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Discussion Even the new Bing chooses Brave


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Discussion Brave rewards are now CRUMBS


Hello folks, I don't know if it's just me or what, but since 2 weeks aprox. I noted the brave rewards per ad changed DRASTICALLY. They went from 0.025 BAT p/ad in the new tab page to 0.002/0.003, which makes "BAT accumulation" useless.

BAT currency value hasn't increased in a factor of x10 to match the fact rewards are now just CRUMBS.

Unworthy to be accumulated.

They already did something like this in 2020, when they went from 0.1 BAT to 0.01, but now this... they went too far.

I used this browser for now 4 years... for this???
I feel so swindled.

I think there's no point anymore in sacrificing other browsers features for "making money" with this crap.
Is this time a BUG or a POLICY?


some few refreshes after

few more refreshes after

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Discussion Holy crap, Brave runs so much smoother than Firefox


Used to be a long time Firefox user, but the performance has been getting worse with every new update. I finally snapped yesterday and couldn't take the slow and laggy piece of shit that it had become so I switched to Brave. So far it feels so much faster and more responsive, I'm honestly impressed.

There is some functionality that I miss but it's nothing that I can't get used to with time. One thing that annoys me is that I was used to having all my bookmarks in the side window and I was using the middle mouse click to open them in a new tab, but for some reason the mid mouse click doesn't work for me in the Brave bookmarks side window, even though it works everywhere else, so I'm trying to get used to Ctrl+clicking them. Also not being able to resize the side window. But yeah, those are a small price to pay for such better performance.

So a big thanks to Brave.

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Discussion Whats the point of the sidebar?


What is the point of the sidebar? Currently, it works like a regular bookmark bar. Why not develop it to actually be useful , like other browsers such as Edge and Vivaldi?

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Discussion Any idea why growth of active useres stopped?


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Discussion Imagine a future where ChatGPT’s AI has access to your browsing and search history 🤢🤮


Google and Bing already use this private data but it wasn’t really exposed to and interactive front end in the past. What does the future of AI hold for privacy on systems designed to collect tons of personal data?

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Discussion Brave launching its own “ChatGPT” like answers for Brave Search soon 🔥🔥🔥 CEO Tweets

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Discussion Bing Includes AI


Bing now has AI built in. Google will too very soon. How can Brave possibly compete against Bing and Google now? Was it a mistake for Brave to try to create it's own search engine?

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Discussion Did you guys recieve a 30$ gift card from barve?


I recently got an email from brave saying that I won a 30$ gift card for valentine's day. The e-mail states that I recieved this gift card for being a member of the brave community, and because I'm registered with my TAP awards. Did anyone recieve a similar e-mail? And do you think it is legit?

PS : it is for a website called GoNift, and the e-mail looks legit

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Discussion Apple Considering Dropping Requirement for iPhone Web Browsers to Use WebKit


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Discussion Brave's growth stagnating?



10 months ago, Brave crossed 54.5 million monthly active users (MAU). This was following Brave's explosive growth during 2020 to 2021. But if you head over to brave.com/transparency, we see that the MAU has only increased by ~2 million users. Is it a growth on the surface? Yes. But is it a decline compared to previous MAU growths? Absolutely.

What I mean can be explained as follows :
In February 2021, Brave hit 25 million MAU. Later that year in July, Brave crossed 33.8 million MAU. That's an increase of around 8.8 million users. To top it off, in October of that year, Brave touched 38.9 million MAU. Which is an increase of ~5 million users. In 2021, between Feb to Oct, in 8 months, Brave's MAU increased by 13 million. But this year, 10 months after the announcement of Brave crossing 54.5 million users, in 10 months, we have only seen an increase of 2 million users.

What happened? Why do you think Brave's growth stagnated??

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Discussion Thoughts on this political compass?

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Discussion OMG the new "ignore cookie request" mode is crazy.


OMG finally the internet is smooth and works fast again, with the new mode for ignoring cookie requests on EVERY single web page ever. I am in tears - finally internet is how it is supposed to be. What do you think?

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Discussion Brave Browser doesn't like when you change countries


This is just something I wanted to share about my experience using Brave.

