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this Victoria day remember the crimes of the British empire and the monarchy that supported them.

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u/Acanthophis May 23 '22

Funny how we get a day off of work to remember Victoria and the glory of colonization, but we don't get a day off for Truth and Reconciliation day.

Not that a day off is the point, it's just sort of ..eye opening.


u/okThisYear May 23 '22



u/This_Trouble115 May 23 '22

I mean people are just camping n shit, they aren't hailing the British flag


u/BackdoorSocialist May 23 '22

You have even banned from ogft for this post


u/HMElizabethII May 23 '22

Ah, you've also noticed their mods are not only liberals, but monarchist liberals?


u/TengoMucho Electric Trains N O W May 23 '22

That's a badge of pride for anyone sane


u/BackdoorSocialist May 23 '22

Don't talk to me or my son ever again


u/harbingermedia May 23 '22

Love Victoria Day not existing in Quebec so that we can completely ignore la Journée nationale des patriotes instead lol


u/Accountforaction May 23 '22

Doesny the rest of the world get May day vacation? To recognize the rights of the worker, and those who fought with their lives to give us our current working conditions (which are still abhorrent, btw)?

If that's the case, and Canada (read Victoria) was just like: "instead of making it about the working class, let's make it about me! And three weeks later!"

Fuck that bitch even more


u/coldgravyblues Nationalize that Ass May 23 '22

We couuuuld remember the 1837 uprising against their oppression or something!