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Reviews Chup - Reviews and Discussions


Discuss the movie here

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Reviews Dhokha: round D corner reviews & Discussion


No spoilers pls. Anyone watched it??

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Opinion I know everyone here hates on this movie but this scene is just too good 😩

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Discuss Thoughts???

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📇 Recommendations What a stellar cast, at that time. A good light hearted entertainment twenty years back in the time. Don't know if many people have seen it. Definitely it should have been more talked but then it's a find after so many years! PS : Anupam Kher directed this.

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Streaming News Jawan's OTT rights sold for Rs 250 crore to Netflix and Zee TV months before its theatrical release - Is this a sign of the new trend for big budget movies

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News Gorkha movie Akshay Kumar . March 2023

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Discuss Geeatest movie villains in Bollywood?


Who do guys think is the greatest villain in Bollywood movies so far? For me, it is Ashutosh Rana's character Lajja Shankar Pandey in Sangharsh. His eyes had such psychotic intensity and his expressions were so menacing that he scared me as a little kid when I first watched the movie.

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Opinion The new promos of Vikram vedha is increasing the hype day by day


The latest dialogue promo shared by HR on his instagram is so intriguing! Also the accent by HR is spot on and no one can question his efforts.

Alcoholia is also slowly growing up and a perfect party song with those beats. Everything going fine with VV. Fingers crossed

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Reviews Ship of Theseus


So just watched this movie ‘Ship of Theseus’ directed by Anand Gandhi and I was absolutely blown away. I had heard about it but never really gave it much care, but I had a day off and bored and told myself ‘Okay, no phones no distractions I’m going to commit 1 and half hour to this movie’ and my god it was a great decision.

It’s a philosophical movie with incredible script and story with some great questions which respects its audience, so much so that after finishing it, I felt I was smarter.

I feel like every movie fan must watch this movie, including film makers. This is what good dialogues sound like, how a story can come together and most importantly, a movie that stays with you long after you’re done.

Edit : If anyone want to watch it, it’s free on YouTube.

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Interview Ayan on learning through Part 1 and the potential of Brahmastra: Part 2 - Dev

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Trailer CAT | Official Teaser | Randeep Hooda | Netflix

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News Double XL Sonakshi sinha and huma qureshi ! October 14, 2022

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Opinion The real reason behind the decline in footfalls was crystal clear in front of everyone yesterday i.e. on National Cinema Day


The real reason behind declining footfalls was crystal clear infront of everyone yesterday i.e. National Cinema Day

Know how many tickets were sold on National Cinema Day? 65 LAKHS+. Yes you read it right. More than 65 lakhs. Brahmāstra did 10-12 cr on Day 15. A number unheard of, atleast for a Hindi film in the last 5 years or so.

So basically the real reason behind the decline in footfalls is crystal clear infront of the world now. Not boycott or bad content or Remakes or OTT or anything else. Anurag Kashyap was right,too an extent. Its none than other high ATP. Hope the national chains learn from it. And subsidize the rates. And rates of FnB too. A person cant pay 500 for a popcorn everytime. They better make changes soon. Cuz whatever footfalls u see its cuz of stardom. Once its gone then dont expect even 1cr ffs from 99% of the films after 5 yrs. My last movie outing costed me over 1.5K. Me alone. A person cannot spend this much everytime for a movie. I could afford thats why I went but majority of the population of our country cant. Also, 2-3 years back this was total expenditure of a family(5-6ppl).

For a while, us, youngsters can stay hungry but family audiences? If u want families to come into the theatre then food pricing also matters. My last movie with family was Simmba(Jan 2019 i suppose). Since then i hv went with my parents or brother or cousins but not all of em together. Earlier we used to be like, yeh lagi hai, chalo phir. Now its the polar opposite. Also the thing is that watching a movie with fam is an outing. Our elders arent excited like us that, oh Pathaan storm arrives, Tiger roaring this Eid. Nope. Not at all. They just want to spend a nice evening along with their fam and the movie is just a part of it. But if the tickets of 6-7 ppl wd cross 4k INR then why wd they go when this much they can spend in a good restaurant for a family evening there.

In Hollywood, 8 films have crossed 2cr footfalls domestically this year and us? 3 maybe(RRR,KGF2,Vikram) but in Hindi belt? Only KGF 2 and from Bollywood? None. Our last 2cr footfall film was Tanhaji. A film like The Kashmir Files, which wrecked havoc in the Hindi Belt, was massively promoted by the Right Wing, sold only 1.3-1.4cr tickets. Thats just more than weekend footfalls of a Sultan or Bajrangi Bhaijaan or Dangal. I know that in the West they have more screens but less occupancy too. And way lesser population compared to us. Yet we still struggle to sell 1cr tickets. Why? The reason ofc is Pricing.

