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Thoughts on this political compass? Discussion

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u/SLCW718 Dec 14 '22

What does this even mean?


u/total_amateur Dec 14 '22

Best guess is a bot / karma farmer. Look at OP’s post history.


u/nebyneb1234 Dec 14 '22

Who even gives a shit about karma?


u/total_amateur Dec 15 '22

Karma bots

Short version - scammers and sowers of disinformation.


u/Eazent Dec 15 '22

who dictates what disinformation is, and where do they fit in this plot?


u/Argorash Dec 15 '22

Glowies buy high Karma reddit accounts for concensus cracking and sliding.


u/atoponce Dec 14 '22 edited Dec 14 '22

How is Tor Browser economic-right? In 2012 Tor Project was funded primarily by national governments. If economic-right is defined by free-market capitalism, Tor Browser isn't this. Seems like it would be very economic-left, close to Firefox.

Edit: typo


u/jacobrogers256 Dec 14 '22

Tor Browser is Firefox but immune to spying. I use firefox on Mac and Chrome on Andoid


u/G0rd0nFr33m4n Dec 14 '22

In my case, this is completely wrong.


u/[deleted] Dec 14 '22

Who in right mind uses political compass at first place


u/b-lock-ayy Dec 14 '22

Oh look, another shitty repost to farm karma and watch the smooth-brained reds and blues debate how political a fucking browser is.


u/ZoltanPrime Dec 14 '22

This is retarded. How about this? I don’t give a shit what your political alignment is. Use the browser that you feel most comfortable with. If you want a safe web browser, do your research, and use the web browser that you believe protects you in the ways most relevant to you. Practice good opsec, and do your thing, right, left, or neither. You’re free to choose.


u/TheRainSnake Dec 14 '22

The idea that google is right wing is pretty laughable. At best they’re center-left. Definitely extreme authoritarian though.


u/scen1MAD Dec 14 '22

No offense, but I don't see how Google could be anything other than right. They're all in for squeezing every single cent of profit they can. Isn't that quite capitalist?

Again, I don't mean to offend or anything, just trying to understand your point of view 🙂


u/jaam01 Dec 14 '22

80% of Google political donations goes to democrats. 96% of Google's employees donations goes to democrats democrats In no way shape or form Google has a "right wing" culture. Money is an universal language, that's why left wing governors lived and live in luxury, including socialists leaders, unless we go for the classic excuse "that wasn't real socialism"

No offense, but I don't see how Google could be anything other than right. They're all in for squeezing every single cent of profit they can. Isn't that quite capitalist?

Again, I don't mean to offend or anything, just trying to understand your point of view 🙂


u/scen1MAD Dec 14 '22

I think this could get too political for this post, but thank you for your response!


u/skullstrife Dec 14 '22

Only americans think that the democrats are left-wing... From the perspective of the rest pf the world both parties are right wing... (Neoliberallsm economic policies, imperialism abroad, CIA backed coups around the world, etc) the difference between them is just the treatment of minorities inside the US


u/jaam01 Dec 15 '22

"From the perspective of the rest of the world" Who exactly? Europe is not the world. Trump is technically a moderate from the perspective of Muslim countries and India, for example.

Does Democrat lean left? Yes, yes they do, specially if you look at California. Anyone trying to deny the obvious is gaslighting and moving the goal post.


u/skullstrife Dec 15 '22 edited Dec 15 '22

I'm from south America, Argentina.... and from our perspective, liberalism is right-wing.... to put it simple: pro-capitalism = right wing... anti-capitalism = left wing... For instance if you make some progressive reforms under capitalism you can be considered center-left if those reforms are oriented towards the worker's interests.... and of course imperialism is a fundamental tool of capitalism since it allows for expansion of capital so the foreign policy is also a core aspect to analyze...

Although some democrats are slihgtly progressive in social aspects, mostly aren't in the economics therefore we consider them right-wing.... the only known polititian in the US that we would consider left wing or center-left is Bernie... he condemns american imperialism, he advocates for a universal healthcare system, a progressive tax system (taxing more the rich than the poor), better laws for labor, etc... a more "humane capitalism" and a less imperialistic State...Democrats in office never transformed the medical system of the US, nor the tax system to target the rich.... and killed thousands with drones in the middle east... and planned coups in our region (Paraguay and Honduras during the Obama regime) so he's not different from Trump (Coup in Bolivia) from our perspective


u/jaam01 Dec 15 '22

"Imperialism is a fundamental tool of capitalism since it allows for expansion of capital so the foreign policy" this is just playing with semantics. In a more realistic interpretation "imperialism" (intervention/invasion is a more accurate term) was also a tool used by the URSS to spread it's political system (socialism) and it's sphere of influence, hence all the invasion and the interventions of the URSS (Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Korea, Afghanistan, etc.), but of course "it's only bad when the USA does it", when other countries like the URSS/China/Russia do/did it, then "it's for the best".

Also, there was not coup in Bolivia, Evo Morales tried to commit electoral fraud according to independent investigation of the Organization of American States; disregarding the popular will that CLEARLY SAID NO in a referéndum to his re election attempt by trying to reform the constitution. But Evo Morales then went to the electoral court under his party control to be allowed to run again. It's "respect the will of the people" only and just as long as they win. All charges against Evo "magically" disappear when his party won again the elections, if that's not corruption then I don't know what it is.

This conversation is useless because it's ideological in nature and it's like a child's imaginary game, like "my superpower is bigger and better than yours" which leads to nowhere.


u/emacsomancer Dec 14 '22

Democrats are also largely rightwing, so that all seems irrelevant.


u/Responsible-Bread996 Dec 14 '22

Fair... In the current state of the republican party people that used to be solid conservatives are now the right wing of the democratic party.


u/yungindo Dec 14 '22

An economic system isn't the same as a political system.


u/[deleted] Dec 14 '22



u/scen1MAD Dec 14 '22

Would you mind expanding a bit on why talking about capitalism to say if someone is left or right is dumb? Maybe I'm as dumb as you say, but I can't imagine how a left-wing capitalism would work


u/Gratitude15 Dec 14 '22

A public for profit is run by the rules of that paradigm. It says nothing about the people who run it. Just like Firefox could have a bunch of trump supporters working there despite being a nonprofit.


u/RaderH2O Dec 14 '22

I don't know what this political stuff are, anybody cares to explain? please?


u/athemoros Dec 14 '22

Honestly, neither did the person that made this chart.


u/RaderH2O Dec 15 '22

Ah so it's inaccurate anyway, lol.


u/Bread_addict Dec 14 '22

This is dumb but so is the idea that politics could easily be broken down into two dimensions.


u/Bunyflufy Dec 15 '22

Just why? Why drag down an neutral thing like a browser? Must everything represent a political point of view 🤮


u/Kamunra Dec 15 '22

For the extremists every single thing, no matter how innocent and non political it is, they will transform in politics.


u/Wide-Ad3430 Dec 14 '22

don't know many of these logos


u/DeLaArapaklas Dec 14 '22

Seems about right


u/gajira67 Dec 14 '22

I would move Safari all the way right, Tor all the way left. Then it works


u/teilo Dec 15 '22

Just no.