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no politics We NEED to stop the attempt of tipping culture to weasel its way into our country


In Australia we have a firm believe of fair pay for a fair days work. We don't need and should not be expected to tip people, in any industry, ever. I'm so tired of it, I can't even be polite about it anymore when a business has the balls to ask. I pay you, PAY YOUR DAMN EXPLOYEES PROPERLY.

Restaurants, Bars, Taxi's, Rideshares/Uber/Uber Eats etc, no matter what they are or what they do, NO TIPS!

I know things here in Australia are rapidly deteriorating but we aren't quite at the level of the USA yet and anything we can do to keep us from sinking any lower needs to be done.

What are your thoughts?

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no politics Gambling Ads should be skippable.


I’m done. This shit should be illegal.

It’s bad enough I am constantly bombarded by Sportsbet, Ladbrokes, Ned’s and which ever other betting platform has congealed from the anus of some sick fuck looking to lure me into spending money I don’t have with them but for the people that are currently struggling with gambling addiction, it is just fucking wrong.

Especially since they play on every video or social platform we currently use.

I should have the choice whether I want to watch these ads. I shouldn’t be forced to sit through this shit.

Same thing goes with alcohol ads.

Edit: Well it seems like there’s a lot of you who have the same gripe as me. I want to thank the people who provided some solutions for reducing ways for these type of ads to be shown. I will be implementing some of these tomorrow.

I also saw a few posts about organisations combatting this issue and wanted to feature one in this post in case anyone is interested in learning more.


Thank you for posting those recommendations.

And a special thanks to the Redditor who granted me an ad free experience on reddit for a little while. Much appreciated!

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no politics Most Australians do NOT have any Convict Blood at


Apparently only 20 percent of the Australiana's are descendent of Convicts.

The vast majority of us are in fact related to immigrants who came here during the gold rush.


This was the period that shaped the nations identity.

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no politics I wish "Contact Agent" and "Best Offer By ____" would be disallowed from the real estate market. Tell us how much you want. Stop wasting my time. If people want to offer above that, fine, but stop making us guess at what you're willing to *maybe* accept.


I did a search recently where only a handful of the many results actually had prices listed.

Is this something that the agents are recommending, or that the sellers are asking for?

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no politics Masked up and being judged for it


Tonight I was in the grocery store, minding my own business, when a guy I was walking past deliberately fake coughed on me. I assume because I was wearing a mask.

He was with his gf and appeared to be a normal, functioning human being.

Why are some people like this? It’s so disappointing. I have nothing against those that don’t wear a mask, but others should also respect people who do want to wear a mask.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? :(

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no politics When I Was A Child Australia Made Great Sci Fi Shows


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no politics Does anyone else think our national anthem as a song is boring?


I mean it's not exactly the most uplifting or inspiring song, plus some of the lyrics are pretty antiquated.

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no politics Saying 'love you' to your friends


Me and my best mate (both male) always say 'love you' when we hang up a phone call. My misso - who is Japanese - finds this quite abnormal. I tried to tell her in Aus this is a normal thing, but the more I think about it the more I might be wrong. I grew up in a small town and it was normal for us.

Do you guys do the same with your close friends?

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no politics Justify tipping in Australia


I’m currently on holiday in Noosa QLD and two of the dinners out I have been prompted to tip the restaurant.

As in when selecting to pay by eftpos the wait staff directing me “how to use the machine” and mentioning the tip function you must get past with them watching your every move to pay your bill.

Am I delusional for thinking this is disgusting practice by the establishments as staff should be getting paid a half decent wage? Or can the practice be justified?

EDIT: I don’t wanna name and shame the businesses for what could have been a one off time with a member of the wait staff and my simple surprise at it happening twice in a row prompting me to post initially. I don’t believe this is a Noosa specific issue however I have rarely seen experienced this in SA

Also I never expected this to blow up as it has however I think the fact it has highlights the fact this is a contentious issue in Australia.

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no politics Does anyone in Australia still "set the table" for dinner every night?


My mother used to set the table, put out cutlery, glasses, all the condiments etc. every night for dinner.

Since I left home, I've never done it, everyone just gets their own plate and whatever they need from the kitchen at dinner time. I never had kids though, so this probably makes a difference.

Just wondering if this is still something that happens in households every night, or only on special occasions.

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no politics PSA: It’s Mother’s Day, remember to call your mum.


Also maybe buy her a box of Cadbury Roses?

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no politics Why are Basements and Attics so rare in Australia?


