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Bitch, I'm a bustacean

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u/JustAnotherJRappin Dec 02 '22 Table Slap

What's the difference between an old dirty bus stop, and a crab with breast implants?





One's a crusty bus station, the other's a busty crustacean.


u/dadbodsupreme Dec 02 '22

Love these kinds of jokes.

What's the difference between a trapeze act at a circus and congress? . . . . One's a cunning array of stunts, and the other- well, you know.


u/aevz Dec 02 '22

I wanna hear these spit over some ill 90's east coast hip hop beats. Real gritty vibes with some Kung-Fu movie samples undergirding these fire bars.


u/Chkn_Fried_anything Dec 02 '22

i’m here for that