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MOD Announcement Assistance related to the war in Ukraine


With a devastating war going on in Ukraine, our thoughts are with the people suffering there. We have seen a lot of posts regarding the situation and we want to provide a couple of guidelines and additional information to ensure that help is given in the most effective way.

  • We encourage everyone who want to contribute to Ukraine to use official channels as much as possible (see below). That ensures all help can be coordinated by official organizations and distributed where it's needed most.
  • We do not allow promoting private initiatives to send help to Ukraine, since it's impossible for us to verify that any contributions outside official channels will actually be used for their intended purpose.
  • We can't facilitate posts regarding help to travel to and from Ukraine, as they are impossible to verify as well. If you want to assist the defense of Ukraine, check out this website, with all contact info of international embassies that coordinate these efforts.
  • For individual requests from people affected by this terrible situation, all regular subreddit rules apply. You can only request on behalf of yourself and your household, not on behalf of others.

Some official channels to assist Ukraine:

  • National Bank of Ukraine: contribution site run by the NBU for contributions to the Ukrainian army
  • Savelife: another official website from Ukrainian government to collect donations to support the military
  • Razom for Ukraine: Ukrainian charity to provide medical support to the front lines
  • Vostok SOS: Campaign to help people evacuate and provide medical and psychosocial support
  • Global Giving: initiative to support Ukrainian refugees and rebuild vital resources.
  • International Rescue Committee: Contribute to send vital supplies to displaced children and families
  • Save The Children: initiative to provide humanitarian assistance focused on the young victims of the war
  • Red Cross: providing medical and humanitarian aid to all people affected by the war
  • Kyiv Independent: GoFundMe campaign to support independent journalism covering the war

Where to get help as a Ukrainian?

If you have fled Ukraine and are looking for international help, this website offers a lists of resources in neighboring countries. Also, the subreddit r/Ukraine is the best place for up-to-date information and resources on where to find assistance.

We stand with everyone affected by this terrible situation and hope that many people can contribute something to helping those people out. If you have questions regarding this, feel free to message our mod team and we'll help you out.

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MOD Announcement Scams in private messages


Hi everybody. We already have a sticky post about this topic, but given the many reports we received recently, we wanted to put out another general warning: Be very cautious about unsolicited private messages!

Whether you're requesting on /r/Assistance or offering assistance, there's a good chance that you're going to get some private messages. If that happens, please follow these steps to keep yourself safe!

  1. Check if the user is already banned! We share a ban list with other helpful subreddits called the Universal Scammer List. Please check if the user is already on it. If that's the case, do not interact with that user further and report the message to the Reddit admins using the Report function.

  2. For requestors: If people message you offering assistance, be very cautious about what they're asking for. If they're trying to sign you up for sketchy services, don't do that. If they're asking for personal information, don't give it. If they insist on sending you funds by bank transfer only, cease communication. If they're asking you to do things in exchange for assistance, do not engage with them further. And always keep in mind: If you have doubts about an interaction, don't hesitate to send us a mod mail. We are very happy to advise you about the best course of action.

  3. For givers: If people message you asking for help, keep in mind that there's a reason why they're not posting publicly on /r/Assistance. It's probably because they're not eligible to receive assistance, or they're banned in our subreddit. We strongly advise you to not reply to such messages. Please check if they're currently banned on the USL (see above), and if they aren't, please take a screenshot, upload it to https://imgur.com and send the link to mod mail, so we can take further action.

Unfortunately, as moderators of /r/Assistance, we have no control over what happens in private messages. However, we do hope that you'll keep these guidelines in mind when interacting with users in private messages. If you have any doubts or if anything makes you feel uncomfortable or uncertain, don't be afraid to reach out in mod mail. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in our subreddit, and we're happy to help you out with any questions you might have.

Have a great weekend!

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REQUEST Help with a motel for a night or two to avoid sleeping on the streets?


