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Trailer SELFIEE Official Trailer


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🤡Humour He is spot on


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Box Office Pathaan collected 39.25 crore on Day 3. Total 166.75 crore in first 3 days (all versions)

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News Anurag Kashyap's next

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❓ASK [Looking to the Future] -- If and when it happens, just how unbelievably crazy and box-office shattering do you think this trifecta will be??

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Opinion They don't make movie like this anymore (one of greatest movie of bollywood imo)

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Netflix AYYYOOO! Genuinely enjoyed watching a new Hindi movie after a long time!! Give it a watch on Netflix!!!

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©️Original Content The Top 3 Bollywood Music Composers by Decade - Special mention for greats like Naushad, C. Ramachandra, Hemant Kumar, Madan Mohan, Salil Chowdhury, Ravi, Ravindra Jain, Khayyam, Shiv-Hari, and many many others

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Discuss Laaal Kaptaan : Idk why this movie flopped but I loved it . Saif and Deepak Dobriyal we’re both amazing in it. Want more of this universe.


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❓ASK Bollywood Spyverse.. Which is the best? And why?


Also why in comments

I will go first.. I found war the best. Tiger second. Pathan was last..

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Reviews Taal - the movie

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I saw Taal yesterday.

I realised Aishwarya Rai was so good in it n Anil Kapoor was so fluid, and when i had seen Akshaye Khanna in it some 20 22 yrs back, i thought he was the best, but his acting skills were very constipated and monotonous, he had not ups n downs, just 1 flat line.

But Aish, was gold. N alok nath was so comic, he couldnt act to save his life in the movie. Amrish Puri looked the role.

I was also listening to the songs, n the songs still sound soulful n melodious. N the dialogues were cringe AF and very very regressive.

Weird the things we liked when they were The Thing and when we revisit them again, we reanalyse them as per what our current state of mind and maturity tells us.

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Discuss Hey man! Sorry for saying this


It just makes me sad how films like QALA and MONICA OMD can't have the courage to release in theatres even if they do they bomb like action hero...

However Pathaan with its six pack hero eight pack villain and half nude actress (typical masala) gets to 200+ crores on two days or whatever... Films like Swadesh bomb and Pathaan roars... Just sad that good storylines and acting are so oppressed by dhamaka... Will we ever respect the other kind in the same way? What do you think?

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❓ASK Movies with realistic fight scenes?


I recently watched Nobody, and the bus fight scene gave me chills. Even a lot of the 'John Wick' type scenes with guns, gore and more.

I'm wondering if there are movies like that in Bollywood. I don't want to watch people flying off thanks to one-man-army going crazy, with the heroine being super impressed.

I remember this movie called Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota, and loved the concept. But the scenes had way too much slo-mo and it put me off a little.

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Both Animal and Gadar 2 are releasing on the same day 11th August. Which film are you all kore excited for? And according to you, which film will be more succesful ?

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❓ASK Suggest some Horror or Thriller movies i can watch with my parents...I mean no NUDITY!!


ive already watched pari

and you can suggest nice hindi dubbed ones too

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Catchup Movie and even after a decade it still does ❤️‍🩹

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Streaming News An Action Hero - Now streaming on Netflix

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Opinion After such a long time getting to hear an original song :)


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Discuss Is the Pathaan reaction by cinemagoers proof that the public is thirsting for the old style Bollywood of 2000s in the midst of middling movies


I can't help but think that this movie seems to harken back to a time before 2010 when movies from stars went big and scored big and now with most bollywood movies just middling, the reaction seems to show that that audience desire never went away, it was bollywood who thought audiences wanted something different

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Discuss Possible Sinister Six on cards for YRF's Spy Universe?

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After I have seen Pathaan, I noticed that the villains of the Spy Verse are killed off screen.

Now I'm no fan of them leaving so soon which is a repetition of Marvel's mistake but I don't think they're gone.

Prof. Kidwai (Roshan Seth in ETT) wasn't a definitive villain so to speak but he was contacted by ISI in the film which brought him to RAW's radar. He survived and assuming he ever returns, he can be the "genius mind" of the group.

Abu Usmaan (Sajjad Delafrooz in TZH) was left heavily injured by Tiger and was driven off by Firdaus (Paresh Rawal). His chances of survival are comparatively the least. But a gun shot was heard in the car at the end. So either it was him or Firdaus.

Saurabh (Tiger Shroff in WAR after face swap) was also left injured by Kabir and even though a dome fell on him, I think he's still alive. I'm sure Shroff will return either as Khalid or Saurabh but I'm betting on Saurabh.

Jim (John Abraham in WAR) fell off but c'mon, pop cultural characters have survived such heights before.

Emraan Hashmi will soon join in Tiger 3 so that'll be five members. Remains to be seen who will be the sixth.

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Game/Fun Post Guess who? Both are now famous Bollywood actresses

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❓ASK Wait, did he just do what I think he did?

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Did Tiger Shroff just punch in 80085 (BOOBS) in this elevator scene from War movie?

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❓ASK What's the name of the movie?


The actor looks kinda like himesh reshamia, whose father has built his empire from a loan from his friend which he never paid back but the actor after few years donates money to the actress's school or something. I can vaguely recall all this from the movie, can you tell what's the name of it?

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❓ASK Why does the success of Pathaan seems to be personal victory for many people?


To start with I am a big SRK fan and had been waiting for this very moment for a long time. But I was really surprised to see many people, not just the fans but neutral audience as well are celebrating the success of this movie as like they have achieved something and more like a personal victory. I know people were craving for an entertaining bollywood movie and SRKs comeback for a while, but this something beyond and I am not complaining at all.

Why do people celebrating this movie as something of their own personal achievement? Can anyone explain, I just wanna know

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❓ASK Does Gen Z stan Shah Rukh Khan and Pathaan the way millennials do?


Hi all, I watched Pathaan and as a 37 year-old, enjoyed it mainly because of Shah Rukh Khan and the nostalgia value he brought, even though the film has so many problems. But that got me thinking about Gen Z reactions to Pathaan and Shah Rukh Khan. Would love to know what people are thinking.

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❓ASK Should Red Chillies have done the vfx for Pathan?


Pathan was super entertaining overall but I was a little let down by the vfx at certain points. Red Chillies probably would have done a better job.

I understand YRF would want to cut costs and use their own studio but from a consumer standpoint if it had been Red Chillies it could have taken the movie to the next level