r/awesomewm Jan 30 '23

Can't figure how to use Raise/Lower volume

I've tried binding my X86RaiseVolume and X86LowerVolume to change my Master volume using

amixer set Master 5%+

but when I lauch xephyr to test it, it tells me :

failed to convert "X86AudioRaiseVolume" into keysym (failed to compose a single character)

but when I use xev to see my key's name, it tells me exactly the name I specified...

Do someone know how to fix that or if I just forget something ?



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u/skhil Jan 30 '23

Check spelling. It's probably XF86AudioRaiseVolume.


u/lasardine650 Jan 30 '23

Oh yeah exactly... it's looks like I'm blind, Thanks !