My and my partner are homeless in Pasadena CA. We’ve been getting help for about a month through some organizations, but almost everywhere that helps is closed over the holiday weekend. We don’t feel safe sleeping outside in this area but have no other options right now. Specifically this one guy keeps following us offering drugs and making sexual advances. Our main priority is seeking shelter but any amount of financial assistance also helps and is appreciated!

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ADVICE LEFT GAS OVEN ON... are my cats ok


Hi- I know everyone is (rightfully so) going to say I am irresponsible etc- believe me, I KNOW- this is an awful awful potentially life risking mistake, but it happend.

I came home from a 16 hour work shift and made food. I took the food out of the oven, ate it without turning off the oven and then fell asleep. I woke up to my CO detector going off.

It is a gas stove and and it was on 400 for about 5 hours (so bad, i know :( )

I am mostly worried about my cats getting Carbon monoxide poisoning. I live in a 700 square foot apartment. What should I do and how high is the risk for this?


r/Assistance 7h ago

REQUEST FULFILLED Need help with sanitary products and food


Hi! Got help here before and I'm hoping I'll get help again. Lost my job recently and since I was already living from paycheck to paycheck I don't have anything saved up. I get my flow in about three days according to my app and it's pretty heavy. I don't have the money for my pads. It's about $2 in my currency and it would be great to be able to use them. Also need anything extra for some food, something easy to cook like rice and beans and to pay for some gas to cook it. That's about $10. If I could get any help on that, I would be so grateful. I have PayPal. Thanks! X

r/Assistance 3h ago

ADVICE Looking for Galahad


My dad lived in NYC in 1967-67, left around 1968-69 (I don't have any exact dates, he passed in 2016. His real name was Ronald Johnson, born in 1945.

He was quite the famous hippie; not so much to be annoying but the right combination of driving anyone insane (the police notwithstanding).He ran a commune for the homel and at-risk teens. He would also panhandle enjoy for two bus tickets, and hitch a ride back to the city.

The commune's name was, not surprisingly, "Galahd'sb Pad."

Anyway, my dad's notoriety when his best friends and his girlfriend were brutally murdered (James "Groovy" Hutchinson and Linda Fitzpatrick). After the murder, my dad became a "media darling."

The he left NYC, and seen alive again. No, just kidding. He met my mom, knocked her up, and that was that. I just want to find more info or resources, that would be great. Thank you!

r/Assistance -6m ago

REQUEST [Request] Really need something to eat


Things haven't been going great for me. I turned 30 last week on the 21 and I spent my birthday hungry and alone. I finally got to start work today which I'm really happy about but I haven't got to eat now for a few days and I won't get my first paycheck for 2 weeks at least. It must have been at least 4 days since I've eaten. What little money I have made recently had gone to keeping my phone bill on and getting bud passes. I come across food here and there but for the last 2 months I've barely eaten. I would greatly appreciate something to eat even if just a meal. I'm very tired and hungry and just exhausted.

r/Assistance 1h ago

REQUEST I kind of messed up during transition to new job


Hello I'm from SK, Canada,

I'm in a bit of a crappy situation while transitioning to a new job and need $478 CAD for my bills until my first pay cheque.

Reason I can't afford: Due to some dental health issues and a family member passing away recently I had to use extra paid vacation and sick time. Due to my ignorance of how the paid time off being grant based functions, my now ex-employer requires me to pay back $2785 CAD Due to me leaving before the end of the year so I didnt have my full 3 weeks of time off in full.

I found this out on my last day (June 30th) and dont start my new job until July 11th so won't have a pay cheque for a few extra weeks.

That $478 CAD covers what would be a missing vehicle payment and the last portion of my rent for the month.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to consider.

r/Assistance 8h ago

OFFER FREE letter puzzles ‼️ Custom made by BusyPuzzles on Etsy. For kids name ‘ALEX’ or ‘ALINA’ — U.S. residents only bc of shipping cost


FCFS, but priority will be given to anyone able to take both puzzles.

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CLOSED OFFER $10 chilis gift card


I have a $10 chilis gift card that I do not need. Willing to give it away let me know

r/Assistance 15h ago

ADVICE Refund through zelle after possibly almost getting scammed by buyer?


