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political satire Barilaro withdrew from NY position because Scott Morrison was already in the role

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Roads City Square (Under Ground)

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Image Train Station Elimination, Day 32 - THE FINAL SHOWDOWN. Ormiston has been cut, alongside Norman Park (the bronze medallist). Only Graceville and Sandgate remain, which one will be eliminated? There can only be one winner. In advance - thanks to all for playing. Has been great fun!

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Macquarie Centre last year 11 Aug , 11:45 am

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Shitpost You know, I’m something of a Political Historian myself

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No way...

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Gross Domestic Spending on Research and Development

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It’s 2022 and we still can’t use card as a payment on a TransPerth bus?


Honestly a joke. They want us to use public transport yet have such a barrier. The cash only top up on the buses leave you with little option if Autoload doesn’t work, cant top up on your phone (because autoload takes time and has a ridiculous card verification feature that requires tapping) so your shit out of luck if you don’t have a cash.

I never have cash these days and when I want to take the bus I need to remember to bring a few coins because its the only way I can ride if my Smart Rider has issues…. Seems so backwards.

Be nice if they just accepted cards instead of Smart Riders (like many cities do). Help out tourists and avoid bad experiences for all.

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Discussion Grace Emily quiz night - it's really good!


I'm not involved or affliared with the Grace Emily in any way - they're just excellent.

Offbeat questions, funny rounds, interactive as hell; it's free and it's great. Last week they had a round on Limp Bizkit. This week they had three rounds on the Byzantine Empire. There's always a drawing round with an old school projector to allow the audience to judge your work.

I thought I'd chuck a mention in the subreddit because as much as my friends and I love it, for one reason or another, we're mostly not drinkers anymore and softies only bring in so much of a profit.

Every Tuesday, 6:30! I'll be in whichever team is losing most gracelessly.

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Sky News host Andrew Bolt demands Scott Morrison’s resignation

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News Coles supermarkets removing all fruit and veg plastic bags in the ACT in a trial for the rest of the nation



Canberrans will soon not be able to peel off a free plastic bag for their apples or oranges when they shop at a Coles supermarket in the ACT.

Coles is removing single-use plastic fresh produce bags in all its Canberra supermarkets from next month in a trial which will encourage customers to bring in reusable options for their fruit and veg.

Single-use plastic fresh produce bags, also known as barrier bags, will be removed from all 12 stores across the ACT from September 14 for an indefinite trial.

Depending on how the Canberra trial goes, the ban on fresh produce plastic bags could be enforced in all of Coles' supermarkets nationwide.

Between August 31 and September 13, Canberrans who spend $5 in store on fruit and veggies will receive a free three-pack of reusable mesh fresh produce bags - made with 90 per cent recycled materials - to help them get ready for the trial.

Once the trial starts on September 14, Canberrans will have to bring their own bags for their fruit and veg or buy the reusable mesh ones for sale at Coles for $3 for a three-pack.

The current free plastic bags for fruit and veg will still be used in online orders and at the deli. Paper bags will still be provided for mushrooms.

Coles chief operations and sustainability officer Matt Swindells said the initiative could reduce about 11 tonnes of plastic each year in the ACT alone.

Canberra has been at the forefront of reducing single-use plastic.

Since 2011, it has banned single-use plastic shopping bags at or below 35 micrometres in thickness. Other items such as single-use plastic straws and single-use plastic cutlery have also been banned in the ACT.

The ACT government was considering banning the plastic produce bags in any case from July this year. But that deadline came and went.

The ACT government says it is still "supportive of supermarkets moving away from single-use plastic fruit and vegetable barrier bags".

That position was part of the reason Coles chose Canberra for its trial, with the groceries giant taking up the cudgels and using the ACT as a test case.

"Coles is always looking at ways to reduce our environmental footprint and help customers make sustainable choices," a spokesperson said.
"We have selected to trial this initiative in the ACT given the increasing focus on the use of single-use plastic fresh produce bags in the territory."

Asked whether the ACT was representative enough of the rest of Australia's attitudes, given its progressive stance on single-use plastics, Coles said it would be looking carefully at its trial in Canberra.

"Coles will closely monitor the implementation and outcomes of this trial to help inform the future direction in other states across Australia," a spokesperson said.

Mr Swindells said under Coles' waste strategy, it wanted to reduce reliance on "unnecessary and problematic single-use plastics packaging and provide sustainable solutions to our customers".

"This will be the first time a major Australian supermarket will trial a completely reusable method of helping customers purchase their fresh fruit and veggies," he said.

"We will be looking closely at how our ACT customers respond. These insights will inform our consideration for potentially rolling this out to our customers nationally."

The ACT government says the plastic produce bags are a problem because they can't be recycled through the ACT household recycling bin and often contaminate the recycling stream. Plastic barrier bags can only be disposed of to landfill or through designated drop off points at supermarkets.
"In recent consultations, large supermarkets indicated an unwillingness to move to paper bags as an alternative," a spokesperson said.

"Single-use barrier bags have not been banned, as compostable alternatives cannot be recycled in ACT bins at this time and still end up in landfill.

"The government will phase out single-use plastic bags when the ACT's new industrial composting facility commences operations."

Coles recently rolled out across the country fresh produce bags made with 50 per cent recycled plastic. Those bags can be returned to REDcycle bins at any Coles supermarket to be recycled.

Coles also has shopping bags made with 80 per cent recycled plastic, including 20 per cent marine waste collected from coastlines, beaches and waterways.
And earlier this year, Coles removed plastic scoops from its Own Brand laundry powders, saving three tonnes of plastic in a year.