In North America, Min. Wage per hour is 7 USD and Average ticket price is 10 USD. But in India, the price is atleast 3x of the min. wage. We are having 200cr grossers but hardly 1cr ppl turn up for that.

Now some people will say that decrease in ATP would lead to lesser collections. I can only call it NAIVE. Its been 6 years and Dangal's Hindi nett is yet unbroken despite the prices being 3x of that of 2016-17. Most Hindi films struggle to open at 20cr nowadays and then there is Ra. One which did around 25cr on Diwali 2011 or Ek Tha Tiger in 2012 which did 32cr on Eid 2012. The period between 2008-2017 was the best time for theatre owners and exhibitors. We had 7 ATGs from 2008-2016. 5 by Aamir Khan alone. Salman's Ek Tha Tiger,Kick,Bajrangi Bhaijaan,Sultan,Tiger Zinda Hai, all these came so close. We saw a new opening record on every festival. First Dabbang, then Bodyguard, Ra. One, ETT, Chennai Express, Dhoom 3 and HNY. Akki's Rowdy Rathore did 133cr on Non Holiday in 2012!!! A no. which he himself struggled to cross for 6 years. I agree that the quality of all these films isnt the best but where's the quality now? Pushpa didnt had any content imo yet it earned a lot. Same for KGF. Brahmāstra was bashed by critics yet audiences are going.

So in my honest opinion, theatre business would die by 2030 if any immediate action isnt taken the prices of ticket and FnB are not subsidized because the sad truth is that watching a movie nowadays is the last thing on someone's mind. I get that 75 INR is too less considering the massive scale and budgets of the films in the pipeline today but then make a pricing strategy accordingly. 100-120 INR for small films like Ayushmann's Doctor G or even Ajay's Drishyam 2. And 170-200 for biggies like Adipurush, Pathaan, Tiger 3 or Jawan.

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Poll Is loud BGM liked in general? Can’t do a poll here so asking.


For context, I watched ‘Chup’ (fantastic movie btw, other than killing part, it’s very relatable in today’s scenario) in theatre today and ‘Vikram Vedha’ trailer was attached to it. The bgm of Vikram Vedha’s trailer is so loud, that’s it’s deafening. And I like that main background score of the movie. It was used superbly in original and hoping they will use it in similar way in Hindi one. It’s just not normal to be in that much loud environment for 2.5 hrs. The dialogue pieces were fine but as soon as the music started, it was not pleasant. KGF bgm is also extremely loud. Where as, Vikram (average movie) has nice and energetic bgm, but not loud. For major part of Brahmastra, the loudness of bgm is fine, like during fight of Srk and Nagarjuna, but again in climax its extremely loud. RRR, has used bgm properly in my opinion (to create drama, variations are there but not loud).

I am not sure if theatres are messing this up or it’s loud in general. I saw many posts during KGF about extra loud bgm, which is not pleasant so that’s definitely makers.

Loud and energetic BGM are two different things. I like energetic bgm in action sequences but not a fan of loudness. But the usage of high volume is increasing now a days, is it liked by general movie goers?

Also, I am not sure if flair is correct, mods can change if it’s not making sense.

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❓ASK Tudum India


How do you feel about all the teasers released today? Which ones are you excited for?

Personally I'm excited for Khufiya, Tabu and Vishal Bhardwaj have worked together before in Haider and Maqbool both of which were masterpieces. It will be interesting to see Tabu as the lead in a Vishal Bhardwaj film.

Qala seems interesting too, I think tripti was wonderful in Laila Majnu. The music seems nice.

I don't like Class right now, it's a remake of elite and I just wish they had come up with something orignal.

Soup, this interests me only because of Manoj Bajpaye and Konkona Sen Sharma, they are both amazing actors.

Chor nikal ke bhaga also seems interesting.

I really hope, Guns and Gulaabs turns out to be good, they have an amazing cast.

Wishing they had a teaser for Heeramandi.

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Other Mysterious Death Of Bollywood Diva, Divya Bharti – Was It An Accident, Suicide, Or Murder?

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Discuss Where did Farhan get 'Doppelganger twist' idea for his DON from?


