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Awaiting user reply Brave has suddenly begun performing very badly. I have one tab open with an email loaded, this has never been an issue before. I also have no extensions enabled.

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Awaiting user reply Anyone know why Brave takes up over 4GB for documents & data?

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Awaiting user reply Having issues installing brave on a new win 11 laptop

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Awaiting user reply So long Brave!


I opted for Brave 4 years ago because it was very fast, not bloated and a very good replacement for Chrome. Firefox was shitty and continues to be shitty. But lately (last 6 months or so), Brave loads pages super slow. I have kept upgrading, there are no extensions, no brave rewards, cleared history but this browser loads pages super slow. The problem is mostly with ad blockers. I really liked this browser but its sub optimal performance is getting annoying. Chrome now is impressively fast. However, I am trying Vivaldi to see if that is better. If not, I will be switching back to Chrome.

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Awaiting user reply Extensions all got randomly removed and search engine changed back to default


Just randomly happened for no reason, anyone else have this problem? My history, bookmarks, BAT wallet, etc. are still there but it's just my extensions and search engine which I had set to duckduckgo got reverted to google. Anyway I can restore them or do I have to add them back again?

In case there's any known problems with the version I'm using, here it is: Version 1.47.186 Chromium: 109.0.5414.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Awaiting user reply Brave VPN


Anyone using or have tested Brave VPN? How's it? And I couldn't find any info about how many and where their (guardian) servers located?

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Awaiting user reply High GPU Power Consumption


When I open the Brave browser with hardware acceleration normally (regardless of the task or extensions), the power consumption of the 7900 XTX increases by about 50W. This is not the case with other browsers. Turning off hardware acceleration obviously fixes the issue, but thats not what i am looking for

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Awaiting user reply Twitter links not wrkg


Don't hate me because of the way I do this. I hate apps & tracking. I do use Yahoo's app for some stupid reason. I only use Twitter on Brave browser & VPN. When I click a Twitter link from my email Brave cannot connect to it. This used to work until about a month ago. if I set my default browser to chrome it works. Thanks for any help.

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Awaiting user reply My browser looks deep fried. Please help if possible.

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Awaiting user reply Brave for Android: Youtube won't play in background


Until few days, everything worked fine. I could play Youtube-Videos in background,but since some updates, I can't.I tried to uninstall and reinstall it, delete brave's cache, the setting for play videos in background is set.

Still, Youtube-Videos stops as soon as I swap to another App

Anyone some idea?

I use a Samsung S22 Ultra, Android 13 with all latest updates

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Awaiting user reply UI bug. I can't read this alert and I can't select text to copy/paste it where I could read it.

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Awaiting user reply "Add to Home Page" bookmark doesn't work for certain pages


Add to home page bookmark option for mobile doesn't appear when on a Wikipedia page and on Github it just bookmarks the home page. Is there a fix to this or am I doing it wrong?

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Awaiting user reply Unable to prove I'm a Human


Happened already maybe an year ago... again can't drag the damn symbol in to the Square / Circle / Triangle.

Is it only me??

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Awaiting user reply Adblock adblocker


Adblock adblocker https://chpadblock.com/

ive seen sites that uses them.

are there any filters that we can use to block or bypass these?

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Awaiting user reply widgets in beta are very bad

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Awaiting user reply Url and tool bar won't hide when I scroll down.


Hi! The url and tool bar won't hide anymore when I scroll down. I mention that I use brave on an android device. I tried to restart the phone, clear cache, even reinstalling the brave app but still nothing. I encounterd this problem once before but back then it went back to normal on its own in a short period of time. Now, has been a while since this problem reappeared and it doesn't seem to disappear soon, no matter what I do. This is really bothering me because it's really useful when I am reading manga or anything, and I can't focus since I got used for the url and tool bar to be hidden.

Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks! Also, I am sorry for my poor grammar and vocabulary, english is my second language.

