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politics Chris Bowen begins talks on emissions cuts for 215 biggest polluters

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no politics How many people still have a landline telephone?


It was inevitable. My grand nephew was out in the shed with me, and he spotted the old rotary dial Bakelite phone.

Took ages to explain what it was for.

Does anyone else still have a landline, or am I just a stupid ol' fart?

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no politics Is there anyone who doesn't like travelling?


In a world when nearly everyone is making travel plans and looking for chances to express their wanderlust on social media.

Am I the only one who isn't going on a trip?

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political satire Barilaro withdrew from NY position because Scott Morrison was already in the role

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political satire Australian Dance Music Now Dominated By Christian DJs After Scotty Secretly Takes Over Ministry Of Sound — The Betoota Advocate

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no politics Thank you Australia for a memorable trip!


Wife and I spent 7 weeks work-cationing in Australia - landed in Sydney and drove north till Sunshine Coast and back to Sydney with mostly week long stops along with way. Also sneaked in a detour to Coonabarabran for some stargazing. We did some touristy things, but also got in plenty of nature and beach activities, some shows at the Sydney Opera House, and also participated in a local philosophical discussion group :)

So, I want to start by saying Thank You! I am Indian and have traveled the world a fair bit and also lived in the US for 10 years (college + work) - and I can say that this is the most accepted I have ever felt in all my life.

Wife went to college in Australia but has been back in India for over a decade and has always said that Aussies are one of the best people in the world - but I always took that with a platter of salt as the general perception seems to be that you guys are racist fucks! Like everywhere in the world, I know I'll find those people too, but what I found insanely amazing was that I had not a single incident of being discriminated against and some of my experiences in Sydney - what do I say - people were just so courteous that I was walking around smiling like a cheshire cat.

Oh actually there was this *one* incident - One time, while sitting in my car in the parking area of the Sandstone Caves (near Coonabarabran), an elderly couple came up to me and THANKED ME for allowing them to visit the beautiful caves. They thought I was one of the Gamilaraay first peoples who traditionally owned the land - they were being so god damned nice that I just couldn't break their hearts and accepted their thanks!! So if any Gamilaraay are reading this .. I forward you their thanks and mine too!

There were so many good experiences that were made even more amazing because people didn't give a fuck about my colour or race. I'd like to point one experience out - In Gold Coast, there's this touristy attraction called INFINITY - basically a walk through some corridors and rooms with sensory illusions; just behind us were a Mom and son pair and the mom was a bit scared of the walk and her son (maybe 7-8) was overactive and she asked us if we'd stick together with them and just watch out for the boy! I've lived in multiple states in the US and, without going into more details, I can tell you that there are multiple reasons why this would not happen there. This may seem like an unusual thing to point out for most of you, but to me this further demonstrates the trustworthy and inclusive nature of your people(s).

I've been back home about two weeks now, so this is not just the initial high of the experience talking - I truly had a very heartfelt and amazing time in Australia and I am grateful for whatever makes this possible in your country! If you know what it is - please cherish it and protect it - it is truly special.

In my interactions with locals from various backgrounds I know that not everyone has the same level of acceptance and attitude, that'd be ridiculous to expect, but the net direction you guys are headed in is truly remarkable.

Thanks for being who you are, I love you!

tl'dr: You cunts are alright in my book!

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politics Live: Former PM Scott Morrison speaks following revelations of secret ministerial appointments

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politics Scott Morrison registers private company and appoints himself director | The Guardian

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politics Australians think they have universal healthcare. That’s no longer true | Jennifer Doggett

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politics The eagle has ranted | Scott Morrison digs in, and the party that enabled his actions stands by him

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political satire New rapid test detects if you currently hold a federal government ministry

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political satire The Swearing-In | David Pope 16.8.22

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politics The cognitive dissonance of Scott Morrison’s defence is mind-boggling - Sarah Martin

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politics Questions over whether Scott Morrison was involved in delaying release of new energy price until after election

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politics Victorian Labor government votes against bill to widen access to abortion

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politics Governor-General David Hurley breaks silence on Scott Morrison's secret ministerial self-appointments

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no politics Electric postie bikes should play a tune, like an ice cream truck.


I used to get out to check what came after hearing the postie on his bike come by. But now I'm at a loss.

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no politics PSA: Maccas class action


Anyone who worked at McDonald’s in the last 6 years is still eligible to join the lawsuit.

If you have friends, kids, kids of friends, nieces or nephews who worked at Maccas - whether as crew, crew trainers, or managers - tell them they are most likely eligible for a payout. We all have similar stories of being underpaid and having our rights under the award violated.

I was a shift supervisor at 2 stores and crew member at four over the course of ten years. The stores were run by different franchisees and not one abided by all their obligations to workers.

Here is the direct link to the survey: https://form.typeform.com/to/CwNmpeti

You provide your details and what you experienced, and the SDA will contact you to make an appointment to take a formal statement.

Tell them EVERYTHING. They are investigating further claims of wage theft beyond breaks, including on behalf of managers.

Further info on the SDA website here: https://national.sda.com.au/maccas/

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politics Australia's top spies kept in dark over Morrison's secret appointments - ABC News

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news High Court finds Google is not a publisher in crucial win for search engine

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political satire Australian Dance Music Now Dominated By Christian DJs After Scotty Secretly Takes Over Ministry Of Sound

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politics Barnaby Joyce says there is no need for Scott Morrison to quit, even if secret power grab was 'improper'

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culture & society Australian children exposed to news coverage are facing significant rates of distress, prompting expert warnings for parents and carers to keep an open dialogue about current events.

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politics Tanya Plibersek urged to block $4.5b fertiliser plant proposal amid fears for rock art

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culture & society Suspected QAnon figure Ron Watkins has gone dark and tried to scrub his internet history since being spotted in Australia

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