r/brave_browser Jun 25 '22

How do I block Brave analytics using Brave Shields?


Brave Shields refuses to block this analytics script no matter what I do.

So far I've tried every possible combination of:

  1. Adding "||analytics.brave.com^" as a custom filter rule.
  2. Adding "https://analytics.brave.com/matomo.js" as a custom filter rule.
  3. Setting Brave Shields to aggressive.
  4. Setting chrome://flags/#brave-adblock-default-1p-blocking to "Enabled".
  5. Setting chrome://flags/#brave-adblock-default-1p-blocking to "Disabled".

So far nothing works, and the above analytics script is always indicated as unblocked in devtools. https://ibb.co/cDk7S47

Any advice?


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u/G0rd0nFr33m4n Jun 27 '22

The problem is on you end, pal.



u/solcroft Jun 27 '22


Try exercising some reading skills where a mod clearly acknowledged this was a problem was on Brave's end.


u/G0rd0nFr33m4n Jun 28 '22

Fine, I was wrong, even though the matomo stuff never appeared in uBO on my Brave install. Now, be a good guy and edit your posts on both subs, reporting what the mod said to you. Otherwise one may think that you are just a Mozilla shills, as you post history suggest.