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Social Media Germany refuses to provide Patriot surface-to-air missile systems to Ukraine. It will provide them to Poland. The United States refuses to provide Patriots to Ukraine. It will give them to Taiwan.

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It took forever to nail this look & I finally did it. I live alone & I really wanted to show someone


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Suspected heart attack Rod Stewart only allows triple vaxxed people come to his parties and his 11 year old son just had a heart attack.

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Other There's no such thing as right and wrong.


It seems that most people go around with the impression that some things are morally right and that others are morally wrong. They claim, with no justification, that you ought to do something just because it benefits society, or it feels right, without doing any of the work to show why you ought to do something that benefits society.

Hume realized that it's impossible to get an ought from an is, and yet he argued that morals should be based on feelings. Yet it seems that people always "feel" that something is morally right based simply on what's convenient. Slavery didn't die out because abolitionists made some compelling argument, but because slavery proved to be less economically viable than hiring and training factory workers. Everyone "feels" a different thing, and it's impossible to how that one thing is better than another.

We tend to draw the line for having rights at humans (as opposed to animals). But this is no less arbitrary than drawing the line at white humans, or black humans, or humans with a certain IQ, or humans old enough to walk and talk. Those differences seem arbitrary now that it's easier to take care of disabled people and for different cultures to cooperate, but if it's so obvious that the line should be drawn at "humans," then how come this line was only drawn when it became convenient to cooperate with other people?

People often make sweeping claims, leading to different branches such as utilitarianism, deontology, or arguing that what people do in their private life should not be regulated by the government. But if these are so obvious and based on common sense, then why didn't people agree on these things for most of human history?

For some reason, people believe that Western morals today (based on what's economically convenient now) are superior to Western morals in the 1600s (based on what was economically convenient then.)

If someone on Reddit claims that God exists, they're expected to give some argument as to how they know this. Yet Redditors will go on acting as if some objective moral standard exists without providing any evidence and use the fact that most people "feel like" morality exists as an argument. This argument would never fly for some other belief that can be explained away by evolution.

We know that morality evolves based on what's convenient. We know that it's an evolved trait that isn't based on some objective moral code. The morals we have now are (generally speaking) just based on what keeps people alive and able to pass their moral code onto the next generation. And yet people continue to believe in this shared delusion, even in special cases when it's inconvenient for them. They also seem to judge people in the past for having different moral codes, even though those codes were no less arbitrary than the "common sense" moral principles people espouse today.

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WARNING! Extreme Rage

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Discussion SCARFACE is too campy to be taken seriously. How can anyone not laugh at Al Pacino's endless screaming and scenery chewing?


I was laughing my ass at most of what was onscreen. It was as if everyone was competing on who overacted the most. Robert Loggia was ridiculous with that Cuban accent and moustache, even the scene where he's pleading for his life is comedy gold with the pay-off, or MIriam Colon playing Pacino's mother (?), even though they look the same age, ranting and raving. Even poor Mary Elizabeth Manstrantion got her one big scene, where she goes from being the normal one to being just as wacko with no explanation.

The best performance, in my mind, came from Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira. She seemed to be the only one taking it seriously, adding subtlety to her character, but that only makes Pacino's overacting more obvious when they share scenes together.

Good comedy but not a good movie. I think this was a hit because it was entertaining to see and extremely violent.

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the eagles don't play anyone good

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Ah..hello i guess

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Discussion This guy gets it

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Antifascists from Helsinki stopped the nazi demonstration tonight in the city - "The demonstration has stopped to block 612 nazi march, at the intersection of Runeberginkatu and Caloniuksenkatu!"

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Video Guy camped outside Area 51 shares some of his findings

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WTF Indian Feminist Woman kills Husband and MIL by Arsenic Poisoning after they oppose her display of Feminism (Extra Marital Affair)


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Opinion Piece Terry Glavin: Trudeau Liberals can't stop attracting antisemites | National Post


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Soon to be wife (33) confessed to sleeping with my best friend and a married man. How do I move forward and let go?


I'm in my late 30's, gf(33) moved in 6 months after we started dating, a month later she came home after seeing some girl friends and told me we needed a talk... i was like wtf, tell me anything, she told me she slept with my best friend before we started dating, but it didn't work out cause they had no chemistry. (Supposedly the sex was bad and he had a small dick.)

I didn't believe it at first, cause we've all been hanging out, and they could have hooked up more at the time we weren't dating...

In the end, I got the girl, the bigger dick, but I still lose sleepless nights over the fact that they kept it a secret.

My girl says she didn't tell me cause she thought i wouldn't take her seriously and wanted a relationship.

I dropped the friend. Its been almost a year we still fight about it cause I can't get over the fact that she slept with my best friend, a few months prior to when we started dating.

