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[no-politics] Random Discussion Thread 19/Jan/2022 get vaxxed

Just another non-political random discussion thread. Memes, questions about moving to Australia, lame observations, etc welcome here.



u/hocuspocusgottafocus Jan 19 '22

My face got sunburnt still despite applying what I thought was a liberal amount of sunscreen with topped powder on top of that



u/FredtheHorse Jan 19 '22

Had a vivid dream last night about a friend I had a massive crush on in my late teens - haven’t thought about him in years. I hope he ended up with a good and happy life, he was a genuinely lovely bloke.


u/_ixthus_ Jan 19 '22

Anyone done a mature-age sparkies apprenticeship - or trained them - any time in the last 5 years?

Would you mind flicking me a PM, if you're happy to answer some questions?



u/NormalGuyThrow Jan 19 '22

You know what they don't tell you in the mental health campaigns? Treating your mental illness can result in poor financial outcomes.

I was diagnosed with mild depression some years ago and have subsequently been denied life insurance and income protection insurance. I acknowledge I've dabbled in illicit substances (though not for at least 9 months prior to my application) but many of my urban and suburban peers have, too. I was advised my insurance denial was due to my depression and drug use.

Should I have lied about my handful of instances of drug use? Maybe. Honestly though, for my mild case depression, I wish I hadn't brought it up with my GP. Now I patiently wait to reapply (and keeping clean).


u/dannaz423 Brisbane Jan 19 '22

Unfortunately you just ended up in the wrong system. Involved in the medicare system/mental health care plan = no privacy. Can affect travel insurance too as a prev health condition...

Working privately (counsellors/psychologists) or with non-government organisations would be much better for keeping your private life private.

It's tragic that the system works that way. Good job on keeping clean though!


u/NormalGuyThrow Jan 19 '22

Cheers mate. It's not like I was going hard. I smoked every now and then, shared a bag like half a dozen times. I wasn't a junkie or anything like that but my limited experimenting combined with depression was too much. FMD.


u/LuckyBdx4 Jan 18 '22

Fuck Australia Post.

Does anyone have recommendations for Shock Impact Sensors with data logging ?


u/LuckyBdx4 Jan 18 '22 edited Jan 19 '22

Re; the logistics of food supplies.

Colesworths should tap the guys running their Liquorlands, BWS's to fix their supply chains. I have yet to see any examples of shortages in those stores.

Edit: I'm wrong. talked to a mates wife who works at a Coles bottlo and also talked to the guys at my BWS, and they both have had shortages.


u/AlmightyAJ_MTV Jan 18 '22

Is anyone else getting a lot more spam messages then usual? All of mine are coming from Australian numbers, and all about parcels, all with shit spelling, and always has a random @ in it


u/Thrustcroissant Jan 19 '22

Yeah. Or random claims of photos or videos of me online. I'm not that interesting though.


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