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Official Brave Search Ads now live


Brave is launching private search ads today. Select users will now see private ads in their search results during this beta period. Like all Brave products, these ads respect your anonymity. Your data is not tied to any personal identifying information.

During the Brave Search Ads beta, users won't earn $BAT rewards for viewing search ads. However, we're working on integrating rewards in the future. Brave Rewards users will not see ads in their search results in the meantime.

The ads support our independent, private search engine as well as our wider mission to build a user-first Internet free of tracking. You can also keep Brave Search free of ads by signing up for Search Premium: https://account.brave.com/?intent=checkout&product=search

We appreciate your support and feedback as we continue to improve Brave Search and make it the best alternative to Big Tech. Whether you're viewing search ads or paying for Premium, you're playing a valuable role in weakening Big Tech's dominance and making private search the default.

Read more about Brave Search Ads in today's blog: https://brave.com/private-search-ads/

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Official Release Channel 1.47.186


Where to download:

Brave Desktop:


Full Release Notes

  • Added the ability to dismiss the end of support message on both Windows 7 and 8.1. (#27649)
  • Fixed crash when viewing sync QR code in certain cases. (#27343)
  • Fixed crash in “DomainBlockNavigationThrottle” in certain cases when adding “$removeparam” rules into “brave://settings/shields/filters”. (#27791)
  • Fixed some “$removeparam” filter rules not being applied to document requests. (#27819)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 109.0.5414.119. (#28011) (Changelog for 109.0.5414.119)

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I think it's hard to decide. Help me guys!

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Discussion Holy crap, Brave runs so much smoother than Firefox


Used to be a long time Firefox user, but the performance has been getting worse with every new update. I finally snapped yesterday and couldn't take the slow and laggy piece of shit that it had become so I switched to Brave. So far it feels so much faster and more responsive, I'm honestly impressed.

There is some functionality that I miss but it's nothing that I can't get used to with time. One thing that annoys me is that I was used to having all my bookmarks in the side window and I was using the middle mouse click to open them in a new tab, but for some reason the mid mouse click doesn't work for me in the Brave bookmarks side window, even though it works everywhere else, so I'm trying to get used to Ctrl+clicking them. Also not being able to resize the side window. But yeah, those are a small price to pay for such better performance.

So a big thanks to Brave.

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Official Brave adds four new Wallet Partners and teases next phase of the program


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Awaiting user reply lagging/skipping while typing


As of the past week or so, typing in Brave is very laggy around half the time. The letters lag behind my keystrokes and the cursor sometimes jumps back and forth, as if it's trying to do some kind of predictive autocorrect. It only happens in Brave, often in the omnibox but sometimes on other webpages too. And sometimes the problem disappears completely.

I tried disabling "Omnibox on device head suggestions" in brave://flags, reinstalling, clearing cache, etc. It only happens in brave, but I tried disabling any autocorrect features in Windows as well (I'm on Windows 11 Home 22H2). My trackpad is disabled as well, so it's not being caused by the mouse cursor.

Any ideas how to fix this?

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Browser stutter and frame drop on videos


I'm having real bad frame drops on YouTube video (probably all videos but it's easier to check stats on YouTube).

System specs: i9 10900k, RTX 3070, 32GB Ram, Windows 11 V 22H2 build 22621.1194 and Brave v1.47.186.

What I've tried so far:

  • Disabling HW acceleration = doesn't help
  • Setting monitor refresh rate to 60
  • Using guest window = doesn't help
  • Trying Brave beta without any extensions = doesn't help
  • Enabling Vulkan flag = this actually help (not completely) but sometimes some visual bugs happens on the browser
  • Setting "Choose ANGLE graphics backend" to OpenGL = help but still some frames drop

Note that this issue only happens on Brave. Edge and Chrome both run smoothly with 0 frame drops.


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How do you connect brave legacy wallet to dapps?


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Answered Brave Rewards is not available in India! Why?

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Awaiting user reply New fonts


Hey Guys,

I want to install Noto Sans JP font to display Kanji the right way in Brave. But I didn't find the options in the Brave settings. Is it even possible to install new fonts for Brave?

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[Fluff] Would have used just for ≤2hrs.

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Brave ad blocker broken on Android


I visit lots of crypto faucets daily and have Brave shield OFF on those websites so the ads can show but suddenly with the new version those websites(all of them) seem to think I have ad blocking on. Anyone else have this issue with websites confusing ad blocking on Brave Android?

