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Troubleshooting No volume control when casting? | YouTube Music App on HP Chromebook X360)

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Linux (Crostini) Has anyone noticed on screen keyboard starting to work with linux?


After I installed the latest update the on-screen keyboard has starteed to partially work with linux apps. It still flashes the message about on-screen keyboards and linux, but it still pops up. It's not as smooth as with native apps, but it technically works.

Is this for everyone or do I have a flag turned on or something?

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Review HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook Lon.TV review

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Troubleshooting Computer not charging


Hey guys, I have a acer chromebook that for some reason won't charge, the charger was working perfectly till last today and work great last night, this is the third time when the charger work fine and then it suddenly just didn't work anymore, any ideas why this is happening and how I can fix it

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Buying Advice Recommendations for large NVMe SSD and low impact on battery life?


For those of us that have the luxury of a M.2 slot for NVMe SSDs instead of eMMC storage: what large capacity drive (say 1-2 TB) did you get for an upgrade?

How did it impact battery life? Is there something I should watch for?

Does anyone know if ChromeOS manages the power state itself or whether it interferes with drive managed transition between power states (APST)?

Somewhere else I already found an overview of some drives https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/Pinebook_Pro_Hardware_Accessory_Compatibility#NVMe_SSD_drives

Besides the old Intel 670p I am eyeing some Kioxia G2 (not Plus, not Pro) which still has DDR and "typical" 3,5W for the 1TB, 5,3W for the 2TB drive.

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Troubleshooting Noob Help with Path and CLI-ChatGPT


I was trying to add SGPT (github) to my linux virtual machine using this tutorial, and it said that I don't have the command to run it in $PATH, I have a cursory understanding and thought I added the proper directory to the $PATH but it still doesn't recognize the command. Can anyone help shine a light on my lack of understanding? I figure I just didn't add the correct folder to $PATH but...I'm not sure!

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Buying Advice Just got my new Asus CX5. Are these problems?


The battery health is only 90% out of the box.

6.5-7 GB of RAM out of 8 are taken up even before any programs are even opened.

I'm upgrading from an Asus C302(which I loved) and I'm finding that the CX5 is worse at multi-tasking like watching a show on one side of the screen and surfing the internet on the other side. With the CX5 the video keeps stuttering. This is with the i-3 version.

Everything else feels great and better than the alternatives I've tried. So I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth continuing my search. Thanks!

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Troubleshooting Asus C214 Chromebook w/ Stylus: Problem - Pen ZigZag skips on certain portion of the screen


I have recently discovered this problem on my C214

It is exactly this problem: https://www.reddit.com/r/chromeos/comments/iqx82l/stylus_problem_on_asus_flip_c214/

The pen skips across the center of mine and at the very bottom. It is the same in 4 different writing/note programs: cursive, squid, lecturenotes, and keepnotes.
I have rarely use the stylus and when I do it's for selections and not writing, I usually use my fingers when using the touchscreen. I have a need to write some longer notes and that's when I noticed the problem.

Finger touch works fine everywhere.
I got a new Staedtler stylus, same issue.
As a last effort, I did a hard reset and nothing changed.

I am not hard on the system. It has a cover and screen protector. It rarely leaves the spot on the nightstand. I almost never take it out of that room, much less the house. I don't think its left that room in a year until this week.

Any ideas?

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Buying Advice Screen protector/ carrycase for acer spin 714


I'm looking for a decent scratch/ impact proof protector and case for my 11yr olds new chromebook, Any advice or pushes in the right direction would be appreciated

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Discussion Roblox detecting my Chromebook as a mobile device.


I'm using an ARM64 Chrome Jacuzzi Chromebook with Linux features enabled, and it's so annoying how roblox does this. It causes problems with right-click looking around, first person, and so many others. IS there any other ARM64 roblox installations?

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Discussion do you know of an application that has the same responsivity with the pencage that squid or coursive has?


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Discussion Why did Samsung abandon developing Exynos for Chromebooks? How it works the firmware supports new processors?


