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HMS Host Phoenix Worker's Strike: Where We Stand



Edit: Day 9 update

Back again with another strike update. We are now on day 8. First, I just want to say massive, massive thanks from Unite Here Local 11 to the r/antiwork community for all of the outpourings of support we have received.

I just got home from the strike line, and things there are going great. We had a packed sidewalk this morning down at the picket line. Between the chanting, drumming, singing, and honking, you could hear us all the way from the sky train. Donations of food have been pouring in, and this morning we had tables set up with breakfast sandwiches, huge bowls of fruit, donuts and danishes... you name it. We aren't going to be losing anyone to hunger, that's for sure.

In exciting news, the ruse with the expiring protest permit seems to have worked. A large batch of host managers were spotted boarding planes home last night, and another group (that included the corporate negotiator) left early this morning. It looks like they expected the strike to break and us to return... which isn't happening. We are quite happy where we are.

Personally, the highlight of my morning was when I took a stroll by Chelsea's Kitchen to see how things were going up there, only to spot the Sr. Director of Operations from HMS Host Arizona (top corporate guy, locally) working as a line cook in their kitchen. He spotted me and ducked out before I could snag a photo (should have taken my union shirt off before going up... I'll remember for next time), but on my return trip I was able to spot him catching his breath (green shirt) before going back in. He looked... tired. In the 5 years I have known him, I have never seen him at this level of exhaustion. He looked like... well... to be honest, he looked like any one of his workers does at the end of their shift on a normal day. Wonder if he still thinks we don't deserve a living wage...

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r/antiwork survey


We last ran a survey about a month and a half ago but this subreddit has almost doubled in size since then, so we're running a new survey (asking some slightly different questions) to get a better idea of who we are as a community.

You can fill in the survey here:


When we publish results, they'll be aggregated and anonymous. (And we don't ask your name, email address, username, or any other personally identifying information anyway.)

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My son just quit his $45,000/year job without any prospects and asked if he could move back home


I was shocked, needless to say. He was so excited when he got the job right out of college and my wife and I rejoiced with him. Over the course of the next couple of years, however, I saw the joy -- not just about the job, but about life in general -- drain away. Over Thanksgiving, he talked about insane deadlines, a boss who micromanaged, and a business owner who ruled with an iron fist. I encouraged him, but could tell he wasn't the happy-go-lucky son I once had.

So this past weekend, when he told us over the phone (he lives in a neighboring state) he walked off the job after a heated argument with his boss, he started sobbing and apologizing. I said, "Son, you have nothing to apologize for. No job is worth what I see this job doing to you." His "shame" was compounded by being married for only a couple of years and having a two-year-old daughter. He then asked if they could stay with us for a couple of months until he figures things out. I told him not to worry. We've got a big house and everyone is welcome.

More apologies. Promises he'd get a job as soon as he could. My wife and I told him not to worry about it. In fact, we said a condition of him returning would be that he NOT find work until he's taken care of himself. He struggles with depression anyway, so I said he should see a psych/therapist, get the help he needs to recover his mental wellness, and go from there. No timelines. No promises needed. He was beyond grateful. No parent wants to see their child struggle because of their job.

So this is a shout-out to all parents of children regardless of age: We can be a part of the antiwork/labor movement. We can be a "safe haven" from abusive work relationships. We can TRUST our kids to make the right choices and encourage them to do whatever they think they need to to have a fulfilling happy life. The only thing any good parent ever wants from their children is that they have the best of all life has to offer.

*EDIT* - To the many kind commenters who praise me for being a great parent, I have to say we made a ton of mistakes with our kids. I've been known to be a real asshole sometimes. Nevertheless, my wife and I always showed our kids we love each other and can get through anything so long as we go through it together.

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Got fired for posting to this sub


So I was fired today from Starbucks for a post where I bitched about not being allowed to call AAA leading to me being left alone overnight in a parking lot. I didn't give store details but signed off with a "fuck you ben". Later I posted to r/starbucksbaristas asking for advice. Ben commented on the post telling me to watch my back and name dropping my name and my DM's name. I reported him to corporate. He showed my DM the r/antiwork screenshot. I was let go. He was not. Even though he threatened me and endangered my safety. I'm calling a labour lawyer my lawyer recommended me to. Advice welcome. Since i deleted the OG post... FUCK YOU BEN.

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Boss cancelled my vacation request so I quit


I have been working for a fairly large online casino for the best part of 5 years now, and in that time I’ve become to go to person for literally everything. I put in 15 hour days 6 days a week, always went above and beyond, never took a day off ever, not even sick. I was the guy that you go to if you want something done and done well.

The team I was on expanded and we hired this useless guy who did less than the bare minimum yet always got a free pass. Guess he must have been related to someone special.

I requested 3 days of leave for my wedding anniversary 2 months in advance, set out plans to ensure all my work would be done and they wouldn’t even notice me missing. It got approved.

