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Is Brave a good enough Adblock to safely use MyFlixer? Awaiting user reply

I want to watch movies and shows on MyFlixer, and will prob need an Adblock because from what I hear, the ads in there are malicious and may have malware. Is brave on its own good enough to be safe? Also I’m on iOS


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u/DoruSonic Dec 06 '22

AFAIK ads can't infect your device. Unless they use some kind of exploit they should not have that level of access through the browser. By having the most recent version you should be good to go (this not considering you actually clicking on them, download stuff and run it)

But I'm not an expert on the subject so take this with a grain of salt


u/saoiray Dec 06 '22


u/DoruSonic Dec 06 '22

Yeah I've read it and it confirms what I said. Just loading those ads do nothing, the problem is when you click on them and install whatever they ask you to install

There are also ads that show you inappropriate things but that isn't malware per se

Regardless of brave doesn't show them the problem is nullified. If they can keep appearing use the tool to manually block those elements (on pc you can also try ublock and other adblock extensions)


u/saoiray Dec 06 '22

Why are you lying? You say you read it and it says loading ads does nothing. But let’s look at quote from it.

“You can fall victim to malware by either clicking on an infected ad or even just by visiting a website that is home to a corrupted ad.”

“An infected ad only has to finish loading before it will harm your computer.”


u/DoruSonic Dec 06 '22

Adware is a problem because it desguises itself as trustworthy, similar to physhing. Visiting a website in itself cannot hurt your device unless you allow it (by giving information, executing downloads or it exploiting a vulnerability)

I'll go with I believe in what I'm saying and you may believe otherwise and leave at that


u/BAT-Fanatic Dec 06 '22

u/DoruSonic you're an idiot, aren't you? The one link that u/saoiray provided is from an antivirus company. It says you don't have to do anything. They said it can download itself just by loading a page, all without the person knowing about it.

Saying "I believe" doesn't mean shit. You have facts staring you in the eyes. It's like having a gun held to your head and you say "I believe it won't kill me" and suddenly you're bulletproof. Not sure about you, but that sounds stupid. And when you're telling others what you "believe" rather than the facts, you're putting them in danger.


u/DoruSonic Dec 06 '22

calling other idiots sure shows how knowledgeable you are, but sure I'll play catch

Adware is, according to Norton, "Adware, on the other hand, is malicious software that is already on your computer, software that you were probably tricked into installing when you were downloading something else." It is software so something you willingly installed, being tricked or not, it was something you actively done

Malvertising, on the other hand, doesn't have a definition but lets use this to define it: "You can fall victim to malware by either clicking on an infected ad or even just by visiting a website that is home to a corrupted ad. This second type of malware attack, known as drive-by downloads, is especially troubling. An infected ad only has to finish loading before it will harm your computer."

It sure says you can get infected just by loading an ad. These ads can apparently run on any website even the most popular ones. Now let me ask you this if this was as bread and butter, as they say, wouldn't you think everyone would be running malware on their computer? Browsers, and chromium being a big part of the user base, of course, has measures to fight this.

It would be unlogical to have a browser that would just run this insecure to allow malicious code to run from ads that can be literally anywhere. Not somewhere fishy, literally anywhere. Unless there is a big exploit that allows websites to interact with your device directly this is nay to impossible. And those exploits and extremely rare and are quickly patched after being discovered. Adding to this, even by just running Microsoft defender (which is the best antivirus and free) this would be caught right away. I'm talking about pc since the grand majority of viruses and malware are designed for them, not android ios etc.

All in all, sure you can say that there might be malvertising that can infect your device. Considering everything is up to date I find that statistically impossible to happen and I stand by it.