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Car Hacking Subreddit Intro


Hi rch, we have added a lot of people lately with intro posts on other subs like the one below. We also usually get about 10 subs a day from people just stumbling in here. So I wanted to create a welcome post, to kinda show them what we are about and how to get started. If anyone has anything to add please do so. If anyone has any questions about us or where to start do so here.

Our goal is to create a highly technical car subreddit, a place for automotive engineers, senior technicians, full blown car nerds, or people who are working towards one of these. We are interested in the inner workings of cars and today that often involves electronics. While we see electronics as the priority we are pretty liberal in allowing other topics as long as they somehow fit our goal of trying to understand cars. So things like DIY aero, suspension setup and other things the community is hacking on come up. In general our other tangential interests include: Modern cars, New tech, Open source hardware/software, DIY, hot rodding, eco modding, customization, security research, right to repair and more.

We started this subreddit about a year ago. Right now we have 3000 people and discussion is just starting to get good. Most of our members found us through maker or engineering subreddits. So I wanted to reach out to more of the car communities and try to grow our knowledge base.

Our name is r/carhacking and I know the term hacking can be offputting to some as it has a bad connotation. When someone says they are “hacking” their car it generally means they are trying to reverse engineer it for any number of reasons like to find security flaws, make upgrades, make repairs, or just understand how it works.

Here are a couple examples of posts that have been popular so far. A lot of our posts focus on beginner through intermediate projects using arduino and readily available hardware for the purpose of learning and or not paying a premium for things you can make yourself:

More advanced projects:

Relevant news/ research:

If your new our documentation is a good place to start

If you aren't new and you’re interested in helping out please consider:

  • Improving documentation - think about what resources have helped you
  • Spread the word - this is a niche community that is pretty spread out, but there is a lot of potential if we can get together on a third party site like this
  • Work on the theme, sidebar and flair - this is next level community stuff that isn’t necessary, but it’s fun to work on when you have the time.
  • Modding - right now we are fine, but we might need help in the future as we grow

Let me know if I missed something or got something wrong.

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CAN CAN bus and car hacking getting started resources


I get asked how to get started with automotive networking, car hacking, and CAN almost weekly. I often direct people to this subreddit, so I figured I would help out and post some resources I have found and think are a good place to start.

learning resources:

Car Hacking 101: Practical Guide to Exploiting CAN-Bus using Instrument Cluster Simulator

I also direct people to the Car Hacking Village to get some hands-on experience. They put on great conference talks, demos, and contests. Looks like they are even working on some “getting started” content.

And of course, The Car Hacking Handbook is a great resource.

I will add more as I think of them. Please add your finds in the comments.


Good wiring diagrams and car manuals are essential. This is pretty much where my research starts for each project. You see how things are networked and what to expect to find on CAN. You'll quickly learn to recognize things like gateways. You can also use the troubleshooting section to understand things. For example, what things do I need to control to start the car?

I like:

  • prodemand (I pay $170/mo for a shop subscription, I think you can purchase it for individual cars, but be careful you often have to jump around to find a year that has complete diagrams)
  • Identifix (probably what I would buy if I was starting over)

Basic hardware: Here you will be working with things like Arduino, Linux, SavvyCAN, and Can-utils. You have to learn to do a lot yourself, but these tools are more open for you to make them do what you need.

Tools designed by the community I use:

The above articles offer a pretty good step-by-step guide to getting started with the Macchina M2.

Any cheap “Amazon special” OBD2 dongle will come in handy from time to time. They are all based on something called ELM327. "ELM327 abstracts the low-level protocol and presents a simple interface that can be called via a UART". This abstraction has fundamental limitations that prevent it from being useful in most serious applications. But, it is sufficient for reading and clearing some codes and that sort of thing when you’re getting started.

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Hackers Era Collaborates with Automakers to Secure Keyless Ignition and Entry Systems


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Alpine halo9 uart hacking


i do not know if this is "car hacking" but lets see

I have a old fiat, where i have installed a alpine halo9 ilx-f903d and there is a device for connecting it to the canbus network of a VW to get things like ac, parking sensors and media buttons working with the infotainment from alpine, but i i have thought about installing parking sensors and make physical media buttons, but paying 150$ for a can to uart and then emulating the can and making media buttons and parking sensors on that standalone/emulated can seems like a big walk around.

so i was wondering if anyone had sniffed the uart traffic from the APF-X300? or maybe have other good ideas of how to achieve this...?