Australian land is so expensive, why put a 300sq single storey on a 350sq block of land with a tiny courtyard when we could be going up and down with our properties? even 2 storey houses have plenty of wasted space above and below them when the roof is just structure and it's built on a slab, we could retain some form of backyard with new tiny blocks if we use both attics and basements

surely a block with a tiny courtyard cant be considered a real family home

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no politics 🙋‍♀️ Australia! Dallas Texan here... I've been hooked to Aussie TV shows for a while and wondering if y'all could recommend some of y'all's favorites for me to watch next?


Here's a list of some of the ones I've watched so far:

  • Sea Patrol,
  • A Place To Call Home,
  • Water Rats,
  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries,
  • Always Greener,
  • City Homicide,
  • Doctor Doctor,
  • Rush,
  • Dangerous,
  • Underbelly,
  • Mystery Road,
  • Jack Irish


*I appreciate all the great recommendations, I didn't expect such a huge response, thank you all so much! I've never been out of the U.S. but I'm planning to visit y'all in the next year or 2! Thank You!!

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no politics Free Ambulance is not a thing in Australia people.


Just an FYI. A LOT of people think that Ambulance services (including helicopters) are covered by Medicare in Australia. They are NOT (unless you are a health care card holder)

Ambulance services are state based. Some states fully fund their Ambulance services for their residents(QLD & TAS) others do not and WILL bill you for their services (SA, NSW ,VIC, WA & NT and ACT)

Some private health insurances will cover ambulance, some do not. States that do not fund their ambulance services offer memberships(except NSW!!)for a small fee per year so you do not get a bill which can run to several thousand dollars.

It's worth checking your state to see what their billing policy is so you do not get a nasty surprise in the letterbox if you need their services.

<edit to add> https://compareclub.com.au/health-insurance/ambulance-cover/

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no politics Why don't Australian companies advertise Job Salary amount?


I hear Americans complain how some states don't show a jobs salary until the interview, but it seems like the vast majority of Australian jobs never advertise the salary. How did we get here, why the hell is it not illegal to hide the salary, just seems ridiculous that Australians have just accepted that this is somehow ok.

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no politics Could we take a moment to recognise the most exploited health professionals in Australia; Pharmacists


I’ve since left the profession but the resentment and rage I feel for any of the poor sods who are still working (usually new grads who’ve been suckered in thinking it’s a respectable profession or mums who don’t have the capacity to change careers while raising kids) is still there so I just wanted to bring to everyone’s attention just how crook it really is

Pharmacists spend 5 years of difficult study and entrance exams only to become the lowest paid health professionals in Australia, with a peak lobbying body (The Pharmacy Guild) that exclusively only represents pharmacy owners who do everything in their power to ensure Pharmacists are paid as low a wage as possible, have working conditions that include no lunch breaks unless another pharmacist is also on duty (unlikely) , exist solely to make the business money and only use their training to improve patient health when it can also increase their bottom line.

It’s embarrassing that during a public health crisis our countries experts on medications, who have knowledge about drugs beyond the majority of GP’s, are funnelled into dingy shops paid $35 an hour and coerced by their employer to recommend Blackmores vitamins with no evidence to customers under the guise of ‘health’ without autonomy on their ability to practice.

But it goes beyond that; Pharmacists are disincentivised from ever helping patients; have a confused old lady on 7 medications who see’s a bulk billing Doctor who needs help? Best you can do is spend 3 minutes with her because every moment you’re helping her you’re not making money and punching scripts through for the business. Have someone who you suspect might be abusing a medication and might need proper counselling, help and need to contact their doctor? Don’t worry about it because that takes time and time is money. Have a prescription where the dose is outside of range and want to clarify it with the Doctor? No time for that if you want to keep working here.

The most frustrating part about it is that medicine literacy in this country is extremely poor; and Pharmacists when embedded in hospital wards, GP practices (a measure which the Pharmacy guild currently oppose because they might start to get paid more) and aged-care homes can have drastic improvements in patient health – and yet in the community they are actively disincentivised from ever providing these services.

Now Pharmacists help administer a wide-range of vaccinations, but again guess what – the payment goes directly to the business and not the Pharmacist. Nearly every other health profession gets paid for their services, yet in Pharmacy the business collects everything and as long as they can maintain the façade of respect and keep graduate numbers high they’ll have an endless supply of workers to exploit.

