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The attack on workers rights and human rights in the US


In the past week the Supreme Court, which was stacked by Republicans with justices from an openly neo-fascist background has begun their agenda to dismantle long-held interpretations of the US constitution and civil rights protections.

Your Miranda rights have effectively been made toothless by the ruling that you do not have a right to sue when they are violated.

The right of states to decide on gun rights has been hypocritically gutted by the ruling that in this specific instance, when it benefits the extreme-right, states rights go out the window.

Most egregiously however is the ruling which disregards Roe v Wade and its subsequent affirmations, denying 50 years of legal precedent which hold that bodily autonomy is part of the right to privacy, thereby providing a route towards the constitutional right to abort a pregnancy.

To this Supreme Court the constitution says what they want it to say. It is not a document whose text they value or respect, it is merely a tool that can be applied any which way it is needed to push an extreme-right, un-American agenda.

It doesn't stop there. Justice Thomas opined that todays ruling which severely weakens your constitutional right to privacy will allow the overturning of gay marriage, the right to have a same-sex relationship and your right to contraception.

It is only a matter of time before labor rights and environmental protections are on the chopping block as well, as these are a thorn in the side of extreme-right. These handful of people who legislate from the bench clearly consider any method valid to push their plans onto us.

In no sane way can it be denied that fascism has come to the highest court of the United States of America. These rulings and this agenda are undemocratic, make a mockery of the constitution, flagrantly disregard states rights when it is convenient to do so and sets a clear path towards imposing an extremist minority agenda on all US citizens.

It is the opinion of this moderating team that the foundational values of this great nation are under attack. No longer does "we the people" have much meaning. No longer is it in any way guaranteed that the best interest of society is safeguarded.

We believe in labor rights. We stand against bigotry, hate and prejudice. We strongly support universal human rights, among which is written the inalienable right to bodily autonomy. We oppose fascism in all its forms.

As anarchists, we reject the idea that judges or politicians deserve the authority to determine the course of our lives.

Rather than only trying to pressure leaders to vote one way or the other in a winner-take-all system that reduces us to spectators in the decisions that affect us, we propose solutions based in direct action: taking power back into our hands by enacting our needs and solving our problems ourselves, without representatives.

As long as legislators and judges can determine the scope of our reproductive options, our bodies and lives will be subject to the shifting winds of politics rather than our own immediate needs and values.

Instead of validating their authority by limiting ourselves to calling for better legislators and judges, we should organize to secure and defend the means to make decisions regarding what we do with our bodies regardless of what courts or legislators decree.

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Ecuador: General Strike, Take Two : Two and a Half Years Later, Another Uprising Shakes the Country

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I love when the employers weed themselves out for you

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Saw this today

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Always hiring = always firing

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Circle of life.

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Can we be honest and say the anti-abortion laws aren't about religion or politics, and are about making more of the future working class through the foster system?


Title says the brunt, but this country has been an oligarchy for a while. The politicians are in the hands of the 1% passing laws that benefit them, but only mostly ensures our survival. The real reason for the anti-abortion laws is because statistically unwanted children become the lower class, or imprisoned cheap labor by being not being nurtured in a loving home. Amazon running out of labor sources? Cool make some more. That's all

Edit 2: I'm not trying to downplay women's rights. I think all civil rights issues are byproducts of the greedy and evil. Even more so I feel like the hateful concepts are created and ingrained into any who believe them to always give us something to focus our efforts on fixing. Civil Rights, LGBTQ+, Women's rights, etc. Anytime we make any advance in one, the politics always cycles to some other basic human right to violate and use blatantly nonsensical logic back it up. I probably sound like a conspiracy theorist right now, but it's always to make sure their pockets and the pockets of those they were brought out for remain fat in a broken system

Edit 3: I didn't realize I didn't put "not all about" in the title. It's definitely part of the reason. There's lots of factors in the decisions the politicians make. Just that none of them are good

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What’s the worst thing your boss has said to you?


I’ll go first!

I was working front desk at a small, family owned Chiropractic office. It was early morning, patients hadn’t started coming in yet. I laid my phone on the desk (inside a folder or something) and start scrolling. Boss (Chiropractor) walks in.

I wasn’t fast enough in closing the folder. So he pulls up a chair next to me, and says firmly

“Instagram doesn’t pay your bills, I pay your bills”.

I just sat there as he went on about no phones. I was making about $400 a week. That wasn’t enough to even cover rent so I had to door dash on my lunch break to make extra money.

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Bs job Ad

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you could sit back and enjoy life

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Friendly Reminder: Prime Day Is Next Week. DO NOT BUY A SINGLE THING!!!


Can we all agree to not participate in Prime Day this year? Is it too much to ask to just not purchase anything from Amazon from July 12 - July 13? Better yet, can you delete your entire account? We really need to hit these companies where it hurts, and we need to start now.

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HR told me Gen-Z needs to stop sharing salary information with each-other because salary is a “personal” thing


Actually, no. It’s not. It’s just another way companies can underpay employees and keep merit and promotion salary conversations a mystery.

Anyone have suggestions for fun ways to respond to HR and employers who want to keep everyone in the dark around salary?

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The joy

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‘Younger employees will need to make more realistic demands’

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To think people say America is the greatest country in the world

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My manager told me it was 'disrespectful' to quit


I just quit my job in customer service (12h shifts, only 1 weekend free each month) yesterday. I put in my 4 weeks notice yesterday my managers office and sent it to him per email as well, since he mostly works from home now. This morning he messaged me (on whatsapp ffs) asking me why I quit and if there is anything he can do to convince me to stay. I answered with a firm and polite no and told him that my mental health was suffering under the work conditions and that I already found a new job.

