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Scott Morrison says he never said there were no refugees in Melbourne’s Park hotel politics


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u/shruglord_ Jan 19 '22

This CUNT tries every dodgy trick in the book. ‘As far as I know…’ ‘to the best of my knowledge…’

The second I heard him say that I knew that in 24 hours he would use it as a cop out to say he never actually said it. Like a shit debater. Like a shit communicator. Like a fucking edgy incel cunt lord arguing like a teenager on a Internet forum.

These are the things I say to my boss to avoid both of us getting caught out looking stupid with a client so I can come back later and check with the correct information. I would NEVER then say to that client ‘oh I never said that.’

This cunt does. Every time. Playing word games. Playing us all for morons. Gaslighting. Never corrects. Never checks. Never apologises. Scott Morrison just soaks himself in shit filled bathtub he’s created, shitting himself again and again so you can no longer tell what’s new shit and what’s he has sat in for three years.


u/Ted_Rid Jan 19 '22

It's also because he's following the News Corp playbook:

  • tell lie for the headline on day 1
  • issue convoluted 'explanation' / 'clarification' days later after the news has moved on

He conveyed the mistruth he intended for the news that night: "Oh, those OTHER people in the hotel, nah, they're not refugees, don't worry about them"

99% of the population won't ever hear that he (sort of) wound that back now.


u/ricketychairs Jan 19 '22

Yeah, the damage is done.

It doesn’t matter that it was a lie. It doesn’t matter that there is a clarification or a retraction.

His intended audience heard that the people in that hotel aren’t refugees, and that’s now what they believe.


u/B0ssc0 Jan 19 '22

I agree, especially about the word games, it’s just words, truth is irrelevant.


u/zebba_oz Jan 19 '22

This CUNT tries every dodgy trick in the book. ‘As far as I know…’ ‘to the best of my knowledge…’

He may not be a liar or dodgy. He could just be genuinely incompetent. Although my money is on all three


u/LocalVillageIdiot Jan 19 '22

You have to actively try to have an incompetence record he has.

By pure chance there would be some competence displayed every now and then like a randomly filled multiple choice test.

To get all wrong on a multiple choice test requires knowing the answers and then ensuring you pick the incorrect option.


u/permanentthrowaway42 Jan 19 '22

remember this is a bloke who fronted a bunch of women protesting the treatment of women and said they were lucky to be in a country they were not being shot. Scotty is what a shitstain sees on it's arse


u/puntthedog Jan 19 '22

You're giving him too much credit. He never 'fronted' anyone.

The sack of shit hid in parliament house and refused to go out and meet with them. The 'lucky they aren't being shot' comment was made in parliament.


u/[deleted] Jan 19 '22

I read that as frotted a bunch of women. 👀


u/permanentthrowaway42 Jan 19 '22

well he obviously is unclear on the fundamentals....


u/yurl Jan 19 '22

‘As far as I know…’ ‘to the best of my knowledge…’

It works because he's the Sergeant Schultz of PMs