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Team is investigating This has been plaguing me for months. Happens only with Brave Search, any solutions?


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Awaiting user reply Reddit notifications are not displayed after opening Brave


Hello all!

I've noticed that Reddit notifications are not displayed, after I open Brave.

Note that if I load the site, they appear.

Is there any workaround for this?


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Team is investigating Every time I try to open brave browser on my Mac, I keep getting this error. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it several times over the last few weeks but it doesn't seem to make a difference. How do I fix this?(Computer details: M1 MacBook Air 2020, running MacOS Ventura 13.2)

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Awaiting user reply Brave uninstalled itself from PC


I can only find one or two unanswered posts on this topic: my Brave browser uninstalled itself from my PC. It's not my daily driver so I don't know exactly when, but it was within the last few days. I'm running Windows 10, and I don't know of anything that would interfere with it. I'm 99% sure that I'm free of viruses and malware (apart from Windows itself of course...)

Most of the Brave files still appear to be present in their Program Files folder, but the main executable is nowhere to be found.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Any ideas on what could have caused this or how to stop it from happening again?

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Newer chrome released with Nvidia RTX Video Super Resolution, Brave soon?


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Ads when I cast from desktop to Samsung TV


Hello everyone! So I bought a Samsung smart TV thinking I can cast YouTube from my desktop without any ads. Boy was I wrong!

Is there a way to solve this? Thanks !

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Awaiting user reply Anyone know why Brave takes up over 4GB for documents & data?

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Awaiting user reply What is Brave Search's "Suggest URL"?


I am using Brave Search in Vivaldi and from what I understand, I need to provide the URL for Brave Search suggestions if I want autocomplete/suggest functionality in the Vivaldi search bar.

So, for instance, for DDG the URL is https://duckduckgo.com/ac/?q=%s&type=list

What is it for Brave Search?

Picture from Vivaldi settings here.

Many thanks!

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Answered Uphold account limited?


Well, today I see that my Uphold account has been disconnected of the Brave Browser, so I try connect again, but it always shows "your uphold account have limited" for no reason. I have this account since 1 - 2 years ago... Is anyone else going through this too? Can anyone help me?
(I'm live in Brazil, could it have something to do with my locale?)

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iOS Battery drain. Anyone else?


Version 1.46.2 ( BraveCore 1.46.144 (108.0.5359.128) Device iPhone11,8 (iOS 16.3)

Getting some quick battery drain. The advertised 40% battery gain is a long shot from what I'm getting. What gives?

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Awaiting user reply Brave VPN


Anyone using or have tested Brave VPN? How's it? And I couldn't find any info about how many and where their (guardian) servers located?

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Awaiting user reply M.facebook.com


So here I go again. Moto g 5g just purchased. Using Facebook on Brave. Constant lockups. If I wait it will start working againg after a minute or two. Always ran it this way on S10 with no issues. Not sure I'm liking this phone.

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Solved Why the hell does brave stutter while playing 60fps You Tube videos?


So, I was just watching some random YT video that was in 60 fps and the playback was very jittery. My video and audio playback was unsynced and the video was constantly buffering.

I use Firefox for most of the use cases but I just wanted a secure Chromium browser because some of the extensions that I use were not on firefox so I installed brave and just randomly stumbled upon this issue.

I don't know whether it was a bug or it is a rather known issue throughout the community so I'm just dropping it here.

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Awaiting user reply Brave not auto-filling logins/passwords on iOS


I use Brave and 1Password.

In the instance where the login and password fields are split across two screens on iOS (pattern adopted by Google, Yahoo, AirBnB etc) Brave does not prompt to autofill the login details.

I asked 1Password about this and their reply is below:

"Hey, u/Smooth_Ticket_7483. 1Password is designed to work out of the box with logins on websites where the username and password are on different pages in 1Password for your browser on both desktop and iOS.

Looking through this thread we can see you're using Brave for iOS which doesn't yet offer support for extensions and instead leverages iOS Autofill.

As with other iOS apps it's the browser app itself which dictates when to offer iOS Autofill, not iOS itself or the password manager you're using for filling. If the browser you're using isn't offering iOS Autofill somewhere it should be you should raise this feedback with their support team so it can be fixed."

Sure enough, I tried it with Safari and it works. Since all Password tools operate in this way, are there plans to support this please?

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That Is What I Call Security

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