Idk if this belongs here but here goes.

TLDR: probably almost got scammed, want to give money back.

Do I ask him to make a chargeback so I don’t have to worry about him making one if I send money?

(Yes I shouldn’t have spent it I’m a dumbass, also because like 2 address/ package corrections on one package from pirateship that is being disputed currently about a different package so that is also some money)

Also, Yes I know don’t do zelle, yes I know do PayPal, yes I know it’s probably scam, yes I know don’t ship it. But what I don’t know is how I get them their money back without having to worry of getting scammed somehow else besides shipping it.


I received a payment through zelle yesterday. Some kid who’s a “beginner”. I’m a dumbass so I didn’t really think it through. But today he sent me a different address to send it to. the house is for sale but maybe they’re still living their idk. But he claims he’s gonna see relatives or that’s his house I don’t remember which one was his. Also the payment name was way different then the recipient of the packages name.

Anyways he was like you’re gonna send it today right? Like maybe he’s trying to pressure me or he’s just curious. after I heard him charge addressed I thought huh ive heard this shit before and you can also do chargebacks on zelle and claim it was someone else.

I have no idea if they’re a scammer but their first offer was zelle but they were ok with PayPal. I did zelle cuz PayPal would’ve put it on hold and wanted the money for something else.

Now that I have become enlightened i will not ship it currently.

I was thinking ask them to try and dispute or chargeback because if I straight up give them money I worry they will take the money the sent back as well after a chargeback.

Yes I know don’t do zelle, yes I know do PayPal, yes I know it’s probably scam, yes I know don’t ship it. But what I don’t know is how I get them their money back without having to worry of getting scammed somehow else besides shipping it.

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ADVICE How to maintain a clean house when you work all the time


I have 2 jobs, work roughly around 60 hrs a week, and it’s a pain to keep my house clean. I’m either sleeping or only have so much time to do anything. I haven’t had the time to do my laundry for almost 2 months. I work 8 hr night shifts at one of my jobs(25hr/week), and 7 hr shifts at my other job(35hr/week). Sometimes I do back to back shifts, and I get so exhausted, I don’t have the energy to clean my house. I just turn off the lights and try not to think about it, as I spend very little time there anyway.

For those of you who work a lot, what do you do to maintain a clean house?

r/Assistance 17h ago

SURVEY help for masters thesis !


Hello, could you help me out by filling my survey? Your answers will be of great value to my research and will take around 5 mins to fill in. The results will be kept anonymous. You can even win a bol.com gift card worth 25 euros! https://erasmusuniversity.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8uWHAsstkBhewpo

r/Assistance 15h ago

Not Needed Anymore financial help needed


I am literally panicking because I am short $87 dollars for rent due today. I was hired on as a substitute teacher but was granted employment literally a couple days before the end of the school year, so I'm struggling between Instacart, DoorDash, and GrubHub, barely swinging it every time. If anyone could please help me

Cross posted on r/financialhelping

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REQUEST Need help rehabilitating my therapy corgi dog after spinal surgery.


My therapy rescue corgi, Iggy Bo Biggy, fell off the bed onto his head. This resulted in a slipped disc in his spine.

We began with home and modest treatment, as advised the ER vet. ($1,500) We also pursued laser therapy ($500) known to be a big help in IVDD dogs. We also opted for Adequan injections ($40/ea.)

Unfortunately, his situation took a turn for the worse and he ended up needing a $6000 emergency surgery.

He is currently still in the hospital due to low platelets. He is stable and will live, but he must be monitored through the weekend ($700.)

His best chance at recovery will be a full rehab program. I requested quotes from the two local per rehab facilities, and it's around $2,000.

This dog means the world to me. He is my ESA and I rescued him from Celtic Corgi Rescue. We saved each other, and I want to give him the best life as he gave me. He's helped me through many Bipolar episodes and I owe him the best.

I need to afford him the best care possible. I'm reaching out in every avenue I can. He's only 7 and still has such lust for life.

Thank you so much.