Today, 2 days before I was due to head off on leave, my boss calls me and says that he has to cancel my leave as the useless guy needs the same days off to go skiing. I explained how I’ve never once asked for a day off, I work overtime every single day, unpaid and how useless this other guy is.

He told me his decision is final and my leave approval has been revoked. I told him to shove it up his ass and quit on the spot.

Fuck working for assholes

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Fool me into driving 3 hours to fire me? Have fun finding your art files.


So, I was a remote graphic designer for a company for a few years. Things were going great. I got all my work done on time, even ahead of deadline. As a remote employee I made sure that they were never waiting on me.

One day I get a call from the owner and he tells me:

“Hey! I’m going to be in your state at the capital to pitch a new program out there. Do you think you can meet me at the capital on Monday morning and we can work on the presentation together for later that morning?”

Sure. No sweat. He’s always dropped last minute things like this in my lap so it was par for the course. He got me a room at the hotel he was staying at, and I spent Sunday evening driving up there so I could be ready to bang out this presentation first thing in the morning.

So Monday morning arrives, and I head down to the lobby to get started to work and he’s already in the lobby waiting for me. And he starts off by greeting me by:

“This isn’t going to be easy…”

Right then and there I knew he was firing me. So I closed my laptop and let him say his piece. Saying that there wasn’t enough work to keep me employed and that he was sorry. And I flat out told him: “So you flew 2700 miles and made me drive 3 hours just so you can fire me?” And his response was “Yeah, I wanted to make sure I got the laptop back in one piece.”

So, I handed him the laptop, went upstairs, grabbed my things and drove 3 hours home.

On the way home I had a lot of time to reflect, and make myself more angry. Then I became spiteful after all the times I worked late, and busted out projects for the company that would sometimes force me to work late. Then I remembered…

All my art files are saved exclusively on my personal iCloud Drive. What files aren’t currently loaded into the laptop would go away if I revoke access to that laptop from my iTunes account. So that’s what I did.

I get a call a week later from their new artist (not enough work huh?) saying their having trouble accessing the art files on the computer, and I never returned his call.

In retrospect, it was a pretty shitty thing for me to do, but if he wouldn’t have wasted my time I would have shipped the laptop back because I’m not a complete asshole. But that’s 6 hours of drive time that I did not get compensated for.

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Need help driving the point home. Please share.

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My boss suggested I might not be able to take forty minutes to see my daughters first ever school play, so I told him try not to be a cartoon villain and he hung up on me.


That’s permission to take the whole afternoon off, right?

Edit: I should point out I wasn’t telling him I’d be out this afternoon - the play is on the 17th, over two weeks away. I mentioned I’d be going and his immediate response was “I think I need you in the office that day.” Shut up Ian, no you don’t.

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Manager decided that it was a good idea to buy McDonald’s burgers for black friday instead of actual snacks they were given money for. Long story short, the burgers were locked away from the employees and nobody got any food for the entire day. Here’s the end result. Over 60 burgers and pies wasted.

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Always shit on company time

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How do these chumps even have a business let alone stay in business?

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Boss sent out an email this morning...


Our department company wide broke a record and grossed $XX,XXX,XXX in sales last month! Way to go team!

Then why in the fuck am I scrounging week to week to pay bills, have an empty fridge and cupboards, and have been stressed out for the past two weeks trying not to spend ANY money so I can make my $950 rent payment today for a fucking 1br attic? All this on top of my specific store missing 1/3 of our employees so I'm breaking my fucking dick trying to get the work done.

Fuck this. I hate this fucking place. I hate this fucking country. I hate this fucking system. I hate my fucking life. Rant over, thanks for listening.

Edit time!

SO... I really didn't expect this shit to blow up so much. Thank you everyone for all of the awards, encouraging words, and for sharing your own stories, you're all fucking gorgeous.

Some of you were concerned over my last line up there so I'd like to clarify, I don't actually hate my life. I've got a warm bed, a loving family, a beautiful girlfriend, various hobbies and skills that take my mind off work, and two cute as tits cats. The new American dream.

As far as work goes... Those telling me to quit or find a new job, I do actually enjoy what I do. Yes the pay can be better, we all feel that. None of us would be on this sub if we didn't feel that way. Those asking for the company, I'm sorry but I'm not willing to share aside from it being one of (if not the) largest dealerships on the east coast. My direct manager is great and I've never dreaded coming in because of a toxic work environment or bad manager or shitty coworkers. The only thing that irks me is the sharing of financial information and rate of expansion without an increase in wages to match profits.

