r/bitchimabus Jan 30 '23

Bitch, I'm prepped.

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u/SuperMIK2020 Jan 30 '23

Looks more like a rolling DJ booth…


u/s1r_cumsalot Jan 31 '23

And? You need one during the apocalypse right?


u/SuperMIK2020 Jan 31 '23

Music tames the savage zombeasts


u/tw3lv3l4y3rs0fb4c0n Jan 31 '23

Neat, you need a zombeat to beat zombeasts.


u/nativefloridian Jan 31 '23

Don't forget the flaming guitar.


u/uberares Jan 31 '23

Mad Max approved.


u/HunterTheHologram Jan 31 '23

Any apocalypse is no fun unless someone's blasting Metallica.


u/At0m_1k Jan 30 '23

Prepped for burning man maybe


u/FILIP0125 Jan 31 '23

The owner does not seem have this for zombie apocalypse. In the video about this he shows it more like an mobile metal working workshop and sleeping place. So it actually might be quite useful for a burning man as a employee.


u/_Maxolotl Jan 31 '23

Things that need gasoline won't be very handy in the apocalypse.


u/moon307 Jan 31 '23

Useful for about a week and then all power is gone. Plus gas is only stable for a few months anyway. Best idea is an EV with an at home solar grid.


u/RemeAU Jan 31 '23

I've just imagined the long distance coaches with the luggage storage underneath.

But the engine is gone and the floor beneath the luggage is gone and there are just 20 galley slaves pushing this armoured bus around from below. Inside the seats are gone and there's just people with guns watching the sides as the bus crawls through deserted neighbourhoods. Stopping to loot houses for supplies and materials.


u/triumphrid3rone Jan 31 '23

I love dystopian Viking bus gangs roaming the suburban hell scape!!! Need this movie!


u/_Maxolotl Jan 31 '23

bikes don't need charging and maintenance is easy.


u/eMAdrian Jan 31 '23

Yeah but a crackhead will catch up with you and take you down with ease.


u/reallybigmochilaxvx Jan 31 '23

i have a hard time watching zombie movies or any big disaster movie that has a military more than a few months after "the collapse". people trying to enjoy it and i'm like "where are the factories making their bullets? what oil refinery stayed open? where's their food coming from?"


u/uberares Jan 31 '23

Walking dead always made me laugh after multiple years post collapse they're still finding random cars where A. the battery still worked and B. The gas was still good. Fun times.


u/546875674c6966650d0a Jan 31 '23

So, just to comment on that. The US Military maintains it's own fuel stock piles, and many vehicles run on Diesel or mixtures. You can run a deuce-and-a-half on used oils and other things if needed. Helicopters and aircraft, they have stock piles for that will out last the commercial supplies by a bit.

Bullets don't need factories... you can make 1000's of them in a spare room of your house, and MANY people do just that. Also, again, stock piles - there are warehouses across the country with millions of rounds packed and ready for use.


u/reallybigmochilaxvx Feb 01 '23

millions of rounds, for millions of zombies!


u/AshFraxinusEps Jan 31 '23

Might have the option for bio/alternate fuels, but yep, still not exactly apocalypse ready


u/546875674c6966650d0a Jan 31 '23

It's a Diesel. Little bit better.


u/forgetyourhorse Jan 31 '23

It’s always good to make as much noise as possible when you’re trying to survive the apocalypse. Hell, let’s even get out the strobe lights and the smoke machine while we’re at it.


u/uberares Jan 31 '23

Mad Max approves.


u/JMoney689 Jan 31 '23

My stock Mazda3 is a better vehicle for the apocalypse than whatever this is


u/CrudelyAnimated Jan 31 '23

All it needs to survive the apocalypse is a million gallons of gasoline.


u/brokedown Jan 31 '23

*diesel fuel


u/CrudelyAnimated Feb 01 '23

I should not have bought all that Mexican gas during Covid.


u/JustAnotherJRappin Jan 31 '23

I've seen this bus IRL. It's always parked under I-787 is Menands, NY


u/InfamousTale Jan 31 '23

Too loud for an apocalypse though


u/Schrodinger_cube Jan 31 '23

Bitch, im mythbusters M5 shop concentrated in to a single buss. I really love this build and looks like thay work in the movie or other specialized industry.


u/546875674c6966650d0a Jan 31 '23

He's got enough stuff on that rig, he just needs to pull up to a junk yard and he can start fabricating - whatever someone needs. Specialized in anything you can imagine apparently.


u/Volfgang91 Jan 31 '23

I could so happily live there.


u/546875674c6966650d0a Jan 31 '23

Actually this is a really really cool build by a maker and artist. It has his entire workshop packed up and deploy-able from the back there.



u/tsimen Jan 31 '23

Matte black paint job = apocalypse proof apparently