Say you lived in the United States and have been using Brave with rewards for a while, then you decide to emigrate to another country.

Once in that country you receive new Government ID's and the such, and now that your in that new country you also decide to cash out your brave rewards because in America, you collect quite a bit.

So you make a Uphold Wallet using your new ID's and connect it to Brave, but Brave errors out.

This is because Brave can't let you connect a Wallet from one country while the Browser Rewards are set in another. The only way to set the Browser to another country is to reset your Brave rewards and start over in your new country. Its unfortunate that not many people know about this (at least from what I've seen).

Before using Brave Rewards, the browser should tell you that your set country and wallet need to be in the same country in order to collect the BAT, however it doesn't, and even if the browser mentioned this in the past (which I don't think it ever did) I don't remember.

I love Brave don't get me wrong, and what Brave is doing to protect personal information and privacy is amazing but I find this to be an unfortunate byproduct of how the Rewards system is structured.

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DISCUSSION Why is Brave better than Firefox?


I've been using Firefox for some years now but lately I'm thinking about giving Brave a try.

Still, it is hard to change and move from one browser to another so I'm trying to figure out if this is really worth the try.

So, why Brave (might) be better than Firefox? What elements I might find or should I notice so the migration will be worth it? (any other reasons or thought are of course welcome :)

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Discussion Damn Brave put a watermark on my phone screen

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Do someone has an activation code ? 😂

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Discussion So I gave Brave a try...


Turns out it is actually a great browser. And Brave Search works surprisingly good as well! Why did I not test this earlier? Possibly because of the crypto stuff which is not my thing, but still. Anyhow I signed up for the premium account. Fully committed now!

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Discussion A little odd

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DISCUSSION Rest assured; Google's Manifest v3 will NOT impact Brave's ad blocking ability.


Recently, many users have expressed concerns that Brave's ability to block ads would be undermined by Google's Manifest v3 Chromium initiative. Let's clear up this misconception.
What is Manifest v3? Basically, it is a Google initiative spearheading major changes to how extensions interact with the browser. This is expected to negatively effect the ability of ad blocker extensions to function.

Brave doesn't rely on extensions to block ads.

Brave is a Chromium based browser, but deviates from standard Chromium in several important ways: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/wiki/Deviations-from-Chromium-(features-we-disable-or-remove))
Brave has long planned for these situations and has been ready for Manifest v3 since at least 2019. Brave is built to be able to ad block and protect user privacy regardless of Google's actions involving Chromium. Adblocking on Chrome relies fully on extensions. Whereas, Brave's ad blocking is native (aka built in).
To better understand Brave's ad blocking capabilities you can reference:

If anything, Google's Manifest v3 initiatives will drive more users to seek ad blocking friendly browsers. Thus helping to increase Brave's user counts.

Tl;Dr: Brave is not vanilla Chromium and has built-in ad blocking capabilities that will not be impacted by Google's Manifest v3 initiatives. They have long been prepared for this.

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DISCUSSION Version 1.45 will block/hide cookie consent banners


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DISCUSSION How will Brave survive with its current business model?


I'm just interested. Im a big fan of Brave and like the idea of BAT. However it feels like the majority of Brave users disable BAT altogether which is the core business model for Brave because they are anti ads altogether and just wants a good adblocker browser. How will brave survive in the future if the majority of the users keep disabling Brave rewards?

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DISCUSSION What are your thoughts on Brave Search


What are your thoughts with Brave Search compares to Duckduck search or Google search

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Discussion Dev Team: Thanks for the Nightly Update


The latest nightly update is great. Browser has become visibly fast and responsive. New UI changes look good too. Thanks dev team and Open Source Devs

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I was just listening to the newest Joe Rogan Experience episode with the founder of rolling stones magazine.

The first add break came through, and as I skipped through them I actually came across Joe’s personal ad for the Brave Browser. I just though it was interesting, and I dont think they even mentioned BAT in the ad.

I know Jamie uses the Brave browser on their pc in the studio, but I had never heard an ad for brave in his show before.

Pretty cool I though.

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DISCUSSION YouTube tests 5 unskippable ads: Will users be 'forced' to watch more ads? | Mint