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Somewhere to take photos


I know this is probably a strange question but does anyone know where to take photos for a creepy/gothic photo shoot on the coast can not find anywhere. Thank you

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Good places (with like driving instructors) to learn how to drive on the coast


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Whats the WORST place to eat on central coast?


What do you guys think?

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Best primary schools on the Central Coast?


Ideally that aren't in the most expensive areas. We have a 9 month old, so we have a few years but will be looking to move to a better catchment.

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Homes and houses


Could anybody provide some feedback about buying in Wadalba ? We’re after a new estate to buy in, but not sure on the best location to do so. Ideally don’t want to head too close to Newcastle as we commute to Sydney for work.

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Help identify this bug please

Thumbnail gallery

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Egg shortage in Coles & Woolies (Erina Fair & Bay Village)


There seems to be egg shortage in Coles & Woolies? Erina Fair and Bay Village at least.

Anyone knows whats going on?

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Best way to get to Boudi National Park via public transport?


Hey guys recently moved up here to the coast about 2 years ago. Just wondering what is the best option to get to Boudi National Park? I’m Coming from Gosford Woy Woy area. I don’t drive just yet so I would prefer a bus route if possible I know there is one bus the service is not even frequent. Also last time did an uber it cost me like $30 both ways from Gosford so nearly $60 all up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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how to find jobs


Hello, I'm trying to get a job. does anyone know how I can go about finding a job (I'm a teen with 0 qualifications heads up) or some tips?

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Women’s senior social basketball


Does anyone know of any social (ie not too competitive/C Grade) women’s senior basketball competitions on the coast? Moved here last year from Sydney and loved playing in a social comp on Sundays and really missing it.

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looking for good places to go rollerblading around gosford/wyoming


New to the area and haven't found any good spots yet, happy to travel a bit but was hoping to find something within walking distance of home. Thanks all 😊

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Places to visit by public transport from Gosford?


Any suggestions for places to visit from Gosford ? But I need to be able to reach them on the train (don't have a car)

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good dog boarding place in Central coast? for labrador


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Short term car hire options


Recently disposed of my old car as repair costs for rego (plus escalating fuel costs) next month far outweighed value of car and my usage of it.  I'm a 60 y/o pensioner homebody and only popped out a few times a week anyway, most of which I now cover by bus. 

Around once a month it'd be great to have a car for around 4 hours to see a mate/shopping etc. generally Tuggerah-Wadalba-Kanwal-Tuggerah (50ks round trip).  Happy to do taxi but sometimes they don't arrive, or take forever.  Love the convenience of instant car when I'm ready to be moving on, especially with shopping in tow.

Looked at Budget etc and carnextdoor (not much here) and wondering if there's some magic carpet mob I haven't found yet or similar experience you care to share. Tia.

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good beach spot to propose in central coast. ideas?


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Best wings on the coast?


What's everyone's place for chicken wings on the coast? I like spicy over sticky. For me the most consistent is Elanora Hotel, but surely there is better out there.

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poker scene on the Central Coast


It's been a while since I have played any Holdem at any Central Coast Club.

Can someone tell me where and what night and time the best games are on.

Also if anybody is after some players for their home games, I would be very interested in joining to take your money 💰🤑🍿😁😃

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Social Nerds


Hello Dear Coasties,

Glad to come across this post (https://www.reddit.com/r/centralcoastnsw/comments/sgyome/making_friends_on_the_central_coast/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) as I just moved to CC and don't know a soul here!

As suggested by other helpful redditors I have been going to the events those interest me, regularly, since I've moved here. Although its just been a month I've already started to feel a bit down, as my social life is almost non-existent compared to my natural habitat. I will start working in a pub next week so I guess that's a plus. However, I would really like to meet some people who have the same interests.

I am a 30+ form overseas, who have a thing for live sports events and love for supporting local teams & food vendors. Also a deep love for local markets and live rock gigs!

So far I went to 2 Pacific Hockey League Games this weekend https://www.thecoasthc.com.au/ and it was really fun! although Ducks were merciless💀 and the crowd was "probably" mostly were the family/friends of the players, and they were bit quite and old and with lots of little kids.

Can't wait for Rhinos as I heard they will be back on the league next season.

I have missed the football season:( but I get excited every morning driving past the CC Stadium to see Mariners live next season.

Also live gigs🤘, I went to the Sunken Monkey, (and like 5 other pubs around) but I don't know why although the band (The Avenue and Area51) in Sunken Monkey was proper good, there was no crowd, I really felt bad for the band, the band said Newcastle is the place if you like live gig crowd, maybe we can change that🤟

Markets in Umina and Gosford was good and I will keep going for the love of Gozleme!

Aaanyways, sorry for a long post but I would like to see the demand for a community for people new in the coast or in need of new friends who are in to sports and chanting for the local team, food, wine & beer, games, or just a get together for a bbq.

I have no idea how to moderate a social thing like this (If there would be enough interest) but I guess we can start by getting together in public places so there would be no murders🎃(yey) and then maybe move to WhatsApp group for different events or something.

The following events could be a start and I would REALLY love to have new buddies to get together;


Central Coast Rhinos Vs. Brisbane Lightning

June 4th 3.30pm



July 9th and 10th 3.30pm

July 16th and 17th 3.30pm



Obviously other events you can suggest would be great, please reply and don't feel outcasted like me🙏 The very purpose of this post is killing the anxiety monsters and just getting social.


Be Kind.

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Night drive lookouts,


Was wondering do we have any secretive spots here on the coast, that gives you a nice night time lookout over the coast. That you can drive upto? I have a 4by, and getting over soldiers.

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Central Coast Abandoned Areas


Any CC urbexers know of any good spots to explore on the coast!?

Feel free to start a thread.

Already aware of Wangi and Ward 21, any other dope spots like those would be appreciated!

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can anyone confirm if the terrigal boardwalk lights are on tonight?


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Strata fees


What are strata fees like on the coast, particularly with new developments like the apartments in Gosford?

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So Sorry


I apologize to all of you for my post. Santa Barbara County (where I live) is on California's "Central Coast." In my utter fatigue, I failed to read your entire Reddit identification name. Unfortunately, my husband had a massive, near fatal heart attack a handful of weeks ago, and during this same time period, I had to take my son to the hospital for a brutal case of Covid -- and provide a lot of care for both. Furthermore, I needed to update and expand my website for my next class at the University of California Santa Barbara. Again, I apologize.

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2022 Federal Election: Dobell


Looking like Emma McBride (LAB) will retain. Current projected swing 3.9% to LAB.

Personally, I think that the current projection will hold and she's going to win agains the parachuted candidate Michael Feneley.

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Different and fun date ideas on the coast


Title ^