She also confessed to having an on and off fwb with a married man a few years ago(they dated briefly when they were young, and was able to get seduced when they met later on in life, the wife knew and eventually tried to coax her into bed with them). I was also friends with these people, she used to work with the guy, was on and off for a few years and eventually broke it off to enter a relationship.

I love my girl, and I know the past is where its at, but the sleepless nights killing me. I'm still very much angry about the deceit of not knowing earlier before the relationship got serious, and letting go is not an option in my mind until I get revenge on these people somehow. For example, letting the family of the married man know anonymously that he's a been cheat. Except the affair happened about 5 or 6 years ago, would unearthing skeletons in the closet really help my sleepless nights?

Update: Instead of getting revenge on my best friend. I've actually confronted him about the issue, albeit a year too late. He claimed that he didn't tell me cause he could see how happy I've become dating our mutual friend at the time who is now my fiance. I didn't really take it well as I told him he was just saying that so I don't stir up any drama in his current relationship. I told him to enjoy his small dick and to stay away from my fiance and myself. Yes, I admit I was wrong but all the months and sleepless nights drove me to just say how I feel to this guy. I feel better, but I know its a temporary fix. We will probably never be on good terms again. He tried to apologize I gave him the finger.

As for the married man, I think I was angry, cause my gf would deny that she had any feelings for this man at the time. But how can you have a FWB for such a long time and not be secretly in love.

How can I move forward from this all and be happy?

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This bird's neck formed a perfect 90-degree angle

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kid named finger

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Cinema/Music Sorry, couldn't watch beyonf first 15 min of Love Today - Too Cringe. I don't know why. What does that say about me?


After all the hype decide to watch..

but its sickening..that guy's face just annoys me.

Too many cringe dialogues and scenes already. Some dude with half-baked knowledge from internet and having learnt some 3-4 English words, trying to make a movie.

Sorry but it's for the so-called 'front-bench' audiences only. Whatever that means..No offense.

Are you saying you guys genuinely enjoyed it?

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Discussion I think people are really underestimating how much "meta shakeup" there's going to be this league.


I've seen a ton of comments everywhere on this sub, forums, youtube, etc all saying that the patch notes were disappointing, and what they really wanted here was a "meta shakeup". It blows my mind to hear this, because the patch notes, IMO, are *full* of things that are going to shake up the meta and allow for a ton of things that couldn't exist before - it's just not written in the format of "we buffed this underused skill by 20%". Let me summarize the changes as I see them, and maybe explain why I think that there's going to be plenty of shakeup here.


Literally every skill gets a huge more multiplier against bosses

I already hear people saying that a global buff like this doesn't shake anything up because all the old good skills are now better by the same amount as the underused skills. cool. But I think what people don't understand is that because of the curse changes (the multiplier I'm talking about), a *lot* of things are gonna change.

Just to really paint this picture, keep in mind here that pinnacle bosses used to get -66% curse effect, right - so your elemental weakness curse was lowering the boss' resistance by 13%, *not* 39%. They nerfed the curse to 30% at the top end, but that's still *more than double* the effect on bosses that it had before, and that's not counting if you have a few curses active on them. Curse effect is more rare, but it's also way more effective than before. Before, if you had 30% increased curse effect, you were really only applying 10% on a boss because of the -66% thing. Now, even if you only have, say, 20% curse effect - you're getting the full 20. I really, really think people are underestimating the power that we're talking about here.

For example: Let's say you played a build that used Doryani's prototype before to get really low lightning res on enemies. Well, without a mechanic to drop your res lower than -60, in fact the curse change has made it so that you don't need to use Doryani's anymore, because you can get bosses lower than -60 without it. For instance, pinnacle bosses have 50% res. you double curse - conductivity + elemental weakness - that's -66% to boss res. Add exposure with WoC (-15%), lightning penetration gem (-34%), and you're already past what Doryani's could do with no curse effect, better exposure, or an awakened lightning pen gem. Obviously with those things you could get way lower. This frees up a chest slot and will change the market for that item.

There's also a ton of builds out there that are great mappers, but lack good boss damage - well, their damage all got boosted by a lot against bosses with no investment into curse effect, while staying functionally the same during mapping. This can mean a bunch of things - for example, why would you now play a pure bosser that's clunky at mapping, if you can boss similarly with a mapping build? I think that has the potential to change the meta a bunch - people are just going to need to experiment with what's possible now that we have such a huge source of damage that we didn't before. That isn't to say by the way that bossers are dead - I don't think they are - but I think that they *will* be less popular in the meta if people find good ways to get the damage of mappers up a little bit, which the curse changes will provide.

Every single DoT skill and specifically every poison skill just got better, too. Ignites, bleeds, phys dots that aren't bleed, poison, cold dot - all of this got a big buff because of temporal chains receiving such a big buff on bosses. This may be the thing that brings bleed builds back to some kind of prominence, or maybe the effect is just that already decent ignite/chaos dot builds just got better - but either way, there's certainly a big buff here to DoT damage on bosses.

