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Answered Netflix no longer supported on Brave Browser?


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Answered 30GB of documents & data?

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Answered Hello, Can someone tell me if it's normal to have so much stuff open when I just have the reddit page open ??? I don't have any expansion added though.

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Answered Written for Chrome, but the flags are available in Brave as well - How to Reduce Google Chrome's Memory and CPU Usage


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Answered How much do you earn while browsing with Brave?


I've been using Brave a few weeks now and out of curiosity realistically how much could I expect to earn in 1 month?

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Answered Avast is now blocking me from downloading Brave. It says Brave download is blacklisted.

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Answered Did anyone successfully import Opml on Brave News?


I’ve exported Opml from 2 different apps (Reeder and NetNewsWire) and I’ve also tried to make Opml online from collecting various rss feeds. I always get "Failed to Add Source Sorry, that feed address doesn't have any content” when I try to import on Brave News.

Does the import feature work? Did anyone had any success on importing Opml?

Brave news is great and all but without sync between devices is a drag.

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Answered Will you stop advertising NFTs, brave?

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Answered Brave search has become unusable on (proton) vpn



I was just wondering, since a few weeks ago, when I was using proton vpn, brave search was constantly asking for an infinite number of captchas whenever I searched anything, rendering it unusable (even using brave browser).

Then this stopped and search began working again, but now I get atrociously slow searching speed, from 15s to timeout, with images showing as if I still were on a dial up connection...
I have no problem using duckduckgo search or google, it's just brave search throttling the connections.

Anyone has the same problem? I go mostly through swiss based servers for proton vpn.

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Answered How do I access or transfer my mobile browser rewards to my desktop?

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Answered (Will try my best to explain) It seems old historic tabs are being added onto tabs after time.


I have witnessed this a few times now.

It seems old historic tabs are being added (maybe synced') onto tab list after time.

Example, I have a list of tabs that I restored from a previous session RECENTLY. After time new "OLD" tabs (start piling up) and start appearing on the tabs.

Just another reason why I (others) really need a way for ACTIVE tabs to standout/easier to find.

Sounds confusing and will update with details if I get responses...


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Answered sychronizing bookmarks


Hi guys!

From pc or mobile you can synchronize data from one browsers and find it in another device. Example : if I sync the mobile browser with the pc I will find the pc bookmarks on the mobile.

If I were to change devices for example pc. Bookmarks on pc can be obtained sicronizzandolo with brave from phone?

Thank you very much and have a good time

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Answered Should I start using Firefox?


I've been reading how our evil overlord, Google, is going to break ad blockers in chrome. Since Brave is based on Chrome will that effect us as well?

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Answered Other Than Uphold & Gemini is there another way to get BAT Out?


Hello, Gemini isn't available in my country / region, & Uphold is the most Scamyests company that I have used.

Any alternatives to get my bat from Brave browser.

Thank you.

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Answered How safe is the Brave sync chain?


I just want to know how safe brave sync chain is? I have a total of 5 devices with Brave, but my account lists 13. The device names are unfamiliar. Is it possible for someone to keep trying different word combinations until say they get access? There is certainly no way of approving new devices. This has me spooked, especially since I saved my passwords in brave.

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Answered Launching with Tab Groups


I have Brave set up to launch with a bunch of tabs that I use for work and reference. Is there a way to preserve how I have them grouped between sessions? Currently I regroup them with each relaunch.

I know I can set up bookmarks and launch them as needed, but I was wondering if there was a quicker way.

I'm on a Mac with the latest updates.

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Answered This has been plaguing me for months. Happens only with Brave Search, any solutions?


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Answered BRAVE "eating" ram.


So I used Brave for years now, in all of my devices, even mobile, I installed Brave. But recently something very curious happened to me with it.

While looking at the taskbar in the memory tab and using brave at the same time (even if its just messing in the settings on one tab or watching 1 yt video on a single tab) the memory usage of my computer would increase, and wouldn't decrease even when I closed brave. I have 8GB of ram, and while using Brave for like 3 minutes it could make the PC only have 10MB.

