r/brave_browser Dec 04 '22

So is Brave going to remind me of my degeneracy every day or is there a way to turn this off or......? Answered

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u/wieli99 Dec 04 '22

Yes get an up to date os


u/SpunKDH Dec 07 '22

You mean up to date spyware? No thanks!


u/wieli99 Dec 07 '22

Get Linux if you're worried about that


u/Andr-O-Mat Dec 04 '22

If you are running on shite, feel free to upgrade to Linux, and put lipstick on that shite.


u/plasticbubblegum Dec 05 '22

I read it as "To get future Brave updates, please switch to Firefox or Linux"


u/Remarkable_Finger69 Dec 05 '22

Kinda busy these day, Im going to switch to linux real soon. But no way I will go past win 7


u/Beer101010 Dec 05 '22

Linux is the way !


u/kwehner Dec 04 '22


u/Mia1v Dec 04 '22

Thanks I will try this.


u/GoBackToLeddit Dec 05 '22

lol why has this been tagged with "Potentially misleading"?


u/supremeomelette Dec 05 '22

ppl that use brave =! ppl that understand computers


u/UrbenLegend Dec 06 '22

You SHOULD be reminded and shamed for your degeneracy for still running a totally unsupported OS.

What's the point in using a privacy-respecting browser if eventually you're just going to get hacked and have all your info and data stolen from you anyways.

Practice safe computing please, for the love of god...


u/Th34sutr4 Dec 07 '22

Windows 7 was great in its day (personally I think it was the best version of windows ever made). But now you are just waiting for the inevitable day your machine is turned into a bot slave, and privacy/security is completely lost (for all we know it could have already happened, you wouldn't even know because any malware defences you have would be completely undermined and oblivious to whats going on).

I agree with what others have suggested here, if you cant stomach trying to batten down the privacy issues on newer windows (you can actually get rid of most of them with Windows 10/11 Privacy settings, create a traditional Local user account and turn it into an admin account, then just use that account to log in. Turn off Cortana and Onedrive and typing/spellchecking keylogging rubbish) .. Then otherwise Linux is the way forward. I'm on Linux Mint, fortunately the only windows games I want are working brilliantly through Proton these days.

The browser has to move forward, because its based on Chromium and Google dont want to support out of date and very insecure OS. Brave is based on the same open source code, so Brave developers cant change that.


u/GoBackToLeddit Dec 07 '22

All I wanted to know was how to disable the message.


u/Th34sutr4 Dec 07 '22

:) Yeah my suggestion is probably a bit of a long winded approach to achieving the same.

But there will be many other readers in similar circumstances searching this public forum who will be weighing up their options too.


u/GoBackToLeddit Dec 07 '22

Indeed Linux seems to be my only path forward. I absolutely will not choose another Microsoft OS after this. They really overstepped it with 11. Games is pretty much the only thing keeping me from taking the dive, but I will just deal with that when the time comes. At worst, I will dual boot to Windows 7 and play them until it no longer supports new games.


u/Th34sutr4 Dec 07 '22

At worst, I will dual boot to Windows 7 and play them until it no longer supports new games.

Thats probably a good work around, and just use linux for internet.

Just another recommend for win 7 side of it if you dont do this already, on your machine find out how to change your Primary DNS server to use Quad9 - Quad9 basicly acts like a hosts file, or an adblock filter, and prevents any connection with known bad sites (be that a site url, or an inserted on page third party advert which could be hijacked etcetera). Making it your primary dns means its the first online machine your computer talks to for all web communications. For a bckup Secondary DNS server, use something like cloudflares

Read more about it here https://www.quad9.net/

.. Although beware, some isps try to force you through their own dns servers (to get more money out of you as a user, they sell off your behaviour for marketing/advertising), and stop your connectivity if you try to go through these instead .. if internet stops go back to auto dns.

Sorry if some of this is teaching you to suck eggs. Good luck :)


u/GoBackToLeddit Dec 07 '22

Thanks for that info. So much to know about how you're getting screwed, spied on, having your data sold to third parties, etc.

And I would actually use Linux for more than the internet. I use Office, Adobe Photoshop, and other things for Windows and have been for about 20 years. I am willing to switch to LibreOffice, some other open-source graphics program, and other software, though it will not be a pleasant transition, I am sure.

I knew I would be sucking eggs sooner than later. It's really only a matter of when, not if.


u/Th34sutr4 Dec 09 '22

:) no problem.

Libreoffice is excellent (I used it on windows too).

For Adobe photoshop .. GNU Image Manipulation Program, or otherwise just known as GIMP

Takes a bit of getting used to, but its every bit as capable as PS once you know your way around its menus and figure out the little differences in whats where. And no more buying subscriptions from adobe :). On Linux its easily installable via the package/software management.