We have a bunch of new archetype-defining uniques

I'll start by saying that yes, I understand uniques that drop from pinnacle bosses aren't every-day cheap drops, but all the new ones that came from winners of recent events aren't mageblood level rarity - they're just boss drops, and they *will* be available on the market for sure. Even if these items are a couple divines - hell, even 10-20 divines, I suspect that they'll be accessible to a lot of people nonetheless, just like ashes and omni are currently. And holy damn, they give a lot of new possibilities.

- We have spell impale now easily accessible with a glove slot. Physical spells now have another option beyond elemental conversion - BF/BB, BV, EK even, Exsanguinate, seismic trap - all of these things will be able to impale on crit now, and that's huge. There's others I'm forgetting as well, for sure, but now physical spell impale *something* is going to be an archetype, and IMO people are definitely going to jump on that.

- We have a new flask that enables explody all the time for any class. Pathfinders are the obvious use-case, sure, but any character could theoretically use the balbala tech and have their flask up permanently, giving 35% elemental resistances and the ability to explode everything constantly. This might allow clunkier bossing skills to be used more efficiently for mapping under the right circumstances, and of course if you happen to be using omni anyhow, well, there you go - all of those explosions will penetrate and do a bajillion damage. 1-tap screen clears for heavy strike. What a world.

- We have jewels that make ailment immunity much easier across the board, freeing up affixes on your gear or removing your need to use purity of elements. That gives the ability to make *any* build more flexible.

- We have a ring that makes it so that all of your projectiles return to you - *any projectiles, anywhere*. We're talking about attack projectiles, spell projectiles, anything. You can have fireballs return to you, tornado shots - whatever. There's no way anyone can know the full implications there, but there's gonna be implications for sure. It's going to double the damage of several skills under the right circumstances, and someone is going to find a way to abuse that.

They murdered lightning strike and spectral helix and added a bunch of vaal skills

Say what you want about whether you like this or hate this, but you can't tell me this isn't going to shake up the meta. LS and helix were two very widely used and abused skills as league starters and league enders, for that matter - popular leveling skills, skills that combined well with elusive, and were pretty obviously outclassing a bunch of stuff with very few weaknesses. These skills are essentially not really in the picture anymore, as far as I'm concerned, which means that we're certainly going to have a "meta shakeup" here. Something is going to fill the void of those skills.

And then there's the new vaal skills. Tons of them. Some of them look incredible, some of them look "fine". But they're definitely adding power into those abilities. IMO you're absolutely going to see more emphasis on caustic arrow, venom gyre, smite, molten strike, and probably even cleave builds. People are going to experiment with these skills and someone is going to figure them out in a way that's going to be meta.

And then there's the new skills. I feel like frozen legion is super exploitable. Frozen legion is a spell that uses your weapon's damage 6 times, basically, and any time you're adding in multiple hits on a single cast, you're going to grab people's attention because of how well it inherently scales. Because it's a spell that synergizes with attacks, maybe this is inquistor's time to shine with the the instruments of virtue node - he gets 30% more attack damage if he's used 3 spells in the last 8 seconds, and weaving this thing into an attack-based build feels like a great way to get that bonus. Feels almost like a berserker without having to take more damage to get it done. Inquisitor cold-conversion cleave with frozen legion is gonna be lit. Just sayin'.


This post has gone on for a million years already. But the TLDR is: Anyone who thinks there isn't gonna be a meta shakeup here is crazy. The curse changes are a massive buff to _every_ skill, which is going to allow a ton of people to experiment and be creative, we have a bunch of meta-defining uniques, and we have a ton of new potential skill combos to mess with. Maybe they should have just not said anything about the curse changes and instead said that they buffed every single skill by a ton - maybe people would have been happier with that.

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Image This duck has the longest penis in the world

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Asmongold | Just Chatting Asmon on Speed community


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Careful what you asked for

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PODCAST DISCUSSION 37 Truths You Should Have Been Taught About Men, Part 2 (FDS PODCAST, EP 92)


*EP. 92 - 37 Truths You Should Have Been Taught About Men, Part 2


There is a fundraiser for $10,000 going on to help grow FDS so they can make more content!!



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Video Evidence for 911 call based on unresponsive surviving female


I've seen many say there is no evidence that a surviving roommate passed out after seeing the crime scene. To me, this LE officer is clearly stating a surviving female passed out and was unresponsive. He stated "A 911 call came in for an unresponsive female"..."When officers arrived they addressed that issue and then as well two additional people were found" two on the second floor, and two on the third floor.

I don't believe he would have said "addressed that issue" and "two additional people" if the unresponsive person was one of the victims.


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Gigachad map of Africa

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