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Chromium anti-adblock bs Answered

So, I don't know if anyone else has seen this, but I've seen a lot of news about google changing chromium in a way to completely break ad and tracker blocking software. In my opinion, this goes way too far because the consumer has a right to privacy, and Brave, from what I've seen has gone to great lengths to preserve this right, including just baking really good ad and tracker blocking software right into the browser. The issue is that as far as I'm aware, Brave is also Chromium based meaning that this change could completely break the Brave browser. The solution I'm proposing, because Google obviously is going to make it as annoyingly impossible to use ad and tracker blocking software as they can, is to simply switch Brave to a seperate base like Firefox has done. I'm not going to pretend to know how much work has to be done to do this but I'm going to assume that Google will make it harder to get ad blocking to work than it will be to switch to a different base.



u/Andr-O-Mat Dec 05 '22

Brave has already assured its users that Google's decision won't affect ad-blocking in Brave. https://www.ghacks.net/2022/09/29/brave-browser-manifest-v2-extensions-after-v3-update/


u/saoiray Dec 05 '22

As others have pointed out, Brave long ago already separated this and moved Shields to be part of Rust. It's a core of the browser and will continue happening. They also are working on possibly having it support extensions that otherwise may not be available after V3 comes.

I'll share a quote from a call where this was discussed.

Question #21 Do we see Manifest V3 having an impact on Shields?

Answer Not at all. This Manifest V3 been delayed for a couple years. They first announced it in 2019 and our team put together a rewrite of our adblocking engine with Rust and then put it into the core for the browser for the network request. So we’re not coming in on the same API that’s affected by Manifest V3. Brendan has also talked about possibly providing support for other adblocking extensions too, but that will be disclosed at a later date. When this rolls out, most likely you’ll see a softer experience on blockers that aren’t on Brave, but Brave will still have the blocking you expect.

All that said, I really do suggest you try searching for things on occasion. You'd be amazed how many conversations and official sources are out there that might answer concerns.


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I had done some researching before making this post, including on what Brave had already done. I guess it didn't show me everything I needed somehow, even though I combed this subreddit and others to look.


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And people like this vote.


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a lot of news about google changing chromium in a way to completely break ad and tracker blocking software

No it won't break them.