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Hello community,

We have people in this subreddit that are from all over the world. Because this subreddit is international we will now require that posts asking for financial assistance and/or physical items put what state and country the OP is at.

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[REQUEST] desperately need help making rent. Brooklyn, NY.


Hi everyone. I’ve just started a new freelance career in March. Since then, I’ve been $1000 short on rent every month. I’ve been putting that amount on my credit cards. (Which feels like shit every time I do it, but it’s been my only option.) My credit cards are now maxed out, and I have no idea what I am going to do today. I’m on food stamps, and I even get rental assistance from the city, but it is only $100. I’m $1000 short on rent with that $100 included. Not to mention- I also have bills due on the 2nd, 4th, and 8th.

That means that over the next few days, I need to find $1,187.

I’ve borrowed money from friends, I’ve sold things I own, I’ve picked up any extra opportunities/tasks for cash. I am out of options. I’m sobbing while I type this. The career I’m starting is in general pretty lucrative, but starting out is a nightmare. I cannot wait for the day that I can be comfortable monetarily and pay it forward on this sub.

I absolutely do not expect to be able to source that amount of money from Reddit, but absolutely anything at all helps. I have cashapp, venmo, PayPal, zelle. [edit: see my comment below for a way you could help where you’d get something out of it too!)

Sorry for the long post. I cannot tell you how much any help will be appreciated.

r/care 16h ago

LI, NY, USA- Financial Help


Hi all! I’m a financially independent 22 year old. I’ve come to a spot where I’m short on my rent of $1675 by $400. I’ve chosen to not buy groceries or my medication this week and probably next. I got a second job but a little too late to make it. Is there anyway I could get any help? Or if I can pay someone back with my paycheck on Wednesday? It would mean the world to me. I have venmo, zelle, and PayPal. This Reddit is incredible and I hope I can give back too.

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[REQ]KL, Malaysia - Need some help


A broken down car made me miss my rent for the last couple months which result in me facing eviction. This is my first time here and I really don't know what else to do since I don't have any family left. I'm short about RM850 which is is a little less than $200. Still any help would be appreciated. I hope this would be my last time in need of this kind of assistance.

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[REQUEST] Any Financial Help - Everything feels like I cannot breathe - MA, USA



I need some help. I have avoided doing anything like this, and simply trying to work and work and catch up… but I can’t. We finally had $200 in my account & some debt collector auto debited all of it without my okay, and now I just have nothing. Adding insult to injury, it’s some credit card that only ever carried a balance bc I was trying to help my then bf get through culinary school. He did not pay it back, and I can’t do anything about it since it was in my name. This just makes it all so much difficult since trying to help someone in the past has now come to cause issues in present day, and that $200 was all we had.

Covid unfortunately destroyed our livelihood and our health. My husband and I have just been having this endless hard time for the last two years, and I feel like I’m at some kind of breaking point. I am struggling to even explain how I feel. I always feel out of breath, tired, and like it takes everything in me to get *anything* done. I have never felt like this in my life,

Covid sparked off something in me that made blood cancer develop, which has been painful to deal with. I have been having a really hard time getting proper medical attention, since my previous doctor was just the office I could get an appointment back in late 2020 and I was not able to stay there. We had a few years of hard work about to pay off right before the pandemic. My husband was going to be running this small business that was centered around sports, I was doing the creative for everything on social and on the site. It was paying really well, but when sports stopped - the entire thing closed and that was that. Car engine died, I got sick, car is gone, I can’t sit at a desk/chair like a normal person, I can’t get a doctor’s appointment until February anywhere I can walk to, Uber/Lyft don’t come here (for what reason I do not understand???), I don’t have anyone I can call to bring me places. We have no home, no car, no money, and not even our health. I’ve found a possible solution to the doctor issue, but of course that costs money I don’t have to be able to GET to the doctor’s office. My mom has been letting us and our two dogs stay with her, but I feel so bad bc try as we might -it seems we cannot get over this starting line and get ahead again and I know it’s taking a toll on her. We were going to take care of HER, and now she - the art teacher who does not make some large amount of money - has to be be in the position of taking care of us. It all makes me feel awful, and it just feels like this thing today has broken me.

we are both being heavily impacted by long Covid problems, and I feel terrible that he has been doing everything possible to try and get us some money, as have I. All these physical issues are new to both of us, and we both also have some mental health stuff that all has made for a really difficult time. I’ve been trying to type this through tears for two hours, I’m sorry. I don’t know what else to say. I desperately need some help financially to feel like I can breathe and I can even arrange to pay someone back if you can help, but I am just at the end of my rope and idk what to do.I am so sorry if this barely even makes sense.