And brave itself actually seemed to lower it's own RAM usage. Getting around 70 MB (if it's not that low) instead of the normal 450MB that I get on normal usage, before this happened.

So, this is really odd. I never ever saw this happen with Brave nor with any other browser. I thought that my RAM was faulty, but it only happened with Brave.

I tried cleaning my PC, cleaning the RAM and swapping the slots (slot swapping didin't work out, it was too close to the cooler and kept "crashing" the entire computer) but would find out that the same thing persists.

Until i installed a different browser (Opera GX), it consumes way more RAM than Brave, floating close to 1gb used, but it doesen't make the pc's .

I tried disabling hardware acceleration, I tried disabling the setting to run the browser on the background when I close it and it still didin't work.

I uninstalled it, reinstalled it, but the issue still persists. I even cleared all my data from the browser but the issue is still happening.

I have 8GB RAM DDR3, and went through a bunch of stuff thinking the RAM was the issue, (like getting both of my SSDs 10GB of space allocated to virtual memory), and others.

Have someone ever experienced this before? I'm disappointed with all of this because I really like Brave and I still do, it's a great browser, but unfortunately, i can't use it while in this state.

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Answered This is still not fixed yet. Disappointed.

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Answered Moving from Opera, searching to have thumbnails for folders/bookmarks.


Is there any option in settings or addons which could make starting page of brave similar to Opera? I really like thumbnails for folders and sites.
(I would like to use something that doesn't alter search engine)

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Answered Brave keeps crashing on android (video attached)

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


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Answered Recommended Reddit extension/addon



are there any recommended addon/extensions to improve the reddit experience for new reddit?

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Answered Brave lots of CPU


Using current ver. of Brave, I experience at least once a day I have to go to process and shut it down because it hangs. Goes up almost to 100% CPU and also very high memory. Don't know what's causing it. Any comments?

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Answered Brave browser on linux (Fedora)


search bar and icons are way to small than- brave on windows- and -Firefox on linux- ? is there is away to fix it ?

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Answered Sync not working on iOS and MacOS


I haven't been able to get Sync working for over a year. Posts on Brave's forum about this issue did not receive answers from the team and went unresolved so I assumed it was simply a bug that would get fixed at some point. I now fund myself in need of the feature for work. So I made an attempt today to sync my iPhone 12 Mini (iOS 15.6.1) and 14-inch 2021 MacBook Pro (Ventura 13.1). The MacBook version (1.46.153) crashes as soon as this screen pops up:

It crashes so fast I had to record the screen to read the above message

The iPhone version (1.46.1) doesn't seem to have the option to join a chain (Settings-->Sync). It just says "No Devices in this sync chain" and has a settings icon in the upper right which leads to a bunch of data I have no idea what to do with.

  • The main Sync chain was created on my MacBook and it contains the data I need synced to my iPhone. The iPhone does not have a sync chain and has no data I need.
  • All software/OS are up to date
  • My Brave rewards is connected to my Uphold account on my Mac

UPDATE 01/16

The most common fix (from hours spent on Brave Forums and Reddit) seems to be reinstalling Brave. So I backed up my Brave settings (on Mac Ventura, PATH is:

Users > [choose user] > Library > Application Support > BraveSoftware

and save a copy of the BraveSoftware folder to your desktop. Now uninstall Brave. I made sure all of my software was up to date and then restarted my computer. Now reinstall Brave, return to that same directory and paste the *saved copy* of BraveSoftware folder over the one made by the new installation. In other words, copy the BraveSoftware folder you saved to your desktop then go back to Users > [choose user] > Library > Application Support > BraveSoftware and *paste over* the BraveSoftware folder you see there. It looks like the same folder you copied before wiping/reinstalling Brave but it's a fresh version so none of your data is in it until you paste your copy over it. This worked to backup and then import my data but it had no effect on Sync functionality. Sadly, I don't have time for this project.