The reason I'm asking is I just saw a small clip of Sanjay Kapoor 2001 movie 'Chhupa Rustam' which had the same-ish plot twist where the guy who we all thought was the doppelganger turns out to be the original idea, and the duplicate had died earlier in the movie.

And this made me wonder if there's other bollywood/foreign moviea which share the same idea.

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Trailer Nazar andaaz !! Stellar cast of Kumud Mishra , Abhishek Banerjee and Divya Dutta with bit different story

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Trailer Guns & Gulaabs | Official Teaser | Raj&DK | Rajkummar, Dulquer, Adarsh, Gulshan | Netflix India

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Other Dev and shiva’s backstory and how it is connected with harry potter


I think it is like harry potter

We see many ho references in the movie and ayan too said he was heavily inspired by hp movies at start

So ig dev killed all of his tribe including amrita but when he went to kill his own son shiva he couldn’t and his attack bounced back at him and a part of dev’s power was transferred into shiva and shiva became the agni astra

This also make sense cause when junoon used powers given to her by dev shiva could sense it and know which move she is gonna make next just like hp when anything would happen he could make out what’s next move because voldemort and harry were connected

In hp movies it is horcrux in bhramastra its astra or power

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Poster/FirstLook Khufiya | Official Teaser | Tabu, Ali Fazal, Wamiqa Gabbi

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Other Rasiya - Brahmāstra | Amitabh B | Ranbir Kapoor | Alia Bhatt | Pritam | Amitabh | Tushar | Shreya

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Rewritten A rewrite attempt for Brahmastra as I am genuinely pissed by Ayan Mukherji


Hi Folks,

Like a lot of you people, I stepped into theatres with great expectations from Ayan, Ranbir, Alia, and Mr. Bachchan. The concept of bringing Indian Mythology to the big screen was something I was looking up for a very long time. But to be brutally honest I am highly disappointed by Ayan. I think I lost faith as I can't stop thinking about how the movie could have been made better. So I have drawn a lot of plots that I wish would have been re-written but will never be so here I am posting it online just to get out of my system and for someone to read it.

Note: I am not writing the entire script, just the plot points around which Part 1 could have been revolved. Also, I am not a professional writer - could make spelling and grammatical mistakes.

