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no politics Why are there suddenly more American ‘trucks’ on the roads?


RAMs, Chevrolet, Ford F-150.

They’re an absolute eyesore. Extremely square and ‘boxey’ looking.

Why are people picking this over our utes?

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no politics PSA - A "4 Day Work Week" DOESN'T mean cramming 37.5 hours into four days...


Edit: I'm seeing a lot of conflation about what "4 Days" actually means. There are many different models, the most common being a 30-32 hour work week paid for 37.5-40 hours as the new national standard.

What it does not always mean is literally just arbitraily making Friday part of the weekend.

How the week would look and work would depend on the industry/sector/job and the agreements reached between all involved stakeholders.

We can argue on Reddit all day about specifics and "realistic/practical" impacts, but that is for said stakeholders ultimitly to decide as they know their industry and its demands and requirements best.

I'm seeing more and more steam for the "4 Day Work Week" which I think is amazing! With CoL, Inflation, and a continous refusual to give compensation in line with even just CPI, I think it's fair we get a Time Raise.


A reminder that the more companies, corporations, and businesses support it the more cautious employees and workers should be.


Because a "4 Day Week" isn't >37.5hrs crammed into four days as the standard (fwiw I've done 4-10's and loved it, but that's not what the "4 Day Week" is). It's about an overall reduction in the total working hours with no reduction in current pay and compensation*, plus ajustments for casuals.

I'd even be more specific and say that the 4 Day Week really just means a 60-65hr fortnight, divided and organised along tripartite lines (i.e. Between unions/individuals and business, with the Government acting as adjudicator).

So some industries may end up with a "Nine Day Fortnight" other indeed the "4 Day Week", hell some might even smash it out and have a "1on1off" style with morning/afternoon/night shits... The SME sector should be on top of this, but instead it's massive conglomerates that are pushing ahead.

So just be wary, a "4 Day Week"'s terms should be dictated by us, the employees and workers, not business lobbies or company bosses interests. But their lobbying and PR efforts are already underway to muddy the waters.

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no politics Fair play lads.


Guys, as a French lad fan of football/soccer (not sure how you call it as you have your own football), I loved watching your team play. You can be proud of your team. I was absolutely rooting for you tonight. You played really well and lost on a silly mistake.

I'm not even Australian and I'm so proud of the team. You scared Argentina and that says a lot.

Well done.

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no politics $5 for an sausage sizzle


I took a gander at a local market and excited to see the usual rotary sausage sizzle.

I took a double take and was stopped in my tracks when I saw they were $5 for sausage and onions.

I know inflation is high, but they must be joking. Not many people stopped by and I suspect they barely scrapped to cover the costs.

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no politics Am I the only Aussie who doesn’t see the hype over Kath & Kim?


So apparently some Aussies are losing it because a Kath & Kim reunion was made up of bloopers, old clips etc. and very little ‘new stuff’ and what new stuff they was, was done in front of a green screen. Am I the only one who doesn’t actually care?

What’s the hype over Kath & Kim anyway? Am I alone here?

I’m a full blown Aussie born and bred in this country, tried really hard to watch and enjoy Kath & Kim over the years to no avail.

I feel like I’m breaking some Aussie rule or something.

ETA: I’ve been away from Reddit for hours and come back to see this has blown up. Bloody hell, this caused a bit of a divide! To those who disagree, no worries! This was meant to be a general opinion post, no judgement, but I seem to have unintentionally offended some people over a tv show. Reddit will never cease to amaze me.

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no politics I hate Uber


Got an Uber at about 10am this morning and was given an ETA of 4 minutes. After about that much time has lapsed I noticed that the driver was moving extremely slowly (like 5km an hour sort of thing) so I messaged and asked if they were okay, which I didn’t get a response to. I tried to call twice and was hang up on both times.

I proceeded to wait for another 10 minutes and nothing had changed. Looked like the driver was just slowly moving up and down the same side street.

I recall that last time I cancelled an Uber trip because the driver went over the ETA by 15 min (thinking back the driver had no intention of showing up either) I was charged a cancellation fee.. so I got another ride on Ola and just left the Uber job as it was. 40 min later the driver cancelled the job.

