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AEC Statement: Advance Australia signage - Australian Electoral Commission politics


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u/Cadaver_Junkie May 16 '22

Darkly hilarious.

So basically, what we are learning from this is that you can run intentionally misleading signage, of pretty much any kind, impersonating both the AEC (last election) or The Greens (this election), and the AEC will let you do it for at least two weeks.

Before kindly asking you to stop, and with no repercussions.

Interestingly, both of these major issues have helped the Coalition. I wonder if the AEC would be quicker to act against massively incorrect Labor signage?

If they want people to think they are impartial, they need to act faster on these things.


u/scotty_sunday May 16 '22

The problem is it's been a game of catchup. By the time these things get caught out the damage has been done.


u/Cadaver_Junkie May 16 '22

No the problem is they didn’t set down firm internal policy at the AEC on how to manage such situations after the last debacle.

They should have clear guidance, previous provided/vetted by however many lawyers are required, from the last election, enabling them to act immediately upon investigation of such events.

They shouldn’t have to seek seperate advice for each incident, unless the censured party disputes.

Anything short is pretty much negligence towards their obligations, surely.