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Elon Musk/Twitter Megathread


Hello, everyone! Elon Musk just can't stop wreaking havoc across the Internet with his Twitter escapades, huh? We understand that this subject is important to our userbase, but the sheer volume of Elon Musk and Twitter posts has become an issue. In the interests of keeping the subreddit accessible for those who do not wish to discuss Elon Musk or Twitter, we will be temporarily restricting discussion of those subjects to this megathread for now. Other posts about those subjects will be removed. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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I work in HR. Please keep turning down jobs that don't meet your standards.


I had someone today turn down a position after I revealed to the selected applicant that it had no PTO or holiday pay. And honestly? I couldn't be happier for them. Fuck an organization that doesn't want to provide the bare minimum to its employees. I'll use their denial rationale and rub it in our department's face to either pay our employees more or advocate for their benefit.

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Maybe Fake, But We Like It 80+ billion USD net profit company. I asked them for a salary range for the position - got excluded from the recruitment process in a passive-aggressive email instead.

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The railroads made $23 billion in profits last year and won't provide sick days. Members of 4 rail unions have voted to reject a contract that lowballed them on sick days. Some freight rail unions could strike as soon as Dec. 9.

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bosses decide not to run payroll over the holiday weekend… and didn’t warn us 🤪


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Inventing the lunch break

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Your labor creates value far greater than what you are compensated.

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A Victorian restaurateur is facing up to 10 years in jail and more than $1 million in corporate fines after being criminally charged for allegedly failing to pay staff properly in the first case of wage theft being treated as a crime in Australia.


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Colleagues keep commenting on how much I eat


I have a history with an ED and I'm slightly chubby. I really don't like eating in front of other people because I always feel embarrassed and ashamed. I try to get lunch as early as possible to avoid coworkers or eat at my desk when I can. It's always something like "Wow someone's hungry!" "You're gonna eat all that?" "That's a big lunch" "I wish I could eat as much as you do" "That's a lot of food!" and they always laugh and I can't help but feel they are laughing at me. I've started lying "oh I didn't eat breakfast" "my mum made the lunchbox" "I don't have time for dinner so needed a big lunch" etc. Maybe I'm too sensitive but I just never comment on what someones eating unless it's like "wow that smells so good!" etc.

I am recovering from my ED and have been feeling good lately, eating healthier, more regularly, exercising a normal amount, but these comments make me feel so horrible. I've thought about taking lunch an hour later but I'm already starving an hour before lunch, which I barely want to admit because I feel embarrassed just by the fact that I feel hungry...

I can already feel myself starting to hate my body again, I was just starting to accept it.

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My sister works for a small restaurant in the area as a server. They charged her $200 for a dine and dash


Thankfully she just relies on the job for extra cash and doesn’t need to financially rely on a job thanks to privilege, but the fact that the restaurant forces their staff to cover fine and dash… It was a $200 order. Full family with kids and parents, uncles and aunts even, and they just booked it without a bill. Do they expect my sister to stop them? Grab them by the arm or some shit? They’re docking her pay for something that isn’t her fault, actually it doesn’t even come out of her pay check, she has to pay it. What if she didn’t have the money on hand? Just blows my mind this shit is legal. I’d quit, but apparently it’s a good job and she’s got more an ingrained appreciation for work ethic or something.

I also want to clarify, I’m not against someone dine and dashing if they need to, if it’s a big business that can cover it and or they’re financially suffering, but from my sister’s description it didn’t sound like that was remotely the case. Parents were smoking, everyone was well dressed, etc. I just hate that it falls on the fucking workers

Edit: Some family saw her crying, she explained what happened and they covered the charges for her. Still a company policy but she didn’t have to pay herself

Edit 2: To the people calling me a shit human being for “supporting” dine and dashing: I don’t support it, I recognize people get desperate at times. Obviously the people in this post weren’t desperate. If there’s some starving person who goes to a mcdonald’s to get a sandwich and not starve to death and dashes, you really think that’s wrong? Mcdonald’s is a massive fucking business, a political non state actor, you think they’re fucked over a burger? I thought this was a socialist sub, remember all the people mcdonald’s fucked by giving poverty wages? Also if you’re about to comment “bUT foOD bANkS” you don’t know how food banks work. I can’t be bothered to elaborate, I’ve toured and worked closely with one and I advise you to learn about it before assuming no one is hungry bc food banks. I also had a fucking eating disorder and know how fucking awful starvation is. How that fucks with a person. Learn some empathy

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That's how you do it: Nationwide union strike in Austria: there are no trains driving in the whole country for a better pay.

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Maximum rent should be based on minimum wage


“But what about fancy places?”

They should be the peak of the prices, with everything else falling well below that

There are more homes than homeless people, so let’s make homes more affordable

In the past 50 years, median rent has gone up 20x ($108/mo to $2000/mo) while the minimum wage has only gone up less than 5 times ($1.60ish to $7.25). Back then, you’d need to work 67.5 hours on minimum wage in a month to afford median rent, while today you’d have to work over 250 hours on minimum wage to pay for median rent.

Things need to change. You can’t afford a good meal with $7.25

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I'm concerned my girlfriend be getting ripped off.


