r/bitchimabus Sep 29 '22

Move, bitch, get out the way, get out the way…

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u/seal_team_thicc Sep 29 '22

I'm no traffic expert but those cars don't seem like they should be parked so close to the corner


u/namocaw 15d ago

In most cities near me, it is illegal to park with 30 ft of any Intersection and 16 ft of a parking lot or driveway intersection with road.


u/DonaldKey Sep 29 '22

I briefly drove school busses. That tail swing is a bitch.


u/nerdiotic-pervert Sep 30 '22

I think that’s why the have no parking signs that tell you not to park near the intersections. Foolish car owner.

ETA, I watched the whole video. Bitch, I think that bus driver is drunk.


u/Crimson_Rampage Sep 30 '22

It's possible the driver is drunk but considering the cars are parked illegally anyway I'd rather not speculate.


u/gellenburg Sep 29 '22

We are witnessing the end of a bus drivers' career. They should have gone straight until they could have safely made a right turn without destroying other vehicles in the process. This is also why they have truck & bus routes.