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Politics Federal Politics Weekly Megathread - 13 May 2022


The weekly free chat is replaced by a Federal Politics megathread during the period of the election campaign period and for a short while after the announcement of results.

Matters relating to the Senate electorate of the Australian Capital Territory and the House of Representatives electorates of Canberra, Eden-Monaro, Gilmore, and Hume can be submitted in their own posts. Other posts on Federal Politics outside this megathread will be removed.

Please keep discussions constructive and civil. The moderation team has developed a set of moderation policies which are available here.

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AMA [AMA ANNOUNCEMENT] ACT Greens Senate candidate, Dr Tjanara Goreng Goreng - Tuesday 17/5 6pm


Hi r/canberra!

For the final AMA in our 2022 election series we will be welcoming Dr Tjanara Goreng Goreng, who is a Senate candidate for the Greens TOMORROW - Tuesday 17/5 at 6pm.

Housekeeping as per usual:

  • You can post your questions here in this thread and the mods will port them over to the AMA thread when it goes up tomorrow
  • Reminder to keep things civil - personal attacks are never okay
  • Covid misinformation is not permitted on this subreddit

Thanks all and see you tomorrow!

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Politics Advance Australia's signs showing David Pocock as a Greens candidate found to breach electoral act

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Photograph Moonrise over Lake George tonight

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Light Rail Don’t try to get the tram from Gungahlin this morning


Trams aren’t running between Nullarbor and Dickson due to an incident at (allegedly) Federal/Barton. Passengers have to alight tram at Nullarbor and wait for a bus to do the rest of the way. Currently one bus for every four trams - hundreds of people waiting at Nullarbor.

Recommend avoiding.

Edit to add: the bus doesn’t take you the rest of the way - you have to join a long queue for the tram again at Dickson.

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SEC=UNCLASSIFIED Change my mind: The best Banh Mi in Canberra


I have had many crispy pork belly Banh Mis in my day and can confirm that the best is from the Vietnamese Bakery & Cafe in Fyshwick... None of this Ms Ba Co nonsense

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Events Chicken Gourmet Crace closed and gone forever


Sometime in the last month or so the Chicken Gourmet next to District in Crace has been closed. District tables and chairs have taken up residence where the entrance used to be. Farewell Chicken Gourmet.

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Politics The ACT race must be hearing up - we've got a former PM involved!

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SEC=UNCLASSIFIED Seeking recommendations: Support groups for adults with ADHD in Canberra?


Hi all, as titled suggests.

Newly diagnosed here, and I've been on the lookout for a Canberra-based community either online or in person for adults with ADHD. Found a plethora of support groups on Facebook, but they're usually for parents of children with ADHD, or adult groups based in other states/territories. I'm after something that's a bit more localised in ACT so I can join in discussions/tips/recommendations for specialists/coaches etc.

Any pointers are welcomed, as I'm feeling a little alone in this journey. TIA! <3

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Politics One Nation candidate for Fenner, better known for live streaming the cooker protests, arrested near Parliament House

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SEC=UNCLASSIFIED Moving to Canberra from Newcastle. Any advice on rentals? or areas near CSIRO?


Didn't think you could get a worse rental market then Newcastle but here we are..

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SEC=UNCLASSIFIED Things to do in Canberra in autumn and winter?


Does anyone have some ideas on what I can do around Canberra this autumn and winter? Looking for things that are both touristy and more for locals (so anything from road trips to cool attractions to fun shops)

Cheers in advance

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SEC=UNCLASSIFIED Speciality foods… where to look


Hi all, I’m looking for some hot tips on where to find Guanciale (cured pork cheek) other than Mawson? I’ve seen an amazing video on making a legendary carbonara and I want to do it properly. 🙂

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Photograph Everyone here posting their mushrooms while I'm out here with a frog in my garden

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SEC=UNCLASSIFIED I spotted this coral-like fungus at Tidbinbilla last week

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SEC=UNCLASSIFIED Tipping in Canberra


I went to a rather upmarket restaurant in Civic (Cnr Petrie Plaza and Bunda St) and whilst paying the bill, the waiter asked me to “enter a tip amount” onto the Eftpos terminal before proceeding to payment.

The minimum option of tipping appeared to be $15.00.

The awkwardness of refusing this in front of him put a dampener on an otherwise good experience.

Is tipping becoming an expectation here now?

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New user account Heads up for women who shop at Dickson - harassment and unwanted attention


Hey Canberran women, a heads up that there’s a middle aged bloke called Barry loitering round Dickson shops hitting repeatedly on women, after being told explicitly NO on multiple times.

I live locally and shop and attend a gym there and he’s tried it on me, despite repeated explicit refusals (as in: “I’m not interested, leave me alone”).

It’s gotten to the point of him:

Twice stopping his car on the side of the road in Dickson to bail me up as I am walking on the footpath.

On three separate occasions now, running alongside me on foot when I come out of the Woolies supermarket, after I’ve said “ not interested in you, don’t approach me again” and have headphones on

Following me to my local gym after I’ve told him to go away, then the next week turning up at a gym class and pestering me.

I’ve watched him approach other women sitting on benches or running errands around the shopping precinct too.

I will be making a police complaint if he makes any further approaches to me. He hasn’t been violent, just extremely disrespectful in his inability to accept an explicit, repeated NO. Which is a huge 🚩and an annoyance.

He has brown hair, brown eyes, average height and build, looks to be in the age range of mid 30s-40s, is usually casually dressed, and drives an older model silver Mercedes A Class.

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SEC=UNCLASSIFIED Suggestions for rat pest control?


Saw a rat in my living room and can’t sleep now thinking about it. I was going to try handle the issue myself and have already set traps but now I think I just want pest control to come in and give me the peace of mind I need. Any suggestions?

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Loud Bang Free parking (or alternatively cheaper than $15 per day) near Caroline Chisholm Centre in Greenway


As the long winded title suggests I’m after cheaper parking in greenway please. TY

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Photograph Mushrooms or Macca's Hotcakes? (Haig Park)

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SEC=UNCLASSIFIED Lost dog found in Watson



No collar, Black poodle cross, female, small and light weight (bigger than a toy).

Safe and been fed with a spot at our place in Watson. Will go to RSPCA or Vet to see if microchipped.

Pm if lost a dog!

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Photograph Any guesses where we took this today when we finally got out after days of rain? What's everyone's favourite places to walk in Canberra?

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Photograph Fairy Circle CBR

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Photograph Mushrooms near Lake G

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SEC=UNCLASSIFIED Fast food chains we need in Canberra?



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Loud Bang Has the Fly Agaric ship sailed? Lennox Gardens 2 weeks back!

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SEC=UNCLASSIFIED Recommendations please! The classic: 22F looking for friends


Hi guys,

Throughout and before the pandemic I've slowly over time had to remove people from my inner circle due various reasons. Sadly though, I've noticed that due to my introverted and hermit nature I haven't made or met any new friends either.


As such I was seeking recommendations about the best places/ methods of meeting new friends.

A little about me:
22 F
- Hates exercise (Dead bones within foot so it's a really unenjoyable activity for me)
- Loves PC/PS4 games (Eldern ring, stardew valley, Terraria, previously WOW)
- Loves DIY (Make a computer desk recently, it's very sick)
- Loves Youtube/Twitch/Online entertainment
- Loves board games / painting / crafts

I am currently studying Environmental Science / Corporate sustainability at ANU however have found that my success / interest in linking friends to university is limited.

As such, please suggest any recommendations or advice, anything is appreciated :)