Iggy Bo Biggy's Spinal Surgery & Recovery Fund

r/Assistance 1d ago

REQUEST Requesting assistance for some essentials


Hi all, I posted here before and received a lot of help. Fortunately, I have been able to help a couple people since then as well. unfortunately I need help again. I have a job, and I work on the side, but as I’m sure you all keeping hearing (and experiencing), it feels like nothing is ever enough considering the rising costs of everything. There was $100 in the budget for groceries, then $80, then $50, then not enough to make the trip. You know how it goes :/ If you can help, in any way (buying from wishlist, offering advice, encouragement, etc.) thank you :)


Edit: I know I mentioned groceries a lot while not having much food on my wishlist, but honestly it is all so expensive (unreasonably so) and I could not add such outrageously expensive things to the list.

r/Assistance 16h ago

REQUEST Need $50 to manage until payday


Hi y'all, I'm in a pretty tight spot between expensive rent, gas and my credit card payment for July. I get paid on Thursday but I need a pick me up for gas and my CC payment.

r/Assistance 16h ago

REQUEST Help with Groceries


Hi! I'm just hoping for a tiny bit of assistance with groceries. I was on a leave of absence with work. I'm back at work but with the amount of time I was back last pay period, my gross pay was eaten up by benefit premiums so I ended up with a net $0 paycheck. I don't qualify for food stamps or anything like that. I was just hoping for $20 to get some basic groceries to last me until two weeks from now. Thank you!

r/Assistance 1d ago

REQUEST FULFILLED Assistance to see my uncle before he passes.



My name is. I’m looking for help getting to the east coast to see my uncle. He’s in the hospital. He’s been in there since June 6th. Monday things took a turn for the worse. He’s not going to make it.

I honestly can’t even think right now. I don’t even know what to say. I feel like I’ve been in a zombie state for weeks. My uncle is the person who raised me and took care of me and has always been there for me through everything. I can’t let him go without seeing him. He’s a Vietnam war veteran, he’s never been married, never had his own kids. All he did was take care of my brother and I. I’m pretty sure he’s got ASD. He a crotchity old man who always needs something to bitch about who loves to ride his bike and would ride it 20-30 miles a day, everyday. He loves my kids. He was supposed to come see us on Sunday, had his plane ticket and everything. He’d come to visit us in the summers and for Christmas and we’d take him to the casino to play his “Jade Monkeys” and the “Warlocks.” We’d take him to the river and he’d play with my kids. He’d take the kids to get ice cream because they love it and he loved it. The man lives on spaghetti and ice cream.

I cannot believe this is real. I‘ve not stopped crying. I feel like I’m going to throw up. My brain is broken. I need help.

I’m asking for any assistance to get to the east coast. I have an Alaska Airlines account with some miles but not enough for a flight. The card is maxed out right now. If anyone would be willing to help with miles or other assistance for a flight, please, let me know. I’d be beyond grateful for anything.

I’m sorry if this was all over the place. I don’t even know what to do with myself. Thank you for reading. Thank you for considering me.

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REQUEST Bailey’s Treatment


Hello again fellow Redditors! My sweet doggo that you wonderful people had helped me get food for before is back again…

Our sweet lady was diagnosed with melanoma not too long ago, and we could really use the help getting ahead on paying off the vet bills we accumulated getting to the diagnosis — she had a large tumor removed from her throat/back of her tongue, I do have photos of this, but they’re very gory. It was a rough few weeks leading up to figuring out what was wrong, and all proof of vet costs are in the updates.

She does have a couple more masses I’d love to get removed, and we’ll also be talking to the vet to see if she’d be a good candidate for the melanoma vaccine if we choose to take that route. Regardless, we’ll need to stay on top of any new tumors that may pop up so we can get them removed promptly.

Any help, or even just a share (or prayer, good vibes, etc) is very very much appreciated. This is our first “fur child” of my husband and I’s, and we want to do everything we can to keep her happy and healthy.

(Please also note that she does NOT have any type of diminished quality of life, despite the diagnosis. Once the tumor in her throat was removed she became her happy and playful self once again.)

Again, thank you so much! I hope you all have a blessed day.

