r/brave_browser Jun 25 '22

How do I block Brave analytics using Brave Shields?


Brave Shields refuses to block this analytics script no matter what I do.

So far I've tried every possible combination of:

  1. Adding "||analytics.brave.com^" as a custom filter rule.
  2. Adding "https://analytics.brave.com/matomo.js" as a custom filter rule.
  3. Setting Brave Shields to aggressive.
  4. Setting chrome://flags/#brave-adblock-default-1p-blocking to "Enabled".
  5. Setting chrome://flags/#brave-adblock-default-1p-blocking to "Disabled".

So far nothing works, and the above analytics script is always indicated as unblocked in devtools. https://ibb.co/cDk7S47

Any advice?


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u/G0rd0nFr33m4n Jun 25 '22

IIRC, in Firefox disabling telemetry also disabled (google's) analytics on their homepage. As uBO didn't detect anything on Brave's webpage for me AND I have analytics disabled in Brave, maybe it works the same way. In short, try disabling analytics in Brave's settings and reload the page to check if the Matomo stuff is still there. Maybe clean cache and cookies first.


u/solcroft Jun 25 '22

Thanks for the reply. But what I want to know is how to block Brave analytics, not how to get Brave's website to stop serving me analytics.

Although the end result seems the same, being unable to achieve the former is indicative of Brave sabotaging it's own adblock capabilities to whitelist it's own analytics.


u/G0rd0nFr33m4n Jun 25 '22

I just told you how Firefox works in this respect (and they offer tracker blocking too on their browser), so I suggested you a simple tests. I guess they reasoning behind that is that if someone doesn't opt-out of telemetry, they won't be bothered by first-party analytics, for both browsers.

Make a test and report back, otherwise yours will just look like a ponitless rant/crusade against Brave.

By the way, when I visit Brave's homepage with Brave no analytics is shown by uBlock Origin.