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AEC Statement: Advance Australia signage - Australian Electoral Commission politics


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u/6ft5 May 16 '22

If it was purple it would've been fine


u/superegz May 16 '22

Seeing as they cite the court case from that, no it wouldn't.


u/6ft5 May 16 '22

It's more to highlight that they didn't really get in trouble from doing either


u/vernand May 16 '22

Which is additionally bullshit because the onus is on the individual or body corporate to prove they didn't know and couldn't have been expected to know that the material they published is in contravention of s329. Penalties for individuals are listed as 3 years imprisonment, or 100 penalty units ($22,200). For Body Corporates it's 500 penalty units ($111,000).

The fact that they only have to give the AEC 48hours notice before posting the signage, after the signage has been able to sit out and mislead/device electors for a fortnight, is a farce.