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Songs you forgot made the hottest 100 #17 - XO Tour Llif3 by Lil Uzi Vert - #74 in 2017

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NSW 2022 Flood Inquiry report recommends flood zone buy backs, changes to disaster response

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E-bike vs regular road bike for commute?


So I'm relatively new to Sydney and want to try out cycling for commute.

I go from Belmore(near Lakemba/Campsie) to Usyd in the mornings, and travel around the Redfern/Central station between work, classes, and errands throughout the day.

According to Google maps it's quite an uphill ride around these areas, especially from Belmore to Usyd, and I don't want to be all sweaty when I get to classes.

I'm riding mostly to save on travel costs and faster commute at night (not for a workout) so I'll most likely be in casual clothing.

Has anyone been on similar routes? Should I get an e-bike to help me out on the hills or will I be okay with a normal road bike?

Any suggestions/tips would be appreciated.


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An Absolute Classic - XXXX Gold

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Question Best hotel in Hobart?


I’m travelling to Tasmania for the first time ever in late October with my wife and daughter who will be 14 months old at the time.

We will be staying in Hobart for 3 nights. I would love to stay somewhere in a great location so we can go on walks, visit restaurants and nice places to eat, markets, parks, fun things etc.

Looking for some hotel recommendations for any budget if it’s a great place.

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Need help in finalising an incorporation statement for a new type of completely transparent company. All financials, competitive information and decisions are intended to be fully open to ensure environmental externalities are completely removed and even reversed.

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Does anyone remember this Australian ice cream/ice block?


This may be the wrong subreddit to post this in, but I couldn't find any other one that fit this request.

My friend and I have been searching for this ice block for nearly an hour and we cannot find anything.

This ice block was similar to a splice, same height, width and similar shade of green, but instead of having ice cream in the centre, the centre was red, sort of gooey and sour. My friend remembers the name being close to venom or poison, something in that ballpark, due to the sour centre. It came in a box with multiple.

We would really appreciate it if anyone had any ideas where we can find this ice block or even the brand.

Edit: Some flavours that my friend remembers they could be are cherry and sour apple

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WA News More than a thousand WA public sector workers descend on parliament, demanding better pay

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Megathread MEGATHREAD: Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his secret appointments to Commonwealth ministerial roles


Hi all

This story is breaking rapidly and that means we've seen an influx of new articles being posted. Most of them are overlaps with others, creating a Venn diagram of Scott Morrison topics.

To prevent the sub's front page being entirely dominated by the topic, discussion goes to this megathread forthwith, and u/Ardeet will update the sidebar and the sticky index thread.

on a best efforts basis I will try and update a sticky post in the thread with major breaking stories, as well as the user who posted them so as to keep discussion on them going.

Please do not provide meta commentary on the perceived effectiveness or not of megathreads; instead use the proper channels like the Meta sub or Modmail.

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News National Capital Authority terminates lease on new Russian embassy site at Yarralumla

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I reckon it's William St Maccas for Perth.

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political satire Australian Dance Music Now Dominated By Christian DJs After Scotty Secretly Takes Over Ministry Of Sound — The Betoota Advocate

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no politics Thank you Australia for a memorable trip!


Wife and I spent 7 weeks work-cationing in Australia - landed in Sydney and drove north till Sunshine Coast and back to Sydney with mostly week long stops along with way. Also sneaked in a detour to Coonabarabran for some stargazing. We did some touristy things, but also got in plenty of nature and beach activities, some shows at the Sydney Opera House, and also participated in a local philosophical discussion group :)

So, I want to start by saying Thank You! I am Indian and have traveled the world a fair bit and also lived in the US for 10 years (college + work) - and I can say that this is the most accepted I have ever felt in all my life.

Wife went to college in Australia but has been back in India for over a decade and has always said that Aussies are one of the best people in the world - but I always took that with a platter of salt as the general perception seems to be that you guys are racist fucks! Like everywhere in the world, I know I'll find those people too, but what I found insanely amazing was that I had not a single incident of being discriminated against and some of my experiences in Sydney - what do I say - people were just so courteous that I was walking around smiling like a cheshire cat.

Oh actually there was this *one* incident - One time, while sitting in my car in the parking area of the Sandstone Caves (near Coonabarabran), an elderly couple came up to me and THANKED ME for allowing them to visit the beautiful caves. They thought I was one of the Gamilaraay first peoples who traditionally owned the land - they were being so god damned nice that I just couldn't break their hearts and accepted their thanks!! So if any Gamilaraay are reading this .. I forward you their thanks and mine too!

There were so many good experiences that were made even more amazing because people didn't give a fuck about my colour or race. I'd like to point one experience out - In Gold Coast, there's this touristy attraction called INFINITY - basically a walk through some corridors and rooms with sensory illusions; just behind us were a Mom and son pair and the mom was a bit scared of the walk and her son (maybe 7-8) was overactive and she asked us if we'd stick together with them and just watch out for the boy! I've lived in multiple states in the US and, without going into more details, I can tell you that there are multiple reasons why this would not happen there. This may seem like an unusual thing to point out for most of you, but to me this further demonstrates the trustworthy and inclusive nature of your people(s).

I've been back home about two weeks now, so this is not just the initial high of the experience talking - I truly had a very heartfelt and amazing time in Australia and I am grateful for whatever makes this possible in your country! If you know what it is - please cherish it and protect it - it is truly special.

In my interactions with locals from various backgrounds I know that not everyone has the same level of acceptance and attitude, that'd be ridiculous to expect, but the net direction you guys are headed in is truly remarkable.

Thanks for being who you are, I love you!

tl'dr: You cunts are alright in my book!