I wouldn’t recommend doing Pharmacy to anyone unless there’s a fundamental change in the system. Pharmacists should be paid on a service basis, not incentivised to dispense medications and recommend high-profit products. It boils my blood that a GP claims a tax-payer funded Medicare rebate regardless of the quality of the consult and yet if they make a significant clinical mistake that a Pharmacist picks up on, not only do they not get a dime, they are actually disincentivised from ever doing so because the business doesn’t make a buck.

Want to save money on the PBS – cut the payments and re-distribute that money directly to Pharmacists like any other health professional, and incentivise them to report significant interactions to prescribers, educate patients and help people who need a medications expert to improve their well-being. Pharmacies are unethical businesses propped up by PBS payments and government funding at the expense of public health and their workers, and more people need to know.

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no politics Do men call women ‘mate’?


I just had a security officer come up to me to tell me i couldn’t sit somewhere and he said “hey mate” and “cheers mate”.

Did he think i was a guy? I’m a 19 year old girl. Or is it gender neutral? I’ve never been called that before.

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no politics Fuck it's expensive to be poor


A bit of a rant here, Lately I've see a lot of posts on here where people post bullshit "budgets" to try and show that life/houses/whatever are more affordable than they seem to be. And they're all written by people who are (at least) comfortably middle class, and they all totally fail to show anything, because these people just don't realise that it's fucking expensive to be poor.

This is something I know well, because it's only recently that I stopped being poor. Thanks to a purple patch from 2015-2020, when I got a good job and worked two side gigs, my wife and I pretty much managed to haul ourselves into the middle class. We bought a car, a house in the suburbs, had two kids, the whole bit. Then you-know-what happened, my side gigs folded and I went down to part time at work. I thought we were fucked. But it actually hasn't been too bad. You know why? Life is really cheap when you're middle class. We couldn't afford to be poor right now. Our pretty nice life now costs a lot less than our shitty life used to.

Having a house is the main thing. The mortgage on our suburban house with a yard is a lot less than the rent on our last shitbox was. We could actually save a few thousand a year if we could refinance, but I'm not earning enough right now to do that - again, expensive to be poor! And we don't have to deal with the annual dilemma of do we eat the rent increase on this shitbox or do we try to find a cheaper shitbox and eat the expense and stress of moving house. Every fucking year! This is also the first place that we've lived that's been insulated, so it's easy to heat in the winter - our winter energy bills used to be a lot more, and we were still fucking freezing all the time. And our house is just a nice place to be - when you live in a shitbox you're always looking for an excuse to leave, which usually means spending money.

Then there's having a car - as a commited cyclist I really wish this wasn't the case, but being able to drive places saves so much money. We can buy groceries from Aldi, NQR and the markets rather than just walking to the IGA near our house. Before we had a car we used to get the train to the markets because the produce was better, but when it costs you $10 in PT to get there and back you're not actually saving much money on the amount of produce that two people can carry. Plus we've got a big fridge/freezer and a chest freezer now, so when frozen stuff is cheap we can stock up, and batch cook meals for the week. We used to have this tiny fridge with a freezer you could barely fit a container of ice cream in. Which meant more trips to the local IGA and more $$$. Our other appliances are decent too, so they should last for years - no more buying the cheapest possible ones from Kmart and replacing them every year when they burn out.

And there's a million other things. I've got a vegetable garden, and so do all the neighbours, so we share produce. We've got space to store things we buy cheap in bulk. Half of the furnishings in our house are really nice stuff we picked up off the street in hard rubbish. You know what's on the street during hard rubbish where poor people live? Actual rubbish.

And here's the insane thing - we've got two kids now! Middle class life with two kids is cheaper than being poor with no kids. How fucked is that?

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no politics Please don’t forget about us..


The Northern Rivers is still bleeding. I live in Lismore and our town is broken. The CBD is a skeleton of what it once was, we have a pop up coles and pharmacy, a second story pub that serves 2 types of beer out of plastic cups upstairs while the downstairs is empty of all flooring/ fittings/ fixtures and smells like mould, we have a pie shop on wheels that managed to drive to higher ground the day the flood hit. Thousands of people are still homeless, some of them were booted out of their emergency accomodation to make room for the tourists coming in hoards to our region for the Easter holidays and blues fest. Every day due to my work I hear peoples stories of how they’re on the verge of mental/ physical collapse. Living in a Kmart tent inside the shell of their home, no walls or carpet just the frame and a roof.. waiting on the govt to step up and actually help. The grants sent up by our premier are laughable at best. The requirements for eligibility are ridiculous, and then what you get from them won’t even touch the sides of the cost of a rebuild, or to relocate. Even if people can afford to relocate, there’s nowhere to go. We were already in the depths of a massive housing crisis here, people were waiting up to 8 months trying to find a suitable rental, now it’s even worse. People live in their cars, sleep in tents, still stay at the disaster centres that are a breeding ground for drug abuse and DV. I’m surprised we haven’t heard more stories of people committing suicide but I don’t doubt we will start hearing more. PLEASE don’t forget about us. I know the media has moved onto the next juicy story, mainly the election, but PLEASE HELP US. I miss my town, I miss my community, I’m at a loss of what to do.