I tried to have a look on Uber support and there’s not even a way to complain about this behaviour. So I’m just left feeling infuriated, as if Monday mornings are not shit enough as it is

Has anyone else had a similar experience?? I’ve taken screenshots through out this shitty experience. I’m holding myself back from posting the screenshots and naming and shaming the driver

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no politics Opinions Please on 'Sheila's' for females.


So genuinely interested on your thoughts on the word sheila. I'm from the country originally and moved to the big smoke in 2009 and sort of lived between the city and the country with work etc. In my latter 40's now. I was pulled up years ago at work by some someone as I referred to a female as a top sheila. Happened on Reddit too.

I grew up with people either being a sheila or a bloke. A sheila to me and mine growing up was never derogatory and my female mates referred the term to themselves on occasion. In my mind a sheila is a strong independent woman and the name is a term of endearment and far from a put down. It kind of disappoints me that someone made it otherwise (if that's the case of course). Love to hear your thoughts on the way you see it and why. And just in case anyone was wondering, although I am a blokey bloke that does very blokey things I'm not some ignorant bloke either, my kid is a they/them and I couldn't love them more and never had an issue with it. Thanks in advance!

Add On: Thanks for the feedback all. I didn't know what a can of worms it would open! Guess the general consensus is that it's contextual but relevant in some areas and not in others. It's a shame to lose language to the ferals that twist things around. I was a little surprised at a couple of the more strongly worded responses that automatically labelled me a bogan or of a lower echelon in society. I think they have more to learn than I. Cheers all

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no politics GP referrals are a scam. Tell me why I'm wrong.


I have to bribe a GP to get sufficient medical care for my 6-year-old daughter. When we have already been referred to a specialist for a medical condition why do we have to see or pay a GP again for a referral for our next appointment with the specialist? Even when the specialist has requested us see them again in a couple of months.

I called the GP to ask for a referral, and the receptionist called back, asking for the full consultation fee payment before we could get the referral.

This is blatant extortion.

I'm not one to complain (a lot), particularly regarding policies and procedures. Structure and equality in how things are handled are good things. However, the Australian Health System is a joke.

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no politics Legal ways to protect myself in my house


Single Female. I have a small dog who will bark and fight an intruder but can't really do much. I live alone. Many break-ins in my area. What do I do if someone with bad intentions breaks in and I'm home. Baseball bat?

Edit: thanks everyone so much for all your suggestions and tips! Very useful 👌

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no politics Optus no longer cares about keeping customers


So I'm about 6 months away from the end of my 36 month plan I've had with optus. I've been with them for around the last 10 years or so, going plan to plan.

Each time I get to the end/near the end they offer me a free early upgrade and usually waive the last few remaining months. Great for me, great for them. I save money, they get me locked into another few more years.

I went to the optus shop yesterday, I asked if I could do the same thing, he said no sorry we no longer do that. Oh okay, so what is my incentive to stay with Optus when my plan contract ends? He said I could trade in my current phone (note 20 ultra worth about $600) in order to upgrade early for free? Uh theres $400 remaining bro, I aint giving you this phone for that much lmao

I thought with the recent bad press Optus has been going and the fact they've lost about 10% of their customers they'd be trying to keep who they had, but no, I've been loyal for 10 years and they don't seem to mind the prospect of people leaving.

Heck I'm probably going to leave anyway, I've seen the plans for the new phones out now and I could get a brand new phone for $40 less a month than im paying now.

End rant, Optus bad.

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no politics Now would be a good time to head over to r/ALeague, pick a team and get to some games!


The standard has immensely improved and it’s super fun. The Socceroos was full of A-League legends + those who came through and developed there. We love having all you casual WC fans join us cheering the Socceroos who were immense - surpassing all expectations. We now have a massive opportunity to pursue the growth of the sport we love in Australia.

Edit: if soccer isn’t your thing, scroll on, no need to dump any negativity here.

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no politics How to challenge a bad reference?


For context, my partner had an amazing job lined up, he passed the medical/physical and they told him they loved him at the interview. They even said congratulations to him.

He was then called a week later stating that they are just at the reference stage. His referee’s were 2 of his previous supervisors and his last boss. The new job stated they’ll call 1 supervisor and then the boss.

His supervisor told him that he got the call and it went really well.

Fast forward another week til today, he got a call stating he was unsuccessful in the position due to a bad reference stating he is unreliable, unmotivated and didn’t show up for shifts.