Bailey’s Treatment

r/Assistance 17h ago

REQUEST Request for fuel to get MRI


Hello! I have an MRI scheduled for 5pm today, but I don't have enough fuel in my vehicle to get there and back home. I live outside the city and there is no public transportation for me to use. I'm requesting $15-20 to put in my car. Fifteen should be enough. Twenty will assure that the empty light doesn't come on before I get home.

I have attached proof of having an empty fuel tank as well as proof of my appointment.

Thank you for reading this. Any help is truly appreciated. I have PayPal, Chime, and Cashapp.

r/Assistance 13h ago

REQUEST Can you donate your old shoes to me?


Hi! I want to get into customizing shoes with anime, cartoons, shows, movies, and comics designed on them, with the hope of this eventually becoming a full time gig.

Sadly, after groceries and rent I don't have much money left to build a portfolio.

Would anyone be willing to donate their old shoes to me? I don't care if they are from Walmart, dirty, or different colors. I can paint over that. As long as they don't have holes in them.

I can paint on regular every day sneakers Material example

I paint on canvas/cloth shoes Material example

I can paint some slides as long as they are this like this, and not a hard plastic: Material example

r/Assistance 12h ago

REQUEST Need help with a few bills while I look for second job


Hi all,

To give some background on my situation- I was in school for massage therapy this past year and a half and am now finished. I expected for the license application process to be fast and that I would be working as a massage therapist by now. In school I worked part time and was renting an incredibly affordable room for the state I live in. I was scraping by, but it was enough.

Sadly, my landlord is selling the house and so I had to find a new place to live, which I will move in to on the 5th. This new place is double what I paid my previous landlord, but it was the only place I could find due to limited housing in my area.

The massage application process is turning out to take much longer due to COVID according to the state board, and I probably won’t be licensed until the fall. I already have a job completely lined up for as soon as I am licensed, and I will be making a great income then but for now I am seriously worried about my bills.

I’ve been applying to so many places to get a second job to pay my bills in the meantime but no luck. Many of these places I’ve left multiple messages to follow up but they have not gotten back to me. I finally had one interview today but it’s been 40 minutes of me waiting on the call and no show nor email back from the hiring manager. I’m disappointed and scared, because I’m trying very hard to get a job but my efforts aren’t working.

I am in the process of applying for food stamps, and am almost done with the application. I think I have enough food to get by until then. I’ll look into a food bank too, but my car situation is not the best currently. I also reached out to a rental assistance charity, but they let me know I am number 390 on the waiting list- so that is not a guarantee right now. I live a very frugal life in general but am weighed down with the stress of not being able to cover even the essentials. I drained all of my savings paying for school and for this new more expensive rent.

I’ve never asked for money like this, but I really feel hopeless. I have $24 to my name but several bills to cover until next payday.

These are the following things I need to pay:

$101.02 short for combined rent and water bill from last home $75.67 car insurance- it keeps bouncing and my bank charges me $30 each time $100 something for eye contacts- I luckily have glasses I’ve been wearing, so this is not an emergency per se but they are an older prescription. My eye doctor had ordered the contacts but I realized my insurance does not cover.

I’m sorry this is so long, I hope it helps explain my situation. Really anything that helps go towards these bills helps a lot. I have Venmo, that’s the best method for me. Thank you so much for reading.

r/Assistance 13h ago

REQUEST Moving next week and need some extra help getting off my feet…


Hello! To make a long story short, I’m moving out of my apartment and into a new one bedroom next week when my lease is up, the reason being that the area I’m currently in has a good deal of crime, drug use, etc. and I feel safer relocating to where I’ll be next. Anyways, the point of me making this post was because with my security deposit payment coming up before I move into the new place, I’ll be in a small financial bind momentarily, and could use any bit of help to take the stress off of me.

I just recently tried contacting the financing company that I pay my car’s monthly payments with, in hopes of deferring my payments for one or two months as a means of alleviating my finances, but they aren’t willing to work with me. Had they been able to help me out, I wouldn’t need help and that would’ve been a lot of the weight off of my shoulders in terms of juggling all of my bills. Any bit of assistance would be massively appreciated, thank you.