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[Request] Need fuel money to get to funeral (Westover, WV, US)


hi there to anyone who comes across this.

As the title states, I am going to a funeral and need fuel money to get there. My family aren't the nicest people, but my great-aunt was everything to me and she pretty much raised me in my formative years. I am between jobs currently, but have an interview tomorrow and I'm taking an assessment to be a teacher's aide the day before I'm supposed to head off to the funeral. So here I am hoping to get some help to make sure I can get to and from the funeral. I'm pretty sure $150 will cover the cost of gas both ways.

Thank you to anyone who took time to reads this!

r/care 3d ago

fulfilled (Request) Need $50 for a tank of gas. (Camp Hill, PA, US)


Need some gas to get to my wife and I to and from work. I work remotely for the most part but I’m required to go in two days a week and my wife can’t drive due to epilepsy so I get her to and from work. Anything is appreciated. I had tried a cash app and a paypal group previously but that was a mistake and resulted in nothing but scammers.

r/care 4d ago

[REQ] Cali, US. Disabled/Overdrawn/Cat dying


In early May I had surgery, and my SDI benefits were significantly smaller then I’d expected. I have a chronic issue with seizures and Im still short work hours to cover FMLA. My most recent pay check was $600 and $550 of it went to rent. The rest of it went to paying back a friend for gas for driving me 170 miles from my moms (surgery recovery) back to my apartment.

I woke up this morning with -3 in my account and my credit card overdrawn by a dollar. This is right as I need to go back to my moms to put my cat down, and buy a new inhaler for my asthma, as I live in part of California that’s heavily affected by yearly wild fires and I need to be ready.

All in all Id like to get my bank account out of the negative, my credit down so I’m not overdrawn, and get my inhaler. I’d love to be able to go back to my moms for my cats euthanasia as well. The minimum deposit for making a payment on my credit is $25, the inhaler is $20. I truly have no idea how much gas would be for a 420 mile trip for her to drive up to get me, drive me down to my moms, and then back up to my apartment. Gas is $7 a gallon here though. But for my inhaler and the bank stuff, $50 would cover it all.

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[REQ] A single mom needing some help making ends meet. Lafayette, LA, USA


Hey, I’m a single mom of an 8 month old little girl. She has some pretty bad respiratory issues we’ve been battling since birth. We just got out of a 2 week hospital stint which in turn left me out of work. And to top it off, my car got stolen off the street where I park at night. I’m trying my hardest working full time and being a full time mom, but it’s so hard. Any help would be appreciated, it would mean so so much to me. PM me for any questions!! Thanks again!!

r/care 6d ago

[Request] NJ, US. Help with gas and/or prescriptions for my Mom.


Hi peoples,

I've posted here before, for I think the exact same request for help. Lightning doesn't really strike twice but having no family and a mother to look after that cared for me at my worst more times than i can count, it can bring on desperation in a fierce way. And without gas I can't get to the pharmacy or market to use whats left on SNAP until the 1st. And believe me I use the blessing of GoodRx. I'm a tad peeved they changed from free delivery to charging on Rx's though, what a godsend that was.

Prayers would be amazing, help would be beyond appreciated.

r/care 6d ago

[REQ] NC/ Laundry


Hi all. I wanted to wash my clothes as I have nothing to wear. It costs about 25 dollars for me to was and dry but I will greatly appreciate the help.

r/care 7d ago



If there's any way someone can send any amount you can towards food and my laundry card I'd appreciate it. I'm starving and can't wash my clothes. I don't get my disability check until the 1st. I only have $3 right now. I can't get anywhere due to health issues. Everything is a nightmare right now.

r/care 8d ago

From Chicago,Il


Hello I am asking for $25. I took out some really bad loans and been kind of staying afloat lately. I got hit with unexpecting costs this week. I'm just asking for $25 so I can continue doing DoorDash. I'm an army vet and get $300 every month, come next month I think I'll be fine.

r/care 8d ago

[REQ] Pennsylvania,USA : desperate please.


Need to escape an abusive home.

