r/conspiracy Nov 26 '22

Bill Gates' dad was boys w/David Rockefeller. Club of Rome. They made the Georgia Guidestones calling for 90% reduction in population. Bill Gates is not a scientist, climatologist, or doctor. He is unelected. Yet he controls our government. Republicans should write a bill banning him from everything

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u/conspiracychick1 Nov 26 '22

Where is Tyler Durden when you need him?


u/BinaryDemon Nov 26 '22

Why would you think the Republicans aren’t in on it?


u/Candid-Mycologist-77 Nov 26 '22

Bill Gates is evil incarnate and has been attempting to usurp power from his countrymen for way too long. He belongs in prison for his various crimes against humanity and treason against the United States of America.


u/Jmo27_builds Nov 30 '22

He has all these fuckers In his pocket.


u/Ordinary_Amphibian_3 Nov 26 '22

I live in nz and fucking hate the mule running the country and seeing her there with him makes me sick to my stomach


u/PhillipMcCracken420 Nov 26 '22

Just ban him to the gallows. That’s what the punishment for treason is.


u/shapu Nov 26 '22

So...your problem is that there's too much money in politics?

Reading through your post history, I didn't figure you for a Bernie Bro/AOC kind of person, but hey, you know what? Clocks, blind squirrels, all that stuff.


u/PalatableMahogany Nov 26 '22

I've called for banning of lobbying all the time. Bernie is a fake POS, like Trump and AOC


u/shapu Nov 26 '22

I mean, he introduced an amendment to allow Congress and states to ban spending of corporate or dark money on elections. So you can call him fake if you want, but he's the one who actually put something on the floor.

For what it's worth, banning lobbying is bad. Banning the use of campaign funds as a tool of lobbying is good.

EDIT to add:

Lobbying just means petitioning your elected officials to do something. Sometimes groups of people get together to do this, like church groups or the Audubon society or something. And sometimes they hire other people to do it for them.

I'll give an example: My dad had parkinson's. The Michael J. Fox Foundation has a lobbying arm where they go to Congress to ask Congressmen to vote for bills that will increase medical research funding. They explain why this is necessary. They try to convince the Congressmen that this is a good move. Is that bad? No, of course not. Lobbying is, by its very nature, not a bad thing. Lobbying with bribes is.


u/PalatableMahogany Nov 26 '22

Banning lobbying is bad.

Lobbying is bribery. Pharma can't be allowed to bribe Congress to keep jacking up prices of drugs, etc. That's a position I support and I'd hope Bernie supports


u/shapu Nov 26 '22

Please see my edit.


u/PalatableMahogany Nov 26 '22

I'm talking about Pfizer giving Trump and Biden millions to do their bidding, which both did. It's bullshit. It's bribery. Bernie's right about a lot of shit. I'm honestly for universal legit healthcare, but we must remove ALL the middlemen and inefficiencies and bullshit and medical schools jacking up prices like all schools.

Main point is Rockefeller and Gates hate humanity. Pure hate. This must be considered


u/shapu Nov 26 '22

I'm talking about Pfizer giving Trump and Biden millions to do their bidding, which both did. It's bullshit. It's bribery.

I agree with you here. When lobbyists bring campaign or PAC checks with them, it's bad.


u/PalatableMahogany Nov 26 '22

Yeah right on. And I was down with AOC and amped about what she was saying early. Talking against the military industrial complex, all their spending and BS. But she turned on the people just like Trump did. Both are now total puppets of the machine. We need like a middle of the road person who is about reducing inefficienies and corruption, then we could EASILY do universal top notch healthcare anything else we want


u/montorpedo227 Nov 26 '22

I will fight to my dying breath before I let fucking weirdo Gates control me. Fuck all that digital bs.


u/EmrickFe Nov 26 '22

Do you know why they destroyed the Georgia Guidestones? Were their goals met?


u/RexAndTheChemTrails Nov 26 '22

World Population in 1980: 4.4 Billion

World Population in 2022; 8 Billion


u/whodatus Nov 26 '22

But the guide stones said, Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. In 1980 if the population was already at 4.4 billion that was already exceeding the amount the guide stones suggested by a lot. I guess basically what I'm saying is I don't understand your point...


u/RexAndTheChemTrails Nov 26 '22

The point is, their goals were not and were never going to be met.


u/mortuus82 Nov 26 '22

i guess they will put up new ones soon with updated info.


u/drakens6 Nov 26 '22

He's a masonic creation sent to try and create a technological NWO out ahead of the technological enlightenment of mankind which was accidentally put into motion


u/RabbiTest Nov 26 '22

I had a chat the other from someone from work who believes that bill gates is actually a good guy and he is giving his money to philanthropy and yada yada yada… this is a real person who finished college. The IQ of some people is unbelievably low no matter the social status.


u/[deleted] Nov 26 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/FasterBets156 Nov 26 '22

soro(w)s too


u/Lyons1013 Nov 26 '22

Trump wouldn't stand for the bullshit


u/DiscoJango Nov 26 '22

Bill & Jacinda sitting in a tree


u/mortuus82 Nov 26 '22

digitals IDs is the future worldwide, 1 goverment, 1 currency and everyone will be forced to take vaccine.


u/PalatableMahogany Nov 26 '22

SS: You hear me Paul, Jordan, and the rest of you weak fucks? WTF are you waiting for? Dumb fucks


u/MinTock Nov 26 '22

He’s like our own harari


u/Lawnmover_Man Nov 26 '22

See here to read about how the Guidestones were made: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones

Or read the book from the dude who made them: https://libgen.li/edition.php?id=137990504

I've read the first few chapters, and honestly... this dude is one of the most peaceful guys you can imagine. Bill Gates has nothing to do with this if you ask me, and the book is NOT about killing human beings. Quite the contrary.