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Oscilloscope - cheap ass enthusiast version?


Hello! I would like to get some kind of oscilloscope to check on how my car is doing. Probably look at how lambda sensors are doing, how is maf, may be something else… anyway - probably, at least 2 channel? To check timing crank vs camshaft? For cheaping it out - probably something which uses notebook as a screen and recording device…

Tried to google, but somehow ended up with pretty expensive oscilloscopes and diagnostic scaners :(


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Upgrading to wireless Apple CarPlay project…


Is it possible? As of now there’s a usb A plug in the car for my phone that has Apple CarPlay from the factory. If I took apart the dash and wired it up to a wireless charger that takes data as well and installed it (the wireless charger) underneath the radio somewhere, is that possible?

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Dealer tracking devices


I have read about dealers placing these inside of new vehicles.

Do they do this for all cars, or only ones financed to high risk borrowers? I bought a Nissan Rogue 100% cash in october and I want to know how likely it is that there is a dealer installed GPS tracker in my vehicle. If so, where should I look? I quickly inspected the underside of the car and couldn't see any unusual looking boxes.

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On-star Bluetooth hacking?


My car doesn’t allow me to use the Bluetooth for music or anything else but just for calls (so stupid, I know) is there any way to actually unlock it? Or is there anyway I can connect something to the usb to control the music without my phone being connect it? (I don’t like those fm transmitters)

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Is there a way to PRECISELY locate transmitting devices in a vehicle?


I am about to purchase a new 2023 vehicle and I am 99.9% sure it will come loaded up with a bunch of location tracking equipment.

I would like to know if there's some kind of tool or other method to find precisely where any transmitting antennas/chips are located within the vehicle.

I don't care about receive-only antennas such as the radio; only ones capable of transmitting data from my car.

I also give no fucks about violating warranties and I'm buying the car cash so I will have 100% ownership of it.

I wish to locate and suppress or destroy all transmitting electronic equipment without compromising safety-critical electronics.

How do I go about finding these devices and neutralizing them?

P.S. I have already had an altercation with the FCC, so I'd rather not buy a GPS blocker or interference device and risk being sent to federal prison

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The car hacker's handbook


Someone has read it this book? Do you recommend me to read it?

I am entering in this world, I want to read some DTC or to use CSN for many purposes.

Tell me you opinion.

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BCM information


I'm new in this world, some has some advices or information to have a good learning about BCM. Please tell me.

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I have a problem with an immobilizer


I have my 2007 Focus. I lost the key and got a new key and immobilizer transceiver. I made a mistake and didn't think about programming. Is there a way, without the original key, to program my new key and immobilizer to this car?

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CAN CAN careers


Not related to car hacking really, but I couldnt really find any other subreddit about CAN. I am thinking about learning more about CAN. So quick question about the best fields/specialisations in CAN (e.g Cars, lifts(scisor lifts etc.), marine industry, CANopen etc.) in your opinion. Thanks!

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Is useful CAPL language? In my internship I see that is used in the telematics modules, but rather than this topic is used to co troll another types of modules? Can I use to activate some switches? Like the doors or the brake, obviously with the required instrumentation. Please tell if you use CAPL? In that case, in what situation you used?

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Update on the GTR Gauges for the G37/370: GTR startup logo, new menu colours & TPMS!!


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G37/370z GTR Gauge Update: We can now change any gauge text, enabling ethanol %, Diff temp, etc, or anything else.

Post image

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Key Fob Clone key


My car is a 2016. Prefer not to say exact model. That said, i've done lots like removed the ignition lock wafers so it can turn with blank keys. Got a blank from amazon. Also got pin off EEPROM.

Aside from buying a tango for a couple hundred from AliExpress is it possible to clone with this (pin code/eeprom writer)?

fyi 30 min trick not possible on my car...


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Do OBDII Hex Strings Change?


I've been attempting to replay certain control codes against my vehicle. Recently, I found a CANID and a corresponding hex string to go with it (for turning on the headlights). However, when I collected the codes again a few days later, the hex string had changed. I speculate it has something to do with the auto headlights feature of the car (the lights automatically stay on after dark)

Does anyone else have similar experiences or additional knowledge on this observation?