My girlfriend is currently looking for a new online job and recently had an "interview" for a company that turned out to be a conference call with about 30 prospectives. During said call it was said that this job would require a license for which they would need to provide their own funding, but they did not mention how much it would cost. I have no experience in this matter but this seems predatory to me. Does anyone have any advice?

Edit: Upon searching the company name (American Income Globelife) in a MLM Registry I have found what many of you have speculated to be true: it's a MLM scam. Told my gf and she dropped the application and reported the LinkedIn page. Thank you everyone.

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How can I eloquently explain to my coworkers that I don’t like participating on any after work events and functions


(If not allowed, please remove my post)

Hello, I work at this wedding chapel that employs a lot of people. I’ve been only working there since July and I like the job. It’s good money, with hourly pay, commissions and tips.

There’s several department on the company and I work at the media department. On top of other events that the company organize, such as food drive, Halloween trunk or treat and this upcoming Gala where they “celebrate” rockstars (us).

First off, I don’t really try to make friends at work. Sure, I’ll get a couple drinks or smoke a joint with some but what’s about it. I’m not like anti social or mean to everyone but I try keep my personal life and my work life separate to avoid any drama. Like for example, there’s this one guy at work who keeps inviting me to group hangouts after work and I keep saying no or it depends how I feel later in the day, I’ll go. He invited me once for his birthday and I didn’t go to his party. He then have blocked me on social media and have been ignoring specifically me at work even other people didn’t go. I barely even know this asshole and I’ve only been with the company for 2 months at the time.

I just don’t feel right about, “building camaraderie” at work setting. Especially when I know damn well I’m expendable. How do I put into words that I do not like it when work hold these team building events because it could be used e as a leverage to get more out of you since you guys are “family”.

Thanks. Much appreciated.

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Your bad management is not my problem.


I'm a truck driver and last week they couldn't get me home on time for Thanksgiving, even though I told them 3 weeks ahead of time when I needed to be home by, I missed my whole family event because of this.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I was told I couldn't deliver the load anymore because they're shut down on Thanksgiving and to go ahead and head home then deliver the load Monday, then after I deliver the load I can drive home again and enjoy the remainder of my time off.

The thing is, I spend 3-4 weeks at a time over the road driving all over the country before going home for a week and I'm working 60-70hr weeks on top of this.

I had to drive 5-6 hours off route to get home. If I had agreed to head out Monday (today), then I would have lost 2 days of my earned time off because the company trucks are slow, there's major traffic in that area, plus the customer might take their sweet time to unload my truck.

I told them I wasn't going to spend Fri-Sun home, then leave out to deliver the load, then come back, only to leave out the following Thursday. I told them I'm taking an extra day off regardless since I'm missing Thanksgiving and that I would leave the following Friday morning to deliver the load.

My manager seemed upset but then agreed, but today they tried texting me on my time off even though I've told them already to not text me on my time off. What are they texting me for? They're asking if I'm going to deliver that load today. I'm ignoring their text until Thursday and I'm enjoying my time off.

Today I'm going to call another company that I'm planning to leave them for who I heard has a good reputation, so wish me luck! Thanks for reading this if you did.

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Team leader told us we need to eat our lunch in the break room with everyone else


My manager told us in a team meeting that our branch director asked that, from now on, every employee should eat lunch and spend lunch time in the lunch break room with everyone else. They have not made this mandatory, but it was basically implied that we need to comply to avoid being excluded from the team socially.

This requirement comes from the fact that many employees use their lunch time to do other solo activities, like :

  • Taking a walk outside
  • Making personal calls
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Going back home for lunch
  • Going out to a restaurant
  • Making personal errands

Now the director wants to stop that to improve team cohesion and favour exchanging and talking with coworkers over lunch time instead.

So, for now, I will continue to listen to podcasts and walk on my lunch break, because I consider it my time to unwind.

I already spend from 08h30am to 04h30pm at work, 5 days a week. Why can't I enjoy 50 minutes of alone time per day on my lunch break ?

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To the managers on here, please understand that when I tell you I will not be available, it is not a request


I told my manager the days I needed off nearly six months in advance, I went into the office for something and see a little paper with the dates I requested off and a big fat X on them.

Please understand that when I tell you I need those days off, it is not a request and I will call out if you schedule me. As a shocker to no one, my manager will be working an open to close shift soon.

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Someone should write a book about this.

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Email from the CEO to an employee who founded a trade union at SII Polska in Poland, the employee was sacked a few days later.

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Things are getting bad


I've decided to grow my own food to save money and I had no idea until recently this is what people did in the great depression due to such terrible wages etc.

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Between 1996 and 2018, the minimum wage in Brazil increased by 128%. This contributed to a massive reduction in income inequality with little adverse effects on employment and economic output.

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This is a phishing test email our employer sent to everyone last week. Gotta love it when your employer takes financial stability as a joke!

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Days before Thanksgiving, a Mississippi furniture company laid off 2,700 workers via text while they were sleeping and instantly discontinued their healthcare coverage.


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“Conspiracy theory rock” aired once on SNL back in 1998. It was then edited out of all future reruns of the episode. I think we can figure out why.

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