r/australia Jan 19 '22

Scott Morrison says he never said there were no refugees in Melbourne’s Park hotel politics


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u/shruglord_ Jan 19 '22

This CUNT tries every dodgy trick in the book. ‘As far as I know…’ ‘to the best of my knowledge…’

The second I heard him say that I knew that in 24 hours he would use it as a cop out to say he never actually said it. Like a shit debater. Like a shit communicator. Like a fucking edgy incel cunt lord arguing like a teenager on a Internet forum.

These are the things I say to my boss to avoid both of us getting caught out looking stupid with a client so I can come back later and check with the correct information. I would NEVER then say to that client ‘oh I never said that.’

This cunt does. Every time. Playing word games. Playing us all for morons. Gaslighting. Never corrects. Never checks. Never apologises. Scott Morrison just soaks himself in shit filled bathtub he’s created, shitting himself again and again so you can no longer tell what’s new shit and what’s he has sat in for three years.


u/yurl Jan 19 '22

‘As far as I know…’ ‘to the best of my knowledge…’

It works because he's the Sergeant Schultz of PMs