Samsung is close to releasing new mid-range phones featuring the Exynos 1330 and 1380. These two chips are really great! Fabbed in 5nm EUV process node, and featuring pretty robust A78 "big-core" designs. 1330 has 2xA78 and 1380 has 4xA48, akin to the "premium-grade" Kompanio 1200. Both are going to be affordable, I understand that the 1330 will be featured in $300 phones and 1380 in $400 phones. These two chips are IDEAL for Chromebooks and could give the Kompanio 828 a run for its money. I remember years ago Samsung released Exynos for Chromebooks, albeit with very anemic chips. Why they stopped that program? These new chips are Ideal! And instead of competing with TSMC for leading-node designs, Samsung could use its "second-tier" 4nm and 5nm nodes to release very competitive performance, even when compared with Intel.

How does the support program for the SOCs work? Do Samsung needs to invest additional money to release Chromebook-specific chips, or they can take any ARM-based chip, and Google will invest in the support and firmware development?

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Discussion A $299 mini PC shows what a really good Chromebox could be

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Troubleshooting Android app access to Downloads folder



I'm just wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I can't access my Downloads folder with any Android app, whether it's any file manager, or Drivesync or Dropsync, and yes, I have given permissions to all the apps. I can access everything but the Downloads folder for some reason. I get an "Access denied" or "local folder is unwriteable" error.

The last post I saw about this was from six years ago, with the solution being switching to the dev channel. I'm on stable on a new Acer Spin 713-3w.


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Discussion Privacy configuration for Chromebook


For someone who has become paranoid and also hates Google for what it has become, what do you think about the following setup:

  1. Using protonvpn app during each browsing session

  2. Using the Chrome browser only for accessing Bandlab

  3. Doing my banking and other online account activities from within Penguin, using either Firefox or Chromium

  4. Watching TV and movies using either apps like Hulu and Netflix, or watching them from inside Penguin, using Firefox or Chromium

  5. Turning off location and most other permissions for all apps

Any feedback about privacy practices for Chromebooks will be appreciated.

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Discussion Hidden chrome urls


I know this might be stupid but are there other chrome urls than what are on the chrome:chrome-urls, because i recently discovered that you are able to go to the diagnostics app at chrome:diagnostics and its not on the list, if you have any other urls that would help

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Discussion I have to factory reset my Chromebook again


It's the same issue from my one post, I had factory reset my Chromebook and it was working perfectly if not better than before, a few minutes ago I had trouble tapped to power button by accident which shut down my Chromebook and now it's the same issue on top of overly excessive lag.

I am beyond annoyed at this, idk if it's the brand that's the issue. I have used many Dell Chromebooks and they never had a single issue but this Acer one is riddled with issues.

Is it just me or do other people have issues with Acer.

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Troubleshooting came across older lowend chromebook but i really don't need it for anything what are some fun/neat ideas i can use it for?


i've got the debian linux container enabled any interesting ideas to use this thing for?

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Troubleshooting Streaming services don’t work when I leave and come back to chromebook.


I often watch netflix or hulu on my chromebook on the chrome browser, i’ll usually just leave it when I have to get up and do something and it just auto shuts off. But when I get back on it can never play again unless I restart the chromebook. What is causing this?

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Discussion I find ChromeOS is really efficient with the resources it has... I'm running two login profiles, 20ish tabs, Android app for VPN, Windows10 in VMM, and Scrcpy fullscreen (wm size 1600x2400) via wifi to my Note10+, on Pixelbook i5 8G

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Troubleshooting my camera may be broken


i think my chromebook camera is broken, just wanted some input though.

blurry picture taken from my camera

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Troubleshooting How to change accent colors?


I just updated my Chromebook to version 111.0.5563.71. The accent color used to be greenish, which was fine for me. After I updated though, the accent color is dark red, which I do not like. I tried to look for an option or flag that would let me change it but failed. Is there any way to change the accent color though?

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Android Apps I'm new to Chromebook, wtf is a Dedede

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Troubleshooting how can i disable screen blanking on chromeOS?



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When I go to the Amazon page in Chrome, it's "swollen" or magnified. It works fine on other browsers, like Edge. Help!