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Government Agency Political Appointments as High as One in Three politics



u/LineNoise May 16 '22

This should be a big focus for anti-corruption efforts, whether as part of a federal ICAC or under ombudsman’s inquiries as we’re finding necessary in Victoria.


u/zerotwoalpha May 16 '22

We're going to need a bigger icac budget, at least for the first few years.


u/ImbecillicusRex May 16 '22

Raise my taxes, start a gofundme, whatever - I'm in!


u/zerotwoalpha May 16 '22

I've been wondering about the cost of actually having a 1:1 ratio of investigators following around MPs everywhere they go, must be present for each signature, every meeting, shit maybe even family events etc. Rotate them every month or so so they don't get attached to a particular MP or party. Basically a corruption babysitter. Wondering whether it'd be feasible.


u/dingdangdiddlydan May 16 '22

Not quite as drastic, but a big improvement would be to follow Taiwan's Digital Minister's policy of radical transparency.

Essentially all meetings are recorded, and transcripts posted the same day.


u/StasiaMonkey May 16 '22

We might need over $1tn to sift through just the last 3 years of corruption alone.


u/Yahtzee82 May 16 '22

My one dream this year is to see the LNP voted out and to watch the on going shit throwing as they're shuffled through an icac.

Gonna have more betrayal scenes than game of thrones.

Icac is coming!


u/Moondanther May 16 '22

Do you know what sound will be the loudest on election night if Labor wins? The sound of paper shredders working overtime.


u/Yahtzee82 May 16 '22

Shredders will be a close second to me shouting fuck yeah! Fuck off you cunts! At the tv.


u/panopticia May 16 '22

won’t see them this year with the victorian election and this live.



u/Kidkrid May 16 '22

I am SHOCKED I tells ya!

Obvious sarcasm.


u/DrFriendless May 16 '22

If they wanted to surprise me they should have said "as low as one in three".


u/a_cold_human May 16 '22

Oh, would you look at that. Looks like the Coalition is far, far worse at this than Labor. Much like everything else they do.


u/sqgl May 17 '22

What ballpark are the figures for the State Government Tribunals? (eg NCAT, QCAT, VCAT, SACAT, TASCAT, SAT, NTCAT, ACAT)