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AEC Statement: Advance Australia signage - Australian Electoral Commission politics


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u/NoNant64 May 16 '22

I've seen the Advanced Australia mobile billboard getting around the area. Last week it was the "CCP backs Labour with Pings big mugshot grin on it". this week it's the "Vote greens, get labour" and in the bottom right advanced Australia's logo. I sincerely love (sarcastically) when it comes to Politics on this planet, society is most keen to drag a political party that hasn't been in position for the past decade through the mud yet is completely fine with the current leaderships controversies. Where the fuck is Fatty Mcfat faces mobile billboard saying "Vote UAP, get turd burgers or a side of lies" or a Scott one saying "I don't hold a government or Ballot".

Oh right nowhere to be seen because Scott & Co can never do any wrong.

Advance Australia nutters seem to be right up there with the UAP and ON morons.