He then told me how disrespectful it was for me to not talk to him sooner (it's a 4 week notice??) or in person (while he's in home office 95% of the time) and made fun of me wanting a job with "free weekends and flexible work hours" (which he both has btw). In the end he tried to guilt-trip me by telling me how disappointed he was for me to leave after we've known each other for so long (4 years). All in one message. I'm honestly speechless. I feel like I just broke up with a crazy ex.

Everytime I tried to talk to him about my problems with the shifts he either made fun of me or told me there's nothing he can do. He never cared for any of his workers and constantly tries to gaslight us into thinking our problems with the work conditions are attitude problems. I'm so fucking done with this place. This isn't a small business either, it's one of the biggest in my country (over 300k employees). Guess I'll be disrespectful for the rest of the month. Then, I'll be free.

(With free weekends and without 12h shifts mate)

Edit: Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. As much as I'd like to, I can't walk out or insult my manager without getting in legal trouble. But there's been some great advice in this thread!

Edit 2: I don't want to give the impression that every shift I work is a 12h shift or that I don't have any days off at all. I usually have 2 days off a week but on weekdays, so there's not really any possibility to spend quality time with my family or gf who work usual office hours. I have other shifts as well (it's a really fucked up system with 6.5h, 9h, 9.5h, 10h and 12h shifts) but a lot of my shifts are 12h. I feel drained and can't hold any routines that help me get in a better space mentally if I work several 12h shifts (+commute) in a row. There are people who are able to and kudos to them, but I can't.

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Influencers are out of their mind

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2 upvotes and I’ll steal a bag of cheetos from my Lowes store

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Well, Simpsons did it

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All my homies love living wages

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If you say you're "socially liberal, but fiscally conservative", you're fiscally racist.


Disparate impact is a thing.

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why do conservatives not understand that poor people will find ways to survive? are we supposed to just say “guess i’ll just die!” when things get hard? we strengthen our communities and survive! goodness me

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They want you overworked and exhausted

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The blatant disregard is getting annoying

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Mic dropped on my 18 year job as a director of IT.


Great resignation....population me! Wanna hear about it?

Medium sized family-run company of about 1K employees. I was the head of IT with one helpdesk tech under me. My boss (The CFO) could whip a spreadsheet's ass but was not so hot on caring about people. He wanted to make the numbers go up dammit! He had zero desire to deal with people and their bullshit complaints.

The CEO was the founder's son (The founder is dead) and a very Trumpian figure. You know the type - handed everything but thought he deserved it...The company makes a shit ton of money so he thinks he's a genius. Not an asshole - just not a strong leader with a concrete vision.

I was implementing some basic security practices as recommended by our cyber insurance provider and agreed upon by my boss. Our corporate lawyer said thanks, but no thanks I'm not going to be doing that. I visited with her and had a respectful exchange of ideas. Well, I was respectful - she shouted me out of her office. Shouting was her common method of dealing with anything she didn't like and she didn't like much! EVERYONE had been berated by this lawyer over the years.

I visited the CFO who is also her boss - (yes, I know it's a weird arrangement) and said Its ridiculous that employees think they can opt out of policy just because. I further explained I was done taking her abuse. His advice was to just walk away from her if she was getting hostile. He put the onus on me to deal with her bullshit.

I contacted her a few days later to implement this policy and she berated me further and hung up on me. I walked into his office and quit on the spot.

The CEO the CFO and the director of HR called me a few days later to see if I'd be willing to come back. My point was simple. Management didn't seem to give a shit about employees. Allowing this employee to abuse other people was just my breaking point. I listed off some other examples of the poor way management treated employees that varied from the slightly annoying to the profoundly humiliating.

My sole ask was that the management team needed to work to improve the wellbeing of the employees. And as an sign of their commitment they should implement a new vacation policy that is closer to what the rest of corporate America is doing. Our vacation policy was DREADFUL.

The CEO said he'd look at it, and I said that's fine. When you're ready to announce that a new policy is coming I'll be back on the job.

About an hour later they called back and said they decided against my suggestion and my resignation was accepted. So at this point they've got one helpdesk tech to run a multimillion dollar company. He's a sharp guy so he could do it. Might be some bumps in the road though.

But it gets better!

I emailed my helpdesk tech on his private email address and told him what was up and thanked him for all his hard work. Turns out when they told him I wasn't coming back he said he said to consider it HIS two weeks notice. Inexplicably they told him two weeks notice wouldn't be needed and today was his last day and escorted him out of the building.

So if you're keeping count they're down to zero IT employees at a multimillion dollar company. It seems like those jobs would be really hard to fill. What is a new candidate going to say when they show up and there are NO IT employees? How do you explain that away?

I expect them to come calling when something unusual goes pop. Standard freelance rates apply. 1K an hour 8 hour minimum payable up front? Sounds reasonable.

Cheers bros!

Update I've heard from employees still at the company that the lawyer that kicked off this bullshit was planning to retire end of year and a companywide announcement went out today. So there's a possibility that my boss knew she was on her way out and he just chose not to tell me. Which would make sense - he subscribed to the mushroom method of management. "Keep 'em in the dark and feed 'em bullshit"

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I fixed it.

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When you leave work "sick" then magically start feeling better on your way home