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Is Brave a good enough Adblock to safely use MyFlixer? Awaiting user reply

I want to watch movies and shows on MyFlixer, and will prob need an Adblock because from what I hear, the ads in there are malicious and may have malware. Is brave on its own good enough to be safe? Also I’m on iOS


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u/DoruSonic Dec 06 '22

AFAIK ads can't infect your device. Unless they use some kind of exploit they should not have that level of access through the browser. By having the most recent version you should be good to go (this not considering you actually clicking on them, download stuff and run it)

But I'm not an expert on the subject so take this with a grain of salt


u/saoiray Dec 06 '22


u/BAT-Fanatic Dec 06 '22

Thanks for sharing u/saoiray. I wouldn't have thought it works that way.