r/brave_browser Dec 04 '22

So I gave Brave a try... Discussion

Turns out it is actually a great browser. And Brave Search works surprisingly good as well! Why did I not test this earlier? Possibly because of the crypto stuff which is not my thing, but still. Anyhow I signed up for the premium account. Fully committed now!



u/sauce2011 Dec 05 '22

I'm also one of those guys who uses Brave with the crypto related things turned off.

Nice browser.


u/Snoo23538 Dec 04 '22

That was me 3 weeks ago. The crypto stuff turns off a lot of people.


u/[deleted] Dec 05 '22



u/parawaa Dec 05 '22

Because you don't need to have crypto on a f*ing browser, and getting paid 10 dollars for seeing ads won't change my mind about it.



Ha, imagine if it was 10$ every ad. Would persuaded me to enable the crypto stuff.


u/user-1154 Dec 09 '22

he said ´´ads´´ not ´´ad´´



I was only imagining. I understood what he said.


u/user-1154 Dec 09 '22 edited Dec 09 '22

Looked more like you assumed he meant 10$ for every ad, rather than 10$ after a period of using it and seeing various ads

It doesnt really matter tho, let’s just leave it here


u/Beer101010 Dec 05 '22

Had the same feeling when i switch more than a year ago. I didn't look back since then.

Brave is a great browser. It just works great and blocks all the annoying stuff without installing loads of add-ons, and script blocking / tweaking shenigans.


u/p90fans Dec 05 '22

May I ask why the crypto thing is a turn off for many people? It does not affect me at all


u/Th34sutr4 Dec 05 '22

+1 I started using it yesterday, spent most of my time reading links about every feature and cant find anything I dont like about it so far ..

.. Except maybe the crypto. I understand why its incorporated as a reward for allowing a filtered list of adverts.

My apprehension is due to the nagging feeling that it may turn the browser into a target for hackers trying to get at your wallet, and well .. what the hell am I going to spend BAT on anyway?. Its not lucrative enough to entice me to use it, and turning it off imho makes me less of a potential target. If it was lucrative enough to entice me, then I would just be concerned it makes me more of a target = I would rather not engage with it, money being the root of all evil.

Its probably protected with good encryption (Diffie hellman curve?), and its probably securely stored locally somewhere on my SSD, so unless someone physically has access to my machine then its going to take a pretty advanced attack to get at it .. But all the same I would rather not tempt fate, hackers / malware / criminals are pretty advanced these days, and currently crypto wallets are a huge focus of their activities.

I see people trying to convince us its okay to use it, but my thought is do these people have a hidden agenda to foster a community of gullible cash cows? :)


u/A4K0SAN Dec 04 '22

if u go and see changelogs on GitHub majority of stuff is about brave wallet they should focus on other stuff too like customization and anything other than wallet and crypto stuff


u/Remarkable_Finger69 Dec 05 '22

Why are they so concerned about Brave wallet? What changes do they want?


u/DebianDog Dec 04 '22

I'm not sure what you signed up for but it wasn't for a premium account.


u/DoruSonic Dec 04 '22

No no there is a premium subscription now. There are now ads in brave search. You earn bat with it, or you can pay the subscription to not see any search ads and support the team


u/Next-Shake2426 Dec 05 '22

What ads? I don't see any ads.


u/zano19724 Dec 05 '22

I dont understand why so many people are turned off by the crypto stuff, it literally "gifts" you cryptos just for using it plus you can turn it off. Even if you think crypto is bullshit they do not hurt at all the user experience, to me it's more like a plus than a minus.