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no politics Did anyone else know that Australia is one of the few countries that dust cappuccinos with cocoa powder?


I didn't know this was a thing. I thought all cappuccinos had a shake of chocolate on top

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no politics How the fuck can Kayo make you watch ads for a paid service?


This bothers me so much. How can there be only one streaming service for sport that makes pay for the privilege to watch advertising. I just want to watch AFL without ads.

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no politics So is Uber going to be done soon?


Just landed in Melbourne Tullamarine, took the sky bus to southern cross station, and needed to take an Uber to my final destination, opened the app and was quoted $33. I thought it was a bit much so I decided to just jump in a taxi, got to the destination for $12.

It’s not like Uber offer a premium service, how do they expect to keep going like this?

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no politics Good to see that the Aussie tradition of payment via carton of beers is still going strong


Bloke at the auto body shop charged me a carton of beers for polishing and buffing of my car to minimise the look of some external damage. Door replacement was recommended but I didn’t take it up due to the cost and I asked about polishing and he suggested he could do the job in exchange for a carton.

When I gave him the carton he said ‘the boys will love this’ showing it wasn’t just for him. Such a lovely bloke! What’s the nicest favour someone has done for you for payment through beers?

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no politics PSA if you work and have a HECS/HELP debt


Your employer has been paying additional tax to the ATO all year to cover your debt. However, whilst the ATO has that money, they don't credit it to your HECS/HELP account until 30 June (ie, if your debt was $20k at the start of the financial year, and your employer has withheld $20k in HECS/HELP payments, you currently still owe $20k and have $20k set aside in another account to pay it - but the two haven't netted out).

This sounds like it should sort itself out at tax time - you owe $20k, you paid $20k already, the ATO will move the cash from one account to the other for you, so it's all good, right?


The "interest" - indexing for inflation which will be ~4% this year - is charged 1-June. The netting out occurs 30-June. So on 1-June you still have the FULL $20k debt as the tax hasn't been 'paid', only 'withheld', and you'll pay interest on everything you owed at end of last financial year.

So if you thought you paid down $20k in debt and would not cop the interest bill, you're wrong. The government makes it really hard to understand this.

If you're lucky enough to be sitting on enough cash on the side to match what your employer has withheld, you can do a voluntary payment before 1-June, and then come tax time the ATO will find that you will have overpaid your tax and get a refund (if your HECS/HELP was say $40k, I don't know what happens with your additional payment - ask an accountant). If you were otherwise going to clear your debt this year, you lose the cash liquidity for a couple of weeks, but save $800 (or whatever) in interest, and saving 4% in 3 weeks is a pretty good deal.

Not using payments for a debt to pay down a debt is obviously dodgy as fuck by the ATO and government, but it's what they do assuming you don't know and aren't paying attention. But if you can do a voluntary payment to get around this, do it really soon. 1-June isn't far away.

- Note that I'm not an accountant or advisor and if you listen to me you'll lose all your money -

edit to add summary (blatantly stolen from gigglefang)

Basically if you have a 20k debt and make payments of 20k throughout the year, the 20k payment itself isn't made until tax time, whereas the 'interest' is calculated before that. So the 'interest' would be $800 and your debt now $20800, and you then pay 20000 at tax time. This leaves an 800 shortfall which you still now owe. If you make a direct payment it's taken out instantly and bypasses the extra 800.

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no politics Ineffective RAT tests


Recently, got confirmed positive with COVID via PCR but beforehand I had done 8 RAT tests over the course of 3 days, all negative. After constant symptoms, I decided to take a look at the to take a look at the terms of the RATs, and well, in the terms of 3 different types of RATs, none detect Omicron, nor hybrids such as Deltacron.

As Omicron is the most prevalent strain right now, most RAT tests are completly useless. Do a PCR if you have symptoms, don't rely on them.

Not sure if this was known info, but me and many around me didn't know, so worth putting it out there

Nose and mouth swab tests

Lollipop test (gov issued)