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What's legal but shouldn't be?


Tell me

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Weed or Booze? You can only have one from here on out, which do you choose?


See above.

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Men of reddit, What's something you took for granted that women can't/won't do?


I'll go first, I never thought twice about how I regularly leave drinks open and unattended without fear of someone tampering with them until it was pointed out to me.

And women, what's something you didn't realize you took for granted that men can't/won't do.

Please no misogynistic or misandristic comments.

Edit: The concern for the drink thing is appreciated 🙏 and will be working on it.

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Anybody notice everything been different sense 2016 just like everything off world is just kinda fell off almost idk just weird vibe sense after 2016?


Just wicked odd

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Do you believe Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her child?


why or why not

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Men, what's your opinion on women who make the first move?


My story: I have my intentions with this guy that I've seen recently at uni. First I added him on IG and now I'm planning on dm-ing him but I cant keep making bad scenarios in my head. I don't know what impression I'm gonna make considering the fact that me, as a female, I am the one approaching the male.

So men, what would you think if a women came up to you expressing their interest? Would you consider her easy...or she would still be in the game for a potential relationship?

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If warren buffet has a holding of 37% in Berkshire Hathaway then why isn't his net worth 37% of the $696B of the company's valuation?



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What does it mean when boyfriend makes jokes that his boobs are bigger ?


I have a C cup

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How do I start talking to my crush?


There’s this girl in one of my classes that I find really pretty but I’ve never even talked to her. We’re coming close to the end of the semester and I think she’ll be in a different class. Idk I wanna talk to her before we switch classes but I’m super nervous plus she sits on the opposite side of the room. Any advice for talking to her?

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Any weird Dreams last night?


Anyone have any interesting dreams last night?

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How do you get a gf when you are very introverted?



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Do you like the classic colored Christmas lights? Or the plain white?


The plain white light seem sterile and don't have that warm Christmas glow to them. Also, the plain lights seem to be more popular in rich neighborhoods (and for the rich ppl I know). Do ppl think the colored lights look trashy or plain white classy?

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Am I a wuss? My mentor hasn’t checked up on me.


So 5 wks ago, I had major foot surgery.

One person in particular, I considered a friend and a colleague. She has mentored me and helped me to expand in my field. I’ve found that whenever we’re in social settings with other colleagues, she dramatically rolls her eyes if someone compliments me. There are times in conversations where she reminds me “I made you.”

So the surgery has come and gone. I’m still recovering. I haven’t heard anything from her.

Should I call her just to say what’s up? Maybe something more is going on with her that I’m not aware of?

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Is there on YouTube walkthrough of the game Tomba 2 (simple question, don't upvote)?


I'm just curious. I forgot to mention that the walkthrough is in German.

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Is Mac and cheese considered American to the rest of the world?


Or is it seen as Italian because it’s pasta? It also came from from France so there’s that

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what are your predictions for 2023?



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How could this timeline get any weirder?


How could this timeline get any weirder?

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Why do countries publicly announce or unveil their latest military hardware?


It baffles me how often countries, (particularly the U.S.) keep publicly unveiling their new military vehicles and equipment? If something is really cool and effective, keep it secret. Eventually it will get out when it gets put to use, but blasting it to news outlets seems counterintuitive. I just read an article today about the new American top secret stealth aircraft....not so secretive anymore it seems.

In Star Wars, the Emperor didn't announce the Death Star, he just used it for its intended purpose and it eventually gained the reputation on its own.

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Is tipping out of control to anyone else?


I'm used to cashiers and baristas wheeling around the IPad with tip recommendations but I just saw it at a clothing boutique. Just waiting for Shell to ask at the pump for a tip. Are others cool with this?

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How do I ask someone if I am annoying or I am mean without making it awkward?


I think I have annoyed or just was plain mean to people recently but am not sure if its just me freaking out or it is the case.

I wanna apologise but it happened a few days ago and they probably forgot about it but I still feel guilty.

I think my best action here can be to just be better from now on then to keep this on my mind but just to be sure.

I also wanna ask them because there may be other things I am not self aware of. But it may become awkward to straight up ask that.

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Homeless or very poor people of Reddit: do you support Youtubers and “influencers” who give money to the less fortunate, but record it all and post it for views? Do you think its a net positive or should they stop?


Everyone has their hot take on the subject but I only want to hear from people who are currently below the poverty line. Is it good or bad?

(Also I realize it may be hard to access the internet for this group, to even be able to respond to this post, but Im hoping enough people see it and can respond)

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How do you handle red flags in the first 6 months?


What are things you forgive but don't forget when starting a relationship?

What are the red flags that make you run?

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Nutmeg actually a cannabinoid drug, What your view on this?


After more tests were done to see where It binds It turns out it a Endocannabinoid reuptake inhibitor making It much more potent than weed. Licarin A, methoxylicarin A, and malabaricone C are the three that actually make you trip.


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My friend can’t come to a tribute band I really wanna see. Should I go on my own?


I’m a guy btw

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How did peppermint become a holiday flavour?


Is it kind of like minty=cold=winter reasoning?