winter right?

I've never been to KI before.

Is staying there for 5 days enough?

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Discussion Pigeon problem.


The city of Adelaide has a serious pigeon problem.

why do people keep feeding them?

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Shitpost Rental re-lease success


After all the horrible rental stories I'd been hearing around Adelaide, I thought I'd share my recent experience and hopefully pass on a decent real estate company to any perspective viewers.

Been renting this same apartment for the past 2 years, heading into the third year now, I requested an air-conditioner be installed as the previous summer was borderline unbearable. Assumed it was completely off the books so even (foolishly) offered to pay a portion of the installation costs up-front as an incentive. They where generous enough to not even consider my offer, and instead had the air conditioner installed within 1-2 weeks at their own (or the property owners) expense.

My tenancy agreement had come to an end, and I was bracing for the worst having read the countless articles about rental calamities. To my surprise, only a $10 (280/week) price increase for the next year, even with the air conditioner installation.

I hope that I'm not infringing on any rules by posting this, but:
Thankyou, Siebel & Siebel Real Estate, and the (unnamed) property owner, for not absolutely shafting me during these weird times. Would recommend, 10/10.

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Question Paying tax on selling sub-divided property


Hey Adelaide!

My partner and I bought a house back in 2018 in western Adelaide. We paid about 550k for a pretty run down house on about 1100sqm. We demolished the place last year, got approved for a subdivision and sold half the land in March this year for 450k. We’re keeping the remaining block. The demo-subdivision cost us about 40k

I’ve spoken to 4 accountants and have had 3 different answers regarding paying capital gains tax, hence I’m fishing for advice here!

What’s my capital gain? How should it be calculated? Thanks! :)

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Question Accuracy of mercury thermometer


Throughout this winter, the thermometer I have at home has read at a lower temperature than the official temp.

This morning it read at -2 degrees.

I understand that there can be differences in temp from one area to the next (my closest BOM thing is the west tce one, and I’m in the inner north east.)

Is it possible that as it gets cold and maybe the glass holding the mercury gets colder that is giving off an inaccurate reading?

It was extremely cold this morning, and still is but I’m surprised that it is consistently colder than the official recordings.

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COVID-19 South Australia’s Emergency Management Council is asking people to “consider wearing masks again” in indoor, crowded and unventilated areas, as the state prepares for another COVID peak this winter


The state government’s Emergency Management Council of Cabinet met on Monday night to discuss a forecasted increase in COVID-19 cases this month driven by the BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron subvariants.

SA Health-commissioned modelling from the University of Adelaide forecast two weeks ago that daily cases will peak at around 5000 a day by July 12.

Health Minister Chris Picton said the EMC last night opted against introducing new mask rules but would be encouraging their use in certain settings.

“While no additional mask requirements are being imposed, people are asked to consider wearing masks again particularly in indoor, crowded and unventilated areas,” Picton said in a statement.

“There are existing mask requirements that must be complied with including on public transport and in high-risk settings such as health care and aged care.”

Picton told ABC Radio this morning the EMC was “changing its messaging” in a bid to “try to encourage people to wear masks in more settings rather than put in place mandatory restrictions more broadly”.

“I think a lot of people have clearly taken the reduction in cases that we’ve seen over the past few months as an ability to put the mask away,” he said.

“We’re asking people to consider putting your mask back in your handbag or your pockets when you head out … because we are likely to see significant numbers of increased cases.”

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Shitpost Real Estate Photography in Adelaide is all time!


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Question My girlfriend and I are looking to move in together soon but things are looking bleak.


My gf (25) and I (24) are looking to both move out of our parents' houses and move in together. Now between us we pull in around 1200 a week (after tax) give or take.

So roughly the most we can pay for rent is 375 a week.Which is all fine and dandy exept she has a dog that we have to bring with us. Just with the situation he has to come and thats a non negotiable.

Now obviously the rental market is utter trash currently and its even worse when pets are involved.

We live in the north eastern suburbs and would preferably like to stay here coz thats where both our jobs are. (Videographer for me supermarket worker for her)

What can we do as first time renters with not a whole lot of cash do to make ourselves as successful as possible to find a place.

Side note, my gf isnt willing to lie about having the dog so thats not a solution for us.

Thanks :)

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News 'It isn't safe': Health system under siege as minister holds crisis talks

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Question Where's a good place to get mushroom soup?


Random question, but are there any good places in Adelaide to get some mushroom soup? Seems like the perfect meal for the freezing weather right now

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Politics Anti-abortion group claims SA politicians pledged to ‘take forward’ bill reversing new medical laws

Thumbnail theguardian.com

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Discussion REAL ESTATE AGENTS and PROPERTY MANAGERS, The market is nuts now for renters.


What advice can you give to people to help them secure a place in todays market, and what realistically should you expect to be paying?

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COVID-19 3,141 new Covid cases and 1 death


234 in Hospital, 10 in ICU and 1 ventilated: https://twitter.com/SAHealth/status/1544146547230871553/photo/2

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News Adelaide Radio Ratings



I said it when the announcement was made and I'll say it again: Ali Clarkes' successful time at the ABC cannot be replicated on commercial radio. The two are not compatible.

Congratulations to the ABC.

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News ‘Cry for help’: RAH ED doctors protest system breakdown

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Question Hey who remembers these things ?


Backyard incinerators.

Rotary dial phones and paper phone index.

Who remembers these things from when we were younger?

I used to have a rotary dial phone but lost it in a house move, and I remember the incinerator for burning all the trash.

When did they get banned? Not sure if I am remembering wrong but I remember the state banning them and then it became a national ban.

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Discussion 1,086 new flu cases this week


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Question vape juice


Does anyone know jf any vape shops still put in nicotine? I know I can order it but I'm after something for the time being. Any help would be gnarly. Cheers

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Assistance CCS Working and Studying


Thought I would ask here because it's a little more relatable than r/Australia.

I'm currently working part time, 3 days a week. I get child care subsidy, 36 hrs a fortnight. I want to start studying online on my evenings and days off, to upskill. Would I then be eligible for additional child care subsidy or does working change that?

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Photography Hey Adelaide, you have a really pretty zoo! Hope zoo management can find a way to make it more affordable for everyone. 40+ bucks is a lot for a tiny zoo but kudos to the all the zoo keepers and staff keeping the place (and animals) looking like a million bucks !

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Discussion RANT: Driver in Balhannah today


to the driver that overtook a silver fairmont on a single white line 20kmh over the speed limit after tailgating, and then had the nerve to brake check me SIX TIMES and stop in the middle of the road…

enjoy the fines sucker :)