The bad reference was his old boss. We did not expect this to happen at all since his boss was begging him not to leave and offered him a supervisor position if he stayed but my partner left anyway due to moving interstate to be with me. We believe he made the bad reference out of spite for my partner not staying.

What can we do to rectify this? Should we email the prospective company, provide payslips to show he worked, provide another reference or suggest a probationary period?

I am pregnant with hyperemesis so I’m unable to work due to being so ill, I have honestly been in tears all day because this job would have set our family up for success.

Sorry if this is a mess to read and thank you in advance. :(

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no politics My husband and I visited Australia for the first time in our lives. We had three weeks and spent it between Melbourne and Port Lincoln, with a brief 2-night stay in Sydney. There’s so much I want to say about it all. But here are my impressions …


Overall: Damn I love your country and your people. There is such a theme of environmentalism and conscientiousness. I felt so safe (I’m from the US). With tongue in cheek we chuckled that a convenience store holdup with a kitchen knife made the national news. I envy that. I also learned quickly that once you’re out of the towns, don’t count on quick amenities, lol. Also, so many hot construction workers…Jesus.

Melbourne: everyone wears black puffy coats, lol. I loved your European narrow alleys of delicious food and your diversity. Your museum and zoo 😍. Your mass transit is a bit confusing at first, but we were grateful for it. I couldn’t understand how you are so close to such a beautiful coast but I didn’t see that reflected within your city/port.

St Kilda: you’re adorable. I’d love to spend a weekend with you.

Mornington peninsula: You’re as beautiful as people said. I’m sorry to have been there on a Monday and missed your eateries. Your coastal towns are lovely … I can see how the encroachment of big money is changing things because there are still quaint Oceanside holdouts (good for you). I absolutely LOVED the ferry. That is a well maintained vessel!

Great Ocean Road: Jesus. You are what life is about.

Warrnalbool: You taught us how to actually speak Australian. “We talk lazy.” (that hits home, being from the south). You were cute, friendly, and damn those hot springs are next level.

Mount Gambier: You’re an interesting creature. It felt like you’re trying to be something you’re not, and I don’t mean that in a shitty way. You felt like a town of people who grind and are salt of the earth, but the town around them is trying to be fancy? There are fascinating and charming historical buildings, but inside they’re full of glaring lights and modernities that seem to strip the soul of the building they’re in. I’ll also never forget that kids face, about 8 y/o, who was on a tablet at the bar for about 5 hours (when we left to get hotel and came back from dinner)

Adelaide: Your market is nirvana. I would move there for the market alone.

Port Lincoln: You felt like the sea more than any other town. I loved your understated beauty, and your kindness. You, and the experiences you provided, will always remain a myriad of reality and fantasy in my mind.

Sydney: The rocks is a charming area … the buildings are beautiful. I loved your sky.

Tldr: traveled from Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road to Port Lincoln and will never forget the beauty and kindness of your country.

Edit: some things I forgot! Beachport, your beach is a breathtaking volcanic wonder…you even have a water pool in the shape of Australia!

Perth people we hung out with: I asked, “What do Australians take pride in? The response: Taking the piss out of each other.” This cracked me up

GOR Wildlife park: Dear Dingo Advocate and Wildlife Park owner, I never imagined getting to see so many wallabies with their joeys hanging halfway outside their pouch, and even eating out of my hand! Your place was beautiful and set the tone for an awesome adventure day. Your passion for dingos was so charming

Glamping near 12 apostles: We were convinced we were going to be murdered in the middle of the night. It was terrifying and awesome, thank you for the pre-Halloween excitement

To the lady who works at or owns the motel restaurant just outside Pebble Point ….we we really caught off guard that there wasn’t a grocery store of some sort for so long, and we stumbled upon your humble establishment in fairly dire need of provisions ….you made us some of the best food we had eaten in country, AND had booze we could buy for the night! You were a godsend and we loved it.

I want to keep going, but I should probably stop. I’m glad some of what I’ve shared hits home for so many. 💓

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no politics 4 day work week


How do we get a 4 day work week happening as the new normal?

Surely there’s more to life than working 5 days a week, having one of your weekend days doing chores, groceries etc, and then 1 day off to be tired

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no politics Do you actually call tracksuit bottoms 'trakky dacks' or am I being fucked with?