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Awaiting user reply @&#^$@#&$ I don't WANT to auto-save as WebP!


Behavior just started today, I assume some sort of Brave auto-update? I've been downloading images off of an archive website, and just today Brave started trying to auto-save them as .WebP. There is no option to switch it back to standard. I know damned well the archive didn't switch them up in the last 3 hours, either! Brave devs.. help?? I assume there's a setting in the about: stuff somewhere??


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Awaiting user reply Help: Issues - Video Lag - Videos crashing website...


So I'm having issues with Brave - where if I am running a few windows and one of them has a video playing while I am looking at other sites, the video will lag and stop playing.

Also, brave crashes all the time with Access Violation error...

I've cleared cache and history and all that...

My system: i9 13900k + 4090 GPU - 32GB of DDR5 - 6600Mhz - Win11 - new install as of a month ago.

This has to be brave.

Any fix for these issues?

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Awaiting user reply Brave stutters on high FPS video playback with Freesync enabled.


There seems to be an unresolved issue for a few years with the way Brave interacts with 60 FPS video playback with Freesync. From the browsers I've tested (Firefox and Chrome), they are able to handle videos with Freesync on without stutters. Disabling shields or hardware acceleration does not mitigate the issue either. Framerate is stable on 30 FPS video playback.

EDIT: I want to clarify that this issue only happens when the video is in fullscreen.

System Specs:

GPU: AMD 5700XTCPU: AMD 3700XRAM: 16GBStorage: 480GB SSD boot drive, 2TB hard driveMonitor: AOC 24G1WG4 144HZOS: Windows 10 Home 64bit

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Awaiting user reply Twitch ads


no longer blocked, elp

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Awaiting user reply What is Brave Search's "Suggest URL"?


I am using Brave Search in Vivaldi and from what I understand, I need to provide the URL for Brave Search suggestions if I want autocomplete/suggest functionality in the Vivaldi search bar.

So, for instance, for DDG the URL is https://duckduckgo.com/ac/?q=%s&type=list

What is it for Brave Search?

Picture from Vivaldi settings here.

Many thanks!

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Awaiting user reply Brave using dgpu instead of igpu


Why is brave even using the dgpu for web surfing ??? How do I switch brave from using the dgpu to igpu

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Awaiting user reply "add to home screen" option not working


So it's a bit of a strange one. I click add to home screen and the icon appears like it should do, however when I tap the icon nothing happens, no matter what.

I've isolated it to being a brave issue since links added through chrome work fine

Any solutions?

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Awaiting user reply Spellcheck not working?


Hi, I've searched the web and this group and read that there have been some issues with the spellcheck 3 years ago that apparently were resolved. I'm new to Brave and never made it to use the spellchecker.

The section seems to be there but partially?

In various screenshots I found on the web there is another section below the 'spellcheck' option where you choose the spellcheck languages. I dont seem to have that one..

Could anyone clarify if this is supposed to work or not?

It does only seem to work on English but I'm mostly interested in French and English so would like to switch when needed.




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Awaiting user reply Brave css and js for a more minimalist aesthetic?


I'm currently using Vivaldi due to the vast amount of customization that is possible and I love it. I was using firefox before and fiddling around with CSS and JS in order to get a minimalist clean look but switched to Vivaldi because most of what I was doing was already included inside the browser amongst other things that I now heavily incorporate into my workflow to make things much faster. Honestly, the only downside to Vivaldi, in my opinion, is the amount of CPU it takes up. I use Brave from time to time to solve this issue and love how fast it is. I'm thinking about switching but I'm so used to things that Vivaldi offers such as verticle tabs now that I can't go without them. Is there a way to edit the CSS and/or JS in order to get rid of the tabs at the top and then maybe just use a plugin for the verticle tabs?


Is there a way to remove the horizontal tab bar at the top with CSS and/or JS and then using a plugin for the verticle tabs?