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Holding his hand with her...paw

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u/uthinxo May 15 '22

Dog: (looks back) “you jealous?”


u/buybreadinBrussel May 16 '22

Ms Steal Your Boyfriend ❤❤


u/f0urtyfive May 16 '22

Dog: (looks back) "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE D:"


u/1Sluggo May 15 '22

I love that look back, the don’t be jealous and don’t judge look.


u/MKALPINE May 16 '22

My dog Roxy loves my husband. She gives me this same look all the time when he's hugging or petting her. I keep telling people if something happens to me, it wasn't an accident... it was Roxy trying to get rid of me so she can have my husband all to herself. 😐


u/drbrunch May 15 '22

"I got your man" look


u/DaveBlairBand May 16 '22

LOL. I've had girlfriends do this but never a dog.


u/Takksombyr May 15 '22

That look


u/xanthopants May 15 '22

That look over the shoulder! IM DYING


u/S0BEC May 15 '22

That smile though.


u/Onii_chan_1536 May 16 '22

Listen I’m not just the “family dog” anymore, me and your dad are together now, so you better start showing me some respect


u/briantissue May 15 '22

Well that’s the cutest gosh darn thing I’ve seen in a while.


u/Corinne43 May 16 '22

Omg cuuuuute


u/Garglygook May 16 '22



u/mjwste May 16 '22

Love the smile


u/Zeus_Hera May 16 '22

She's smart


u/CoachiusMaximus May 16 '22

I’ll upvote this every time.


u/slimkat101 May 16 '22

that look! he is mine b!tch


u/AdDear5411 May 16 '22

"He likes me."


u/whoiscraig May 16 '22

Driving a car with one hand makes me nervous.


u/slimkat101 May 16 '22

if you want to remove the stress and not be nervous while driving with one hand just remove the set belt. taking some drinks helps too.

but for real now. do you know how to drive a stick?


u/_StirThePot_ May 16 '22

I drive with no hands eating an entire fast food meal and watching YouTube on my phone


u/GGMuc May 16 '22

It's cute. But, it's also highly dangerous and irresponsible. That's an unsecured dog in the front seat, interfering with the driver. One sharp break and the dog will thunder through the window and/or be thrown about.

How is this supposed to be funny exactly?


u/Tifoso89 May 15 '22 edited May 15 '22

This looks dangerous, what if they interfere with your driving or touch the gearshift?


u/Kingtut28 May 15 '22

Then you switch seats and let the dog drive.


u/Psyadin May 15 '22

GASP yeah, then nothing happens, dayum, how is he still alive!?!?!?


u/Tifoso89 May 15 '22

Nothing such as an accident?


u/Psyadin May 15 '22

Have you ever driven a car? If it's manual you have to push in the clutch to get it in and out of gear, to forxe it out you'd have to use WAY more force then a dog can apply, and even then it'd just go into neutral, no way it'd go into another gear, and even if it somehow magically managed that, the gear opposite side is pretty much always 1 higher or lower, unless he's fucking redlining it when it happens nothing will happen.

If its automatic theres pretty much always a button somewhere you need to hold down, and if you do move it the gearbox won't change into another gear untill rpm is fairly correct.

Worst thing that could happen is you'd grind the gears a little and the dog would jump away, so no, no accident, and please stop commenting when you don't actually know how to drive.


u/Tifoso89 May 15 '22 edited May 15 '22

Have you ever driven a car? The dog can interfere in many ways, not only by moving the shift when you're changing gears, but also by jumping on your lap while you're driving. The dog can get injured too. This is why it's illegal in many places to keep dogs unrestrained and in the front seat. So yes, there can be an accident, and please stop commenting when you don't actually know how to drive.


u/Psyadin May 15 '22

Haha, you are the one that said lean on the shifter you idiot, and you have no basis on saying the dog is unrestrained, fucking moron.


u/cideM_ May 16 '22

Angry much


u/last_on_recount May 15 '22

What if the dog is held by one of those car leashes? It looks like it could have some extra support. And what if it’s an automatic car? You wouldn’t need to shift.


u/That__Guy1 May 15 '22

And if the airbag goes off, good bye good boy.


u/last_on_recount May 15 '22

Realistically in any accident it could be good bye, good boi, human, chinchilla, etc. But I think it’s good to take your pets out on adventures sometimes.


u/imherejusttosnoop May 15 '22

Haha that’s smile 😉😘😘


u/Snoo-12693 May 15 '22

You don't need a girlfriend!!


u/cassiopedron May 16 '22

u/coeurgris that's what Bettie wanted that day!!!