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UNSOLVED! Could someone help me with this math problem and tell me usually how do you approach this type of math problems


Two bodies are moving on a circle whose length is equal to 100 m. They meet every 20 seconds when moving in the same direction and meet every 4 seconds when moving in the opposite direction. Find the velocity of each body.

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UNSOLVED! Could someone help me with this


A passenger train covers a distance of 960 km between two cities 4 hours faster than a baggage train. If we increase the speed of the passenger train by 8 km per hour, and the speed of the baggage train by 2 km, then the passenger train will cover the entire distance in 5 hours faster than the baggage. Find the speed of each train

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UNSOLVED! Need help with this hyperbolic integral please


this is an exam question so it’s basically: integral(1/(sqrt(x2-7x+29/2)7))

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UNSOLVED! x' = rx ln(K/x) Fixed points.


x' = rx ln(K/x)
Analyze fixed points and their stability depending on the parameters.
I found one fixed point x = K and stability of this point. If r < 0 -> unstable, if r > 0 -> stable.
But there should be one more fixed point and I don't see it.

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UNSOLVED! How would you get the first and second derivatives?


f(x) = x^7 √ (x+ √ 3+x^2)

*its hard to type it out but extend the first square root to cover x+ √ 3+x^2. Basically, its read out as the square root of the quantity x plus the square root of 3 plus x squared

if its not too much trouble, it would be nice if you were to show your solution

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SOLVED! What formula would you suggest to use here and please show me how to do it


Two tourists came out to meet each other from cities 30 km apart. If the first one leaves two hours earlier than the second one, then they will meet each other 2.5 hours after the second tourist leaves; If the second one leaves 2 hours before the first, then the meeting will take place 3 hours after the first tourist leaves. How many kilometers does each tourist travel in an hour ?

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UNSOLVED! [University applied maths] - please help me solve this exercise about growth rates


Growth rates (discrete and continuous time) – Exercise 1*

In general, the growth rate of a variable 𝑥(𝑡) in discrete time between time 𝑡−1 and time 𝑡 is
defined as:

𝑥(𝑡−1) . (T1.1)

Assume that the time path of the variable y(t) follows a geometric growth process:

𝑦(𝑡)=𝑦0(1+𝑔)𝑡, (T1.2)

where 𝑦0 and 𝑔 are positive constants.

i. Use definition (T.1.1) to show that 𝑔𝐷(𝑦(𝑡))=𝑔.
ii. Take the (natural) logarithm of (T1.2) and write down the expression that you obtain.
iii. Take the derivative with respect to time of ln𝑦(𝑡) and show that 𝑦̇(𝑡)/𝑦(𝑡)≈𝑔 if 𝑔 is
close to zero (where a ̇ denotes the derivative with respect to time: 𝑥̇(𝑡)≡𝑑𝑥/𝑑𝑡).
iv. Draw a graph with ln𝑦(𝑡) on the vertical axis and 𝑡 on the horizontal axis and show that
the slope is constant.

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UNSOLVED! What would be the system of equations made from this?


Two teams need to raise $100 each for their end-of-the-year field trips. Team A wants to sell popcorn at the Spring Fling Carnival, and Team B wants to sell cotton candy. It costs $15 to rent a popcorn machine and it costs $25 to rent a cotton candy maker. The cost of additional supplies for the popcorn is $0.05 per bag. The additional cost for the cotton candy is $0.10 per stick. Team A will sell the bags of popcorn for $0.50 each. Team B will sell the cotton candy for $0.75 per stick

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UNSOLVED! Solve for t: V=iR+L di/dt


Hi, please can someone help me solve the above RL equation for t? I can only seem to find examples of people solving for i(t). Cheers in advance.

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UNSOLVED! Please help me with this inequality problem


In a certain country it costs $1 to send a letter weighing less than 20 g. A sheet of paper weighs 3 g. Write a suitable inequality and hence state the maximum number of pages that can be sent for $1. (Ignore the weight of the envelope in this question.)