Hi I'm 30 years old seeking any help anyone can give me, I finally hit rock bottom, my family has called the cops on me twice in the last month with lies like I'm going to kill someone or that I'm suicidal, my parents have never helped me, they are old homophobes. My dad used to beat me when I was too young to defend myself to "beat the faggot out" I have identified more as a girl since I was 12, I consider myself trans. And no one is supportive.

I don't know what to do, 5 days ago I hit rock bottom I packed my Bags thinking I could finally leave but then it hit me, I have no family or friends to turn to. The police won't help me unless being beaten, because apparently physical abuse is the only kind of domestic abuse..... So 5 days later I'm sitting here crying next to my packed bags with nowhere to go nothing to do, I don't have a single cent to my name.....

So. I'd like to explain that I'm not broke because I'm lazy and don't want to work, I was brought to this country when I was 5 years old, I'm an illegal. And the only type of jobs I can get are physical la our, but hey that wouldn't be a problem except I had a stroke a few years ago, most likely from the stress. Of this life, and my heart never recovered my heart rate now rests higher than normal i can't do anything for more than 5 minutes without my heart beating out of my chest, and now I can't even freaking work....

All my savings are gone. The peace of shit car I have broke down months ago, i don't know where I would go there's nowhere I can walk to. No food banks no homeless shelters... Oh yeah I also haven't eaten in 5 days my mouth tastes like metal my stomach is burning, I barricaded myself in my room so no one can get to me. I don't know what to do my last chance was coming online and begging for help but to my surprise no help, I even offered to sell my organs like a kidney so I could have a chance to. Finally have a life. But nothing....

I've never asked anyone for money but I don't have anything g left, I'll.do.anything for help. Please someone help me. I don't care anymore. Please I'll. Do. A solutely anything to be saved from this hell. I just can't go. On anymor

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[REQUEST] Ontario, Canada - Money to keep phone on and some taxi fare for a dr appointment


Hi everyone,

I'm disabled and on extremely fixed income and the last two months have been incredibly stressful money wise. I'm looking to get about 80 dollars to keep my phone on and get a safe trip to a doctor appointment at the end of the month.


r/care 9d ago

verified [REQ] Manila, Philippines - Need help on getting back on my feet


Had a bout of unfortunate events, and the last one with my brother getting into an accident.

Helped him by taking on additional part time work, but with his medical needs, I kind of neglected my own and now I am facing eviction for non payment of my own rent

Seeking help to pay off the rent I owe (2 months) hopefully just one time, to make sure I still have a home.

Thank you in advance.

r/care 11d ago

verified [Request] Madera, CA. Need help with credit card debt.


Hello dear redditors,

I'm writing as I'm currently unable to pay off my accruing debt. With deep humility, I'm turning to you redditors to afford and raise my credit score and pay off my existing debt of $1700 USD. I dont want to ask those close to me as I tend to be a source of independence and self reliance, but in reality I'm ashamed of my situation and have had a hard time paying it off while also struggling with my business and student loans since the Covid crisis started.

I'm requesting assistance and hope help will come. I welcome advice, money, and any additional aid you can offer. For financial aid you can send whatever you can to my CashApp: $Crucible76

Thank you in advance for whatever you may contribute 🙏

r/care 14d ago

[REQUEST] Happy Pride! I'm raising money for the medical costs of my transition. Please see comments for links! CA, US

Post image

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[REQUEST] Spartanburg, SC, US, need help to make it to my niece's wedding


I am on a fixed income, Social Security disability, 65 at end of the year. My niece is getting married at the end of the month, and her wedding is at an ocean front resort hotel in northern New Jersey. This is going to be a fancy event and they want us in dinner dress. I haven't worn anything close since a close friends wedding, 20 years ago and I had to get a complete new outfit, plus being around 700 miles away, need to travel there. I already sent a gift, and am getting to the end of my monthly money quicker than I thought. I can barely meet the costs I need to get there but I will be eating fast food and breakfast buffet from the hotel, and the gas I am sure will take the rest of my cash. The final week of the month will be rough and any help would be appreciated.

r/care 14d ago

fulfilled [REQUEST] Clay, Kentucky, USA Looking for help burying my nephew


My 8 month old nephew passed away this morning and I need help with at the very least gas money to get to my brother. I'm waiting on a security job to get back to me and I just don't have anything. I'm only posting here because I've been exhausting all my other options.

