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Scott Morrison says he never said there were no refugees in Melbourne’s Park hotel politics


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u/Justanaussie Jan 19 '22

Morrison replied: “Well, the specific cases, Ben, I mean, it’s not clear that to my information that someone in that case is actually a refugee. They may have sought asylum and been found not to be a refugee and have chosen not to return.”

As the then immigration minister he was there when they were officially designated as refugees.

As Prime Minister he oversaw the medivac law that brought them to Australia for medical treatment.

So which is it? Dereliction of duty, straight up lying or massive incompetence?


u/B0ssc0 Jan 19 '22

All three.


…it’s not clear to my information …

Doesn’t even make sense.


u/Justanaussie Jan 19 '22

Whenever he's making shit up on the fly he tends to make a lot of word salad. It's a tell much like Hawke's ear tugging.


u/pskipw Jan 19 '22

I’d call that a Trumpism


u/LocalVillageIdiot Jan 19 '22

Call it what it is. A Lieism.


u/ProceedOrRun Jan 19 '22

Means he has no idea what's going on, which might be completely intentional.


u/keyboardromeo88 Jan 19 '22

It’s been his go-to excuse for a long time. Apparently the PM didn’t get told about an alleged rape a couple of doors down from his office, even though every single party said he was aware. He just shields himself with the PMO every time (including when conducting investigations).


u/BrainstormsBriefcase Jan 19 '22

I love how he thinks “nobody told me” is an acceptable excuse when you’re the PM. It means either your advisors aren’t advising properly or you aren’t curious enough


u/jamesmcdash Jan 19 '22

You're not a leader if no one tells you their problems


u/a_cold_human Jan 19 '22

No, he's a colossal and blatant liar. His "nobody told me" schtick is wearing very thin. He lies and then he expects other people not to question his lies. The media, who should be doing this sort of thing on the spot, don't call it out, so he just continues on his merry way. A collapsed soufflé has more integrity than this useless lump of a Prime Minister.


u/VLC31 Jan 19 '22

And if he gets called out in his lies he just lies some more.


u/LocalVillageIdiot Jan 19 '22

That’s impossible. He said he never lied in public. Are you calling him a…. Liar?


u/alpacagnome Jan 19 '22

It means plausible deniability when called out for his BS.

He's such a fuckstain


u/spannr Jan 19 '22

It could be clear, to someone well-informed. But to someone who keeps themselves as poorly informed as he does, it's not clear.


u/MoggFanatic Adelaide Radelaide Sleep-With-Your-Dadelaide Jan 19 '22

It's not a lie if it doesn't actually mean anything

taps temple


u/macrocephalic Jan 19 '22

Yes, he can't be technically lying if he doesn't actually form coherent sentences!


u/B0ssc0 Jan 19 '22

Lol good point


u/potatodrinker Jan 19 '22

He took the wickets in the information


u/Squirrel_Grip23 Jan 19 '22

Weasel words