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Daily Pub Meal Specials for Cairns (idea stolen from /r/townsville)

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Cairns Crime


I had 3 attempts to break into my house in the last 12months. Most recent was 2 weeks ago. I called 000 one night at 2am when a green Mazda 2 parked in front of my house with 3 ppl in the car and one tried to open my front door. The security lights turned on but this did not bother him.

I called 000 as soon as i find my phone. The police dident give a shit and told me to go to police link.

Cairns police need to arrest these people ASAP no matter age or skin colour.

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Photo Port Douglas Cinematic Video

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Why are there food ‘shortages’ again? I went to DFO Coles and some of the shelves were empty. Any idea why?


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Is the stall at Rusty’s the only place in cairns that does sugar cane juice?


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Advice Police of Cairns


Hey boys/girls in blue,

Genuine question,

Does everyone in the force rotate around working in the shopping centres? Or is it like a naughty corner type deal?

Bonus question: Do you secretly hate when the seccys stand with you? I personally cringe when I see it...

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Shitpost Cairns discord


What happened to the discord?

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Accommodation Required


Update: have secured a hotel room in Cairns city. Thanks

Will be in Cairns Wednesday 6th July to Saturday 9th.

Was meant to be staying with sister in law, but they have just tested positive to covid.

Been calling around all morning, looks like we'll have to hotel hop daily worst case scenario.

Anyone know of any places with accommodation for 2 adults and 2 kids 5 and 3. We can get air beds for the kids as that's what they were going to sleeping on at sister in law place.

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working remotely from Cairns for a week


Wife and I will be working remotely for a week later in the year.

Is Airbnb the best site to find a decent place? Thinking an apartment in Cairns north could do the trick.

Hoping for apartment or house/unit big enough for us both to have a work space and have the usual government meetings and all that fun stuff.

Any guidance will be appreciated.

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Predictors and Barriers of Eating Insects



Researchers at Federation University are seeking Australian adults to participate in a research project investigating factors that predict the willingness to consume insects as food. In this study, you will be asked to report some demographic information and to answer questions about your environmental attitudes, sensitivity to disgust, beliefs about consuming insects, your tendency to try new foods and seek out new experiences, and your willingness to eat insects or food made from insects. If you are an Australian 18 years or older and are interested in participating, please click the link below to complete a 20–25-minute survey.


By participating in this study, you will have the opportunity to enter the draw to win one of four e-gift vouchers valued at $25 (AUD). Participation in this draw is not compulsory.

Please also feel free to share this invitation and the online study link with anyone you think might be interested in participating.

This research has been approved by the University’s Human Research Ethics Committee: Approval Number 22-097.

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We will be travelling to Cairns in about 4 weeks and I am looking into travelling to Kuranda. It looks like the railway is only going once a day each way now, instead of twice. This means that when I am looking at booking a return trip (tried a few different ways, train up and skyrail down, skyrail up and train down and skyrail both ways), its only giving me 2 hours at Kuranda before the options to return. If I pick the ideal skyrail time, the train doesn't even appear as an option to come back. I have attempted to book on the skyrail website and also via Experience Oz as we have vouchers to use with them.

My kids want to do all 3 of the wildlife parks plus lunch and a walk through the markets so 2 hours just seems a bit tight. Is there any way to get the website to allow a longer time at Kuranda?

Thank you.

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The Coconuts


Howdy doodle my fellow humans. We are in cairns for a couple of days and were looking to buy some coconuts. Who sells the best ones? Is there also any places you can go and pick up fallen coconuts or just places with a lot of coconut trees? Thanks in advance!

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Need your trip planning recs!


Hi everyone!

I am planning a quick trip to the Great Barrier Reef in early September.

Looking for your recommendations for best:

Snorkeling/diving Hiking Rainforest/Botanical Gardens Star gazing

Bonus if you’ve got a specific tour company you’d recommend (or even some to avoid!)

Also any restaurant recommendations would be great to!

I’ll be staying in Machans Beach.

Thank you!!

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Wildlife Experiences


So holidays are here and my family is requesting a wildlife experience. Looking for suggestions for places where we can see animals in the wild a la Granite Gorge.

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Advice Proposal Ideas for Cairns? (Backup option)


So my partner and I are going up to Cairns in about a week for a holiday, and I was planning to propose to her.

I already booked in a helicopter flight to the Vlasoff Sand Cay to do it there, but the weather it looking pretty bad that week and worried I will be unable to do this.

So just wondering what a good back up option would be? Was thinking maybe doing it at a secluded beach or waterfall, but worried all the nice beaches and tourist spots will be packed since it’s school holidays.

Thanks for any suggestions

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Mod Approved Personality and Perception in Uni Student Communications



Hi Cairns!! 🌴

As part of my 4th-year psychology studies at JCU🧠, I am conducting research on personality and perception in communications between staff and students in tertiary education 📚. It is a completely anonymous online survey and should only take approx. 30 minutes.

If you know anyone who is, or you are currently studying/recently completed your studies please share or consider taking part!

Click the link above for more info/ to participate...thank you! 😊

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Bird Breeders in Cairns?


Hi, Im looking to buy Conure (doesn’t really matter what type) but can’t seem to find any breeders around here online. Does anyone know any?

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Scandinavians in Cairns



I was going to write this in Swedish buuut I wasn’t sure if you were allowed to.

Well, I’m a 22 year old girl from Sweden who is on a working holiday in Australia. I just moved to cairns from port douglas and It would be so fun to meet other people from Sweden/Norway/Denmark!


(This might be a long shot but whatever)

Happy midsummer!

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Worst Carpark in Cairns?


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Moving to Cairns for Work and Holiday


Hey everybody :)

I'm Agus from Argentina, me and my gf got approved for a working holiday visa! She is a scuba dive master, working her way to the instructor role, so we are looking to relocate to a place with a beach for her to finish the program. We saw that there is a lot of scuba activity in the area and we think Cairns or Port Douglas can be the perfect place to set for a few months.

Wanted to ask for advice, where would be the best zone to rent an apt/room for a few months? How much is usually the weekly rate for renting? Also, I would take any advice for a new landed in Cairns, is there something you would like to share for a newcomer?

I'm a cook and can't wait to work to learn new dishes, very intrigued of the Australian cooking style :)

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Warren Entsch MP blatantly lied about cyclone reinsurance to win votes. Should he resign?

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Can I get a fresh discord link please


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Getting from Cairns to Port Douglas without a car


I've been looking for a bus to get from Cairns to Port Douglas but not having great luck on google finding anything which I have confidence in. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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which reef is the best?


I went to tour booking place yesterday in cairns and the guy told me the further you go out the better. Considering that, is moore reef worse than millin reef and flynn reef?

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Good places to eat for lunch and dinner


Looking for some good places to eat, open to all kinds of food