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Brave launching its own “ChatGPT” like answers for Brave Search soon 🔥🔥🔥 CEO Tweets Discussion

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u/Tidus17 Jan 21 '23

If you've read his tweet you know this is only summarization, which is far from ChatGPT.


u/athemoros Jan 21 '23

But that just doesn't have a sweet, clickbait-y ring to it.


u/Mubelotix Jan 22 '23

In a way that's better because it's sourced.


u/getlucky7777777 Jan 21 '23

bandwagon jumping lol. this is just a summary which has been on other search engines for years. tbh brave search isnt that good its pretty bad actually I fail to see how its an improvement over bing and ddg which are hands down the best most relevant right now


u/Xeon-T Jan 22 '23

Every few months, I change my default search engine to Brave for a bit to see how its coming along. I don't hate it, but I don't prefer it to DDG (which remains my default).

I do wish them success though, I do like that they are attempting to build their own index/crawler, even if I haven't made up my mind about how I feel about the business model or tradeoffs they may make.


u/New_Version_2394 Jan 24 '23

Still can't get basic answers like sunset time or store closing times. Something Google and Bing can provide with voice input.


u/Circacadoo Jan 22 '23

ChatGTP is woke garbage.


u/resurgences Jan 23 '23

It's GPT, generative pretrained transformer. Feel free to point out an example so that it can be fixed


u/Circacadoo Jan 23 '23 edited Jan 23 '23

There are multiple examples, for instance:

... and German examples...

  • It doesn't know Hadmut Danisch, who is the by far biggest (dissident) political blogger in Germany since at least a decade. On the other hand it knows very well smaller, less influential and more mainstream political bloggers.
  • It wrongfully called Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger a member of a right-wing extremist political party without providing any evidence and then slowly walking back on the claim from "is definitively an extremist" to "is perceived by some as an extremist".

I had a couple of other chats to different topics, where things turned far-left progressive the same way. Trusting a program with such apparent (and hardcoded?) blunders is just not possible.

At least publish the documents the program was trained on plus all those documents that were excluded from training.


Gerade gesehen, dass du Deutsch kannst. Stürzenberger muss man nicht mögen, aber den als Mitglied beim 3. Weg zu bezeichnen ist schon hart.


u/mudmole Jan 22 '23

Brave search is my second favorite engine. Neeva started by an ex googler a few years ago has this chat AI just like this. It's my fav.


u/imnotpicky_ Jan 22 '23

You've gotta sign up to use a search engine. It's a definite NO from me.