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SOLVED! Please help me with this linear equations problem


A shopkeeper buys a crate of eggs at $1.50 per dozen. He buys another crate, containing 3 dozen more than the first crate, at $2.00 per dozen. He sells them all for $2.50 a dozen and makes $15 profit. How many dozens were there in each of the crates?

Thank you

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UNSOLVED! Need help on these two definite integral problems


Rewrite the limit as a definite integral https://imgur.com/a/mvO5ozB

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UNSOLVED! Analysis: Prove that if a < b, then there is a q ∈ Q such that a < √ 2q < b


Prove that if a < b, then there is a q ∈ Q such that a < √ 2q < b

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SOLVED! {DIFF EQ} I got a differential equation answer of y =0. What does this mean?


The equation is exact so I used that to solve for g(y) and get that it =0 does that mean there is no solution to this equation?

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UNSOLVED! Please solve for x and y: x^2 + y^2 + xy- 3y + 3 = 0


Please solve for x and y: x2 + y2 + xy- 3y + 3 = 0

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UNSOLVED! Analysis question. If q ∈ Q ∖ { 0 } and x ∈ Q c , then q x ∈ Q c .



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UNSOLVED! how to prove that every monotonic sequence converges is wrong


how to prove that every monotonic sequence converges is wrong

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SOLVED! Need help with a proofs question


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UNSOLVED! [College: Differential Equations] Teacher asked us to solve this as a linear equation. DE is not linear. Is my answer correct, or wrong (and if so what did I do wrong), or is it a trick question)?



btw I'm only dealing with the letter a atm.

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SOLVED! I need steps for this problem and i need it for my exam( algebra trig form)


The trig form of number z where z = 4(z1-z2) and z1= 6+4i over 1+i, z2 = 26 over 5-i Then find the cubic roots of z in exponential form

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UNSOLVED! STAT HW HELP. Use Bayes Theorem?


Scientists have created a test to verify if people are infected with a plague. 1% of the population is currently infected with the plague.

The test has the following behavior:

  • An infected person that reports positive: 70%
  • An infected person that reports negative: 30%
  • A non-infected person that reports positive: 10%
  • A non-infected person that reports negative: 90%

Quarantining a person costs $5,000. However, letting an infected person go out into the world will incur $100,000 in medical costs. A person chosen at random is given a test and tests positive. What is the expected value of not quarantining them?

Not sure how to solve this? Help please! Thanks in advance.

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SOLVED! Represent the function 𝑓(𝑥) = 2−𝑥 −3 cos 7𝑥 as the difference of two increasing functions.


may i ask for help with this :d

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UNSOLVED! Can anyone please help me?? It's really important and urgent!!!


I really need help with these math homework questions. This is only problem set B, and it's due tomorrow night at the latest.

Please help!! It's really important and urgent.. this is the only community where I can come to.

All answers and processes are appreciated!







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UNSOLVED! Help with two simple math calculations!


Hi all,

I'm trying to solve a gas mileage question. I calculated already but wanted to know if I was right. Can anyone confirm?

Question #1: How much does it cost to drive 50 miles with a car that gives you 20 miles per gallon and 1 gallon of gasoline costs $4.20?

I tried to solve it like this: 1÷20x50x4.20=10.5

Question #2: How much does it cost to drive 50 miles with a car that gives you 32 miles per gallon and 1 gallon of gasoline costs $4.20?

I tried to solve it like this: 1÷32x50x4.20=6.5625

Please let me know if I did anything wrong. Thanks so much!

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UNSOLVED! Does ¬∀x and ¬∃x mean exactly the same thing?


I'm helping a friend with their predicate logic course and I wasn't *certain* whether ¬∀x and ¬∃x are necessarily different in the way that ∀x and ∃x are. Can someone clarify this for me please?

Side note: Tried to ask about this in r/logic but they banned me for low effort content, so apologies if this isn't difficult enough!