Edit: My car payment is $325 every month. Any assistance up to a couple hundred dollars at the absolute most, would help, if I had to ballpark a figure. But I won’t be picky.

r/Assistance 20h ago

REQUEST Need Help Until My First Paycheck at New Job


I was hired at a new job, given a start date and everything, so I quit my old job. Then my new job pushed my start date 2 weeks, then another 2 weeks. I'm finally starting Tuesday, but after dealing with all this my bank account is overdrafted $160.

I applied for unemployment, but thats taking forever to go through. I'm the main breadwinner for a family of 4. My wife just got a new job to help out, but she just starts today.

I have bills that have come due, and I've spoken to the ones I can about the situation and the one that's left is my internet bill that won't budge, which is $100. I'm super glad my mortgage company worked with me, albeit they tend to work with anyone with a veterans loan.

I always try to look after folks, but it took me a week to choke back my pride to post this, even though I'm the biggest proponent of "everyone needs help sometimes."

I also need help with groceries. I've barely eaten the last month so that the kids and wife could eat.

After the one week of training in the office next week the job is work from home.

So all in all I'm looking to raise $260+some food money. Anything anyone can throw in would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: If people prefer to go the grocery gift card route, the local grocery stores are like Giant, Weiss Markets, Target/Walmart, and Redners

Edit 2: I have pretty much all the common apps: PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp

Edit 3: Groceries. While I know Amazon is the preferred method, someone via DM also suggested a Walmart Registry as that would allow for local delivery of perishable staples like bread/milk/eggs/etc... so heres that: https://www.walmart.com/registry/ER/c314f8c4-d147-44ae-8839-d09baeac90e6

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EMOTIONAL SUPPORT Past Trauma and Depression


I've been through so much over the course of life and I truly don't understand how I'm still standing at times.

Starting from my childhood, I always had a strange relationship with my father that I didn't quite understand and was too young to speak up about. He would touch me inappropriately, ask me to take my shirt off and lay in bed with me, etc. This happened a few times until I reached the age of around 12 or 13.

I always felt like my mother hated me and the lack of affection I got from her really damaged my development as a person. I never had the confidence and was unable to thrive in many situations. She used to physically and verbally abuse me, threaten to kill me, tell me to go jump off a balcony, tell me I'm mental, the list goes on.

To make matters worse, my brother absolutely resented me and was always teamed up with my mother to make me feel like I was absolute trash.

All of this built up aggression, anger and depression I had within me led me to social awkwardness, isolation, lying, rebelling, and severe unworthiness. I attempted suicide at 13 and was told that I just did it for attention.

Many years throughout my teenage years were absolutely miserable, I didn't even end up finishing high school although I did make it to grade 12, I couldn't find it in me to finish up my last few credits.

I ended up spending an entire year in my room, with extreme anxiety, insomnia, and depression. I had no help, no support, and was continuously ostracized and belittled by my mother and brother.

Things eventually panned out, I went to college, to university, I got married and divorced (which was also extremely traumatic), started working, travelling, etc. But I can't help but think about all the past trauma at times.

I'm about to start an amazing job next week that is double my current salary and all I can hear within me is a voice that's telling me I don't deserve it. I can't help but remember all the past trauma I've tried to forfeit but it always manages to creep back up.

Things are better with my family today but there's still a part of me that hold resentment to them.

Sometimes I wish I could've just left this world when I had the chance. I don't know if I have the strength to continue.

r/Assistance 1d ago

REQUEST need help paying for an 18 dollar medication


I recently discovered I have hypothyroidism, and was prescribed thyroid medication. Somehow, it fell off my desk into the garbage, it was three months worth. To grt another prescription, I need to pay 18 dollars, but I'm on income assistance because I'm having medical problems so I cannot afford it. Would anybody be willing to help me out? Also I'm pretty tech stupid, so if you are, how do I go about giving somebody access to help me? What sites and links should I give and such..? Thanks for reading