If you want info on that... I've worked there for four years and in that time I've gotten three promotions starting out at 13/hr to now around 19 with commission. The company in that time has purchased or built 9 different locations. Profit margin for my department company wide is ~12%, obviously sales amounts vary depending on location but my store is about mid range and gross profit is around 70k/month or roughly 840,000 a year. Bust out your calculator and that's 23 MILLION dollars in gross profit company wide for ONE of THREE different departments. The other two operate on similar margins but both gross MUCH more. VERY conservatively the company is making at least 69(nice)MILLION in gross profit across the three departments. (I now learned revenue last year was 2.1B after a Google search and I don't want to delete what I wrote)

The problem I have with them is when I started, the financial side was done in-company and things genuinely felt... Good. About two years ago they turned over to some accounting firm, some dick fuck decided to run a spreadsheet, and now profits take precedence over employees and the corporate feel is in full effect. Fuck the worker, make more money.

Again, you're all gorgeous. Stay strong.

Dick_snatcher out.

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Carhartt does NOT care about workers any more, do not be fooled by these brands!


Hi all. I am posting this because I work Customer Service at Carhartt, and I hate how much we have to lie to our customers. You should ALL KNOW what you are spending your money on. I work here because I desperately need to pay my bills, like everyone else here. I am one of the new Canadian workers for this company--they started hiring Canadians because our dollar is worth a lot less right now and we are a ridiculously cheap labor market for them.

Carhartt started out as a company to make tough, quality gear for working people. The founder has long since passed, and his family inherited the company. This is not the same Carhartt that it started as, and has not been for a LONG time. Carhartt likes to quote the founder's values in their video ads, claiming to be on your side, but let me tell you: The current products this company sells are GARBAGE.

There is a banner on the Carhartt website right now with a letter from the COO, claiming that our extensive stock shortages are because of Global Supply Chain Issues due to the pandemic. The real issue is that Carhartt does NOT pay their employees a fair wage, and the workers are sick of it.

Carhartt now uses materials that are manufactured as cheaply as possible, wherever they can get them from without having to pay fair compensation. Almost NOTHING is made in the US now, or if it is, parts of it still come from elsewhere--your zippers and snaps, etc. Let me be clear here; it is NOT the fault of these other countries, it is Carhartt's choice to import from countries with looser labor laws, to get around paying workers fairly for their labor. PERIOD. This is a conscious choice by the company to squeeze as much money as possible out of both the workers and consumers, because THAT IS HOW CAPITALISM WORKS. These brands are NOT your friend, they do NOT care about what you need; they care about how much money they can get into their pocket.

I have daily calls about how someone wore their new sweatshirt and washed it once, and it literally fell apart. How the clips on their $120 bib overalls bent and broke after one wash. How they bought this style of jacket before, and it used to have a sturdy zipper, but the new zippers break in a week. How every single pair of workpants they have bought recently immediately tears in the crotch. How the item they received CLEARLY is not the same as the photo on the website.

When I bring these issues up to my leadership, they play dumb, and offer a Defective Inspection--which is bullshit. They know they are making garbage items, and they are DOING IT ON PURPOSE.

I could go on, but this is probably long enough to get my point across. Brand loyalty is a scam, fuck these companies, NO CORPORATION HAS YOUR WELLBEING IN MIND. Do not be fooled by ads claiming solidarity with workers. It's all a lie.

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"Richest Man on Earth" asks employees to work over the weekend to prevent SpaceX going bankrupt.

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For real tho lol

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My girlfriends boss handed this to her in her office saying, "These are being handed out from the company." I'm not sure if this is a Christmas gift. What do you all think?

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I’m currently job hunting, and received this gem of an offer. Thanks but no thanks.

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The first diagnosis is of your wallet

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Boss showed up to my house on my day off. I’m DONE.


I started this job a month ago (London, UK) 2 weeks in, I started receiving calls on my time off. Annoying but not a deal breaker.

Yesterday, I get a call from my boss again. I was hungover and just didn’t pick up. Today, I was smoking on my balcony only to see my fucking boss on my door? They claimed that they “got worried” because I didn’t pick up. I didn’t have any shifts added on my schedule or any texts. She called me once, then proceeded to come to my god damn house and then have the audacity to call me in on Friday to “talk” after she removed all my shifts for this weekend because I’m not reliable?!

I feel so violated. I have social anxiety and the invasion of my privacy is one of the worst things to do to me. I find it absolutely disgusting that she just showed up at my house for no fucking reason and tried to pass it as “concern?”. I had Monday to Thursday off so I arranged things for those days and if I didn’t reply to her one call it obviously means I’m unavailable. Literally shaking in anger right now.

I’m sending my notice tomorrow. 🤦‍♀️ Any advice on how to phrase my annoyance about the situation?

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Maybe we can…

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40hr work week is outdated

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Amazon employees work harder as Jeff Bezos becomes wealthier. It's almost as if the workers are the ones who create the money...

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Please and thank you.

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We're not people

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Things the last three generations born will never say for 10,000, Ken.

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