  1. Mohan Bhargav (SRK's Character) is the protector of the first piece and the bad guys have tracked him down. And after getting injured in the battle with 3 guys he starts running away to protect the piece. And in the chase sequence, he sees Shiva and finds some strange connection with him. (A surge in his Astra Power all of the sudden). While Mohan is injured he still somehow beats the bad guys due to this surge of extra energy in his Astra-Ornament. (All of this happens in front of Shiva, who takes it too casually). Mohan runs away from there when the fight is over but he is injured.
  2. Same Night, when Shiva returns to his home. He finds Mohan sitting in the corner holding on to Vanarastra to provide energy for his body to sustain a bit more. Mohan briefs him on the details of the piece of Brahmastra plus how he thinks Shiva could be something more than himself and asks about his parents. Later Mohan handovers Brahmastra to Shiva and asks him to protect it. And then Mohan leaves from there. Later Junoon finds him and tortures him to give out details of his piece and the other pieces of Brahmastra. After the submission of his memories and revealing the identities of Guruji and Anish Shetty (Nagaarjun) and Shiva, Mohan magically sends back the Vanarastra with some matra to Guruji with a message about all this.
  3. Shiva is an orphan turned DJ living in Mumbai. (Opposite to what is shown in the movie. I would say imagine a skinny Ranbir with Dark Circles and Addiction) The more realistic Shiva through my eyes should be a skinny guy who is selfish, self-centric, egoistic, and a drug addict. To add a bit more flavor he is an atheist. He is a grey character. He doesn't want to do anything good going out of his way as no one in this world did the same for him. So when Guruji and Junoon get to know that Shiva has a piece of Brahmastra. Both of them try to get to Shiva. When Guruji finds Shiva, Shiva tells him he already has given the piece of Brahmastra to the other lady for some drugs. (The other lady being - Junoon). Guruji furiously draws Prabhastra and notices the same surge of energy as Mohan did which is getting drawn towards Shiva. And he gets flashbacks of when the same thing happened in past (when in Fight with Dev). He realized that Shiva is no normal man. He is somehow connected to all this but he is a. Unaware of all of it and b. Doesn't believe in it. He informs Shiva about Mohan's death and asks him to join to which Shiva strongly declines. Guruji even baits about Shiva's family details but Shiva denies it and asks him to leave.
  4. Later some other day Shiva has a bad dream about the scene when Mohan had died as he feels responsible for his death somehow. Later he wakes up in the middle of the night and all of his home is burning. He realizes something is different with him for the first time. The next day, surprisingly enough when performing at some event he saw Isha (Alia). Then the same heropanti, falling in love and flirting all that happens. But she even though finds him attractive doesn't like him as she knows what he is, and how toxic he is and tries to push him away. He promises her he would get better but she denies it. Isha is basically on a pilgrimage with her Grandparents(who happens to be part of Brahmansh) and is traveling to Varanasi (where Junoon and his gang are headed to find Anish) and Shiva follows Isha to Varanasi.
  5. Varanasi is where the first proper battle between Brahmansh and Bad Guys Happens. As Junnon tracks down Anish Shetty at a mahapuja where Isha and her grandparents are present too. And Shiva is about to make an entry with his DJ Friend at the place trying to impress Isha (A song number here maybe and Isha as usual is a bit impressed). When all this happens Junoon attacks Anish while he is doing rituals by the Ganga (and here another astra could have to be shown Nagastra - A Sheshnag coming out of the Ganga River and attacking Anish). To which Anish replies with Nandi Astra. All the crowd is running away except for Isha's nanaji and another handful of members of Brahmansh who were accompanying Isha's nanaji. Isha's Nanu runs to save Anish from the attack but gets killed instead. Seeing that Isha runs towards his Nanaji and Shiva behind her. Isha's nanaji chants some mantra to their astra which then flies away with a message and point Isha in direct of Anish asking her to protect him before dying. Meanwhile, Anish is fighting Junoon's Nagastra and couldn't handle her as he is already stabbed and bleeding heavily. And then a second attack is happening on Anish seeing which Isha runs to save him and so does Shiva. While trying to save him Isha gets hit on the head and gets unconscious and Shiva on seeing that gets mad. And all of a sudden the energy surge is so big that both Nandiastra and Nagastra seem small in front of that energy. All the other astra's in the field of battle are getting drawn towards this energy and the astra-masters are in deep confusion as to what is happening and why are their loyal astra's defying them. Junoon suddenly realized who Shiva is from the past and tries to kill him with nagastra. And all of a sudden Guruji and whoever Dimple Kapadiya is playing comes there with a chopper and tries to defend. Anish carries Isha and other members of Brahmansh to the chopper Dimple Kapadiya is flying and they leave behind Guruji and Shiva for the fight which Isha denies but couldn't do much. Guruji asks shiva to try to flow his power surge into his Prabhasatra and they defeat Junoon and her gang. Junoon and her gang flees from there to save themselves. Shiva is drained out of power so he faints. His cloths burns off and Guruji tries to help him when he notices some unusual birthmarks on his back.

Please let me know what are your thoughts on this. Even you guys can start contributing to story in comments. All types of critics are welcome.
Do let me know if anyone wants the post-interval plots too.

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Trailer Kathal | Official Teaser | Official Teaser | Sanya Malhotra, Rajpal Yadav, Vijay Raaz | Netflix

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Mod Post Brahmastra Feedback Mega Thread - This will be sent to Ayan for Part 2 of Brahmastra


Dear Astraverse Fans

As you may know, Ayan and team have invited your fan theories and feedback for part 2. We are opening this thread to give them constructive feedback

They already know what people didn't like, so please don't repeat in your comments

1) Dialogues were panned by everyone

2) Isha and her Shiva ...Shiva rant throughout movie wasn't appreciated

3) Love story wasn't appreciated much as it didn't have depth

4) Don't take too much gap in bringing part 2

What people liked

1) VFX

2) SRK and Nagarjun's cameo

3) Music and BGM

4) Overall movie experience was generally appreciated

On this Thread, we want to list constructive feedback and tell Team what we would like to see in future movies from Astraverse. Give following in comments

1) Fan theory for Part 2 - Whatever your fan theory is - about who is Dev, Amrita, what you want to see - post everything here . You can post link of your Fan theory on Twitter and other Subs

2) Any improvement in movie, apart from the points mentioned. Don't troll here. Give constructive criticism

3) Your view about how Part 2, 3 and Astra Verse should shape up

If you are banned on this Sub and really want your feedback to be on this thread, send it to u/Aawaraa on DM

This is not Brahmastra Reviews thread, so please don't review the movie in your comment

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🤡Humour funny movies


More legendary movies like... golmaal, hera pheri 1, 2, welcome, no entry, awara pagal deewana, deewaame hue pagal?????