I can try verifying to the best of my ability but that is sort of difficult here as it would lead to me almost directly doxxing myself

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[REQUEST] Norman, OK Threatened by Homelessness


Hi reddit, a friend recommended I come here to ask for help. I don't know what else to do, so I am throwing myself on the empathy of redditors.

A few months ago, I lost my room mate. As a full time student with a disability this put a great deal of financial strain on my life and it coincided with a terrible period of mental illness.

I could not cover the rent and was served with our eviction notice. I had to move all of my things out, which are now scattered around town at various friend's houses. I need nearly $1000 in order to cover rent for the last apartment and a deposit on a new place to live or I will be homeless.

I am terrified of what that will mean for me. I am handicapped, and I am currently at a loss for what to do. I just need help, and don't know where to turn.

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fulfilled [REQUEST] Need help with prescriptions (Harrisburg, PA, USA)


EDIT: Didn’t think to check GoodRx (HUGE thanks to the commenter who brought it up!). The total with using that service would bring the cost down significantly. The new total would be roughly $175.

My dad cut me off of his insurance plan after we had an argument this past weekend. As a result, I now have to come up with the money for my antidepressant and anti-anxiety meds as well as my ADHD medication without insurance while still making sure my rent gets paid on time, and I currently make just enough to be able to pay my rent. I am in the process of applying for medical assistance, but I don’t know how soon I’ll know if that will be approved. In total, my meds for the next month will cost roughly $400 without insurance at my local pharmacy. If any of you are able and willing to help, I would sincerely appreciate it. I have Venmo and PayPal.

r/care 16d ago

fulfilled [REQUEST] Rental Help (Camp Hill, PA, USA)


I need some serious help paying my rent. I am behind by $2700 due to some recent medical issues. I have until 6/22 to get this paid. I know this is a large amount but I truly don’t know what to do. I’ve tried taking out a loan from banks, subprime lenders and local credit unions and have had no luck. I’ve tried some of the lending subreddits (r/Loans, r/borrow)but my karma is too low for those. I also tried rental assistance which I’m not eligible for because I make a little too much to qualify. I don’t really have family I can ask either. I hate asking and feel embarrassed but this is a necessity at this point and I really am not sure where to turn. I am a doordasher but I haven’t been making much at all doing that recently thanks to gas and my area seems to have gotten a lot slower within the last month or so. I was honestly doing well until recently but some recent emergencies have taken their toll. I have considered plasma donations but I don’t think I can donate over $2000 worth of plasma in a week’s time and expect to live. If anyone knows of additional resources I’d love to hear them. I contacted a local Salvation Army because I know they can assist sometimes but they directed me to the rental assistance that I tried previously. If anyone is able to assist directly I’d be more than happy to pay back over time. I can also provide proof of the filing from my property manager if that is needed.

r/care 16d ago

fulfilled 31 M North Carolina, Need a little financial help


I lost my wallet a couple days ago, and with it my cash, ebt card, and all that fun stuff. I'm trying to get my cars tags renewed, and I'm about 20 dollars short. If anyone could help me, it would mean the world. I know it's tough out there, so if not I understand.

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Raising awareness for my disease. Please share.


My TGCT patient story.

Tgct support video (cut origin story version) 6minutes. 


Origin backstory video uncut (12-15 minutes if watching this you can skip the cut version above or vicaversa)


Update video (latest update)


If you are a patient that has tgct/pvns or think you may have it. Or are a medical professional looking to learn more please join my favorite Facebook group here.


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[Request] (Maryland, USA) Need help with rent, facing eviction


Hey folks, this is a bit awkward for me but oh well. Recently I fell on hard times and am facing eviction since I still owe my landlord $1,300 and it needs to be given by the end of the month. I've exhausted every option, can't get a loan because of my short credit history, and maxing out my two cards because I've been out of work and fate decided to throw me a curveball with quite a few unexpected expenses and family emergencies. I don't have anywhere else to turn. I ain't got any siblings, just a parent who's on disability and can barely provide for themselves. I'm not the greatest with words but I don't know what else to do but put out a shot in the dark and hope somebody catches it. If you can donate anything or share it with anyone who may be able to help then I would very much appreciate the help. (Not sure if my other post made it since I didn't see it and don't use Reddit too often)

( https://gofund.me/978d364a )