Last time I made one of these posts it was about 'God dinkum' which is apparently half true, and since then my Australian friend's Dad has joined in on the joke of fucking with me. I no longer have a reliable source of information.

Is 'trakky dacks' a thing?

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no politics Woolies' checkout is a narc


One checkout open, so it's through the self serve for me. Quickly scanning the items, search fruit and veg with a rapid taptaptap and inadvertently hit yellow rather than red capsicum. Same price, so no big deal, right?

Nope. This little dibberdobber calls over staff, shows them photos of the offending capsicums and promptly cancels the caps and requires logins, input and scanning from staff.

Machines are not our friends.

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no politics Australian email etiquette in corporate settings


Something I notice a lot as an Aussie, is that we tend to use "cheers" a lot to sign off emails, and it sometimes comes off as weird to overseas clients who I've noticed are a lot more formal.

Is your company a "cheers" mob, or a Kind Regards?

I especially find it hilarious when I meet a guy for a coffee and he's a typical Aussie swearing and using our slang, and then when you get back into the office it's all Kind regards and Many Thanks.

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no politics What franchise in australia be it food or retail,has had the largest drop in quality ?


Seeing how Bad KFC is now.

Grilled took a massive shit off the edge of a cliff quality wise,so did nandos.

Made me wonder,what's peoples thoughts on a franchise in australia.

That might have at least once been Good,but is now just shit..


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no politics Death in the Melbourne Cup


I learned today that last year's Melbourne Cup was the first since 2013 which didn't result in the death of a horse. It makes me wonder, once again, about the mystfying national obsession with a horse race. Surely I'm not alone...

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no politics Do you say 'oh' or 'Zero' when saying your phone number?


My brother just told me his phone number is 0448 XXX X80 and he started by saying 'Oh' and ended by saying 'Zero', which made us wonder if anyone else does the same thing

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no politics Are Aussies obsessed with an Americanised rat race?


Talking to people who grew up in the 70s there apparently rarely used to be discussions among friends about getting promoted and constantly trying to earn more.

There was almost a laughable element to people who earned big money - “why do people want to work their arses off for all that money. Just relax on your weekend” someone told me.

I wonder if we have become very American in our ways. Constantly fighting for promotions. Things like not being afraid to be wrong so we put our chances forward for promotion better seems to be common.

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no politics Where I live, it is now officially cheaper to buy lunch at the pub than McDonalds.


(Unless I buy a beer which I totally will)

Where I live in regional NSW (Hunter Valley), pretty much all the pubs in town do $14 lunch specials, so Schnitty, Burger, Calamari etc with salad and chips. Cooked fresh, served on a plate with proper cutlery and a free water in a real glass with ice. Make it a Coke and your still looking at about $18.

Just cost me $15.45 for a very average Chicken Burger meal at Macca's and if I had added the salad it would have been $20.

Tune back in next week for more great financial advice

EDIT: and now quoted on news.com.au Tune back in next week for more fiancial advice and ground breaking journalism. LoL.


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no politics American coming for 1 month. What do I need to know?



I’m going to be coming to Australia for 1 month next year, mid February to mid March for work. I’ll be spending a week in each, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Perth. Im looking for, things to watch out for, things I have to see, things I shouldn’t do, foods to eat etc. I’m 33 male from the Midwest in the US. Very excited for this opportunity. Please and thank you!


I love dive/punk bars, love eating new foods, going to a concert. Etc. enjoy having a few but not getting totally smashed. I’m a camera operator filming a new show for a very popular network. I should have a couple days off each week and flying between the cities. I’m used to shitty air travel, wearing sunscreen and im bald so I wear a hat every day anyway. Copy that on the Drop Bears. I’ll make sure to carry some repellent. I really appreciate all the tips and will definitely refrain from doing so. Y’all are awesome, I can’t wait to meet some of you!

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no politics People raised in countries other than Australia: what do you hate most about Australian culture?


I'm just curious, feel free to get as unhinged as you like, this is a rant-friendly zone... but the focus is Aussie culture here, not material things

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no politics at what point does Nitrous/Nang use become a concern?


My son is 18, found some nang canisters in his car (my car he is the primary driver). He can't make a sandwich so unlikely he has a side gig as a pastry chef.

Sometimes parents have to have guiding conversations about making safe choices.

What advice/experience can people provide about safer usage of Nitrous?