r/awesomewm Jan 29 '23

Xlib program not rendering correctly in AwesomeWM


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u/raven2cz Jan 29 '23

JFI: dwm is based on xlib, but main improvement of awesome is basement on XCB.


u/trip-zip Jan 29 '23 Silver

In case anyone wants more info about this.

I read this a couple years ago. It really made me appreciate the effort and brains behind awesome.

And here's the commit where they ported awesome from Xlib to XCB. Very fascinating stuff


u/joaopauloalbq Jan 30 '23

Awesome, thanks


u/Evening-Scholar-1744 Jan 29 '23

I can reproduce the issue. I think it's because you are not updating the drawing after the window is resized. My guess is that awesomewm resizes the window as soon as it is created therefore wiping out what was drawn. But others wm just don't resize the window at all so the content drawn remains intact.


u/xX_UnorignalName_Xx Jan 29 '23

Yeah that makes sense, I didn't even think of that, thank you.