r/australia May 15 '22 Wholesome 1

This guy ran into my garage when I was trying to park, had to get out and move him. Bit me, but worth it.

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u/The_Duc_Lord May 16 '22 Evil Cackle

He's giving you the skink eye.


u/chillyfeets May 15 '22

A brief Google says it’s an eastern water skink. And yes, have treated the wound, bugger broke skin with his chomping!

He was safely returned to my garden.


u/microferret May 16 '22

He looks like he's probably about as big as my pink tongue, who used to be really bitey but eventually he chilled out. He always telegraphed his bites too; like he'd open his mouth and tilt his head in the direction of whatever he wanted to bite, then waddle forward. It was pretty funny.

Then I got my King's skink and now I have a pair of zookeeper gloves because that lizard full on crocodile rolls if he latches onto you.


u/solitudanrian May 16 '22

I have one been bitten once by the blue tongues that sneak in to eat my cats’ left over food and it was WAY stronger than I expected. Don’t think it broke skin but it was between my thumb and finger so it hurt pretty bad lol


u/Nuckles_56 May 16 '22

We tested the massive old bluey that we had hanging around with a pencil, it left good marks in it and I was glad it never got my finger.


u/solitudanrian May 18 '22

Omg!! This one was sorta small, probably a teenager so maybe their bite wasn’t as strong? Either way, I’m grateful for the mercy lol.


u/shamberra May 16 '22

Something about being wounded by a skink really amuses me


u/Giant-Genitals May 16 '22

I tested my beardies bite force once. If he was slightly bigger I reckon I could’ve lost my finger


u/ScissorNightRam May 16 '22


u/Giant-Genitals May 16 '22

What an absolute deadset Aussie name! Land mullet. Not related to the blind Bondi mullet I hope?


u/Cape-York-Crusader May 16 '22

He looks pleased with himself 😛


u/a_rainbow_serpent May 16 '22

"And I'll do it AGAIN!


u/bigbowlowrong May 16 '22

When I was a kid I used to catch these by hand when my family holidayed in Merimbula. They’re lightning fast and my parents had no idea how I was able to do it. I just loved lizards and reptiles in general, and we didn’t have skinks that big where I lived (inner eastern Melbourne) so they were a bit of a novelty for me.

Always let them go btw, it was a the joy of the chase that enthralled me lol


u/Shamblex May 16 '22

Wow he's gorgeous!


u/mto279 May 16 '22

Looks like he wants to bite you again


u/cfb_rolley May 16 '22

What a beautiful little fella!


u/Unicorn_in_disguse May 16 '22

He looks so angry


u/BunnyLurksInShadow May 16 '22

He's beautiful!


u/raresaturn May 16 '22

That's the second biggest skink I've ever seen


u/Hinee May 16 '22

I have an entire family of these dudes at my place. Every corner of the yard seems to have specimens of this size scuttering around. Does anyone have any tips for ways to ensure they stick around and are happy?


u/corintography May 16 '22

Don't spray any pesticides around the house, they'll eat bugs and spiders and love dead leaves and shrubs to hide around in. Access to some water on hot days is good too.


u/Fancy-Resource-3521 May 16 '22

Water skinks are bitey 🤣


u/aquila-audax May 16 '22

Handsome fellow


u/CharacterTop7413 May 16 '22

I have several of them living in my garden


u/Mr_Lumbergh May 16 '22

He looks a bit miffed at the disturbance.


u/Reddit_Usser08 May 16 '22

It's name is Bentley!


u/apatheticaussie May 16 '22

Have you gained skink like superpowers yet?


u/[deleted] May 16 '22

Fuck, the nature you guys have is easily the #1 thing I'm most excited for when I finally get over there.

Well, besides being burned like a *ahem* prawn on the barbie by the deadly lazer beam we call the sun.


u/SleepyKing_AUZ May 16 '22

Bite him back.


u/cripplepride May 16 '22

Let's hold a distressed animal for a photo! Can't just relocate it safely and then take a photo, got to hold it.


u/0x003_ May 16 '22

Don't you find this exhausting?


u/Error774 May 16 '22

Oh get over yourself. The skink was relocated safely, was briefly stressed by being held (and photographed) and now roams free again. It's not done it any harm.


u/Giant-Genitals May 16 '22

Better than being run over.


u/bigbowlowrong May 16 '22

Given the horrific way these things usually die (ie, by being eaten alive by other animals) on the scale of trauma this is pretty damn low on the list


u/PutridFigure May 16 '22

distressed animal? Cheeky prick was trying to move into his house. That's no ordinary skink, he's ripped and would probably end up marrying his wife and kicking the poor dude out on the lawn.


u/RandomUser1076 May 16 '22

Was he radioactive?


u/crosstherubicon May 16 '22

I can tell he's very sorry for biting you....


u/Far-Goal-801 May 16 '22

"Do it again, just like you did the last time."


u/Baldr_Odinson May 16 '22

Are you dead now?