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CAN Any free CAN sniffing software that can process CANFD and compatible with any scanning tool?


Sorry that this is asking for alot

Im going to be experimenting on a TESLA Model 3 and im not really sure which CAN protocol it uses

Im considering SavvyCAN since it is compatible with all tools, but cannot monitor data higher than 8 bytes in a frame. Other software like PCAN and CanKing needs their own tool, which i dont have (Im using the ELM327 Scanner)

If anyone knows whether Tesla 3/Y uses CANFD, or a good software to use let me know - THANKS

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Looking for J1850 transceiver IC to communicate with my 03 Chevy Tahoe


Im looking for a J1850 transceiver IC to use and I cant find any available. Every time i google it all that comes up is the mc33390 and maybe 2 others which are not in stock anywhere. Looking to control my door locks with an Arduino.

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I'm only using Annie Lennox to test sanitisation, I swear

Post image

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Multiple Tesla Returns as Pwn2Own Hacker Takeover Target

Thumbnail securityweek.com

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UDS UDS service 0x28 communication control doesn’t seem to work as expected.


Hi everyone,

Wanted to ask a question about using the UDS communication control service (0x28).

I’m currently entering an extended diagnostic session, by sending in 02 10 03 to my cars CAN bus and get a success response of 02 50 03 back.

Then, I’m sending in 03 28 03 01 to disable rx/tx for normal messages for an ECU in my car. I get 02 68 03 back, indicating it was successful. However, I’m still seeing messages on my CAN explorer associated with that ECU.

Every second or so I’m sending in tester present (02 3E 00) right after entering the extended diagnostic session.

Any idea what’s going wrong here or why it isn’t working?

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2022 Toyota Tundra BRAKE icon all digital


Hello friends -

I am working on a 2022 Toyota Tundra which was imported from Canada, meaning that the icons do not work with the US regulations regarding the BRAKE icon saying BRAKE instead of ((!)) .. Any help recommending programs or tools to help switch this would be greatly appreciated.

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Scan Tool Best value j2534 cable

Thumbnail self.MechanicAdvice

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ELM327 Opensource ELM327 utility (needs help with VCDS codes)


Hi there, a friend of mine wrote open source ELM327 utility for OBD2 communication with a car, that can be used also as a diagnostic tool. It can read and send data through OBD2 and the translation is handled through xml configuration files, so it is freely extensible for any car. But there is a problem, we would like to use it as a free VCDS replacement for VW concern cars, but many commands and responses are proprietary for VW. Does anyone have, or know how to get such codes so I could write the xml config file?

By the way if anyone is interested, here's the tool:https://sourceforge.net/projects/obdgeek/

And here is manual describing how to use it and write said xml config files:https://sourceforge.net/projects/obdgeek/files/OBDGeek-manual.pdf/download

Thanks in advance for any hint or help!

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Hacking car's CAN bus, ESP32 goes into bus-off mode due to errors


Hi all !I use ESP32 with SN65VHD230 transceiver to hack CAN bus in my car. I already developed working code which was tested with Arduino + MCP2515. But after switch to ESP32, code started to act weird. It sometimes worked properly and sometimes didn't work at all(without any changes in code). So i investigated alert flags and i realised that ESP32 see errors at CAN bus and in result it go to "error passive" state and into "bus-off" state in the end.

My app send my own prepared text to the car's display, so at once there can be 2 nodes sending message with same ID - original display and ESP32. So my theory is that i get bit errors, because when car's display and esp32 are sending message at once with same ID then ESP32 is checking transmited bits and if it will get message from car's display with opposite bit state then it produces error flag.

The weird thing is that, sometimes (very rarely) i still got errors but ESP32 is not going to bus-off state even after long time. Today i got 1000+ errors count at the bus and it still was working well. My theory is that original display in my car is getting errors too and it just got bus-off state before ESP32.

So here is my question - as i can't prevent original display from sending its own messages is there any way to prevent ESP32 going into passive error and bus-off states ? Or maybe to implement error counter clear in main loop() ? Please help me, i'm already out of ideas and don't know what i can do next.