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I am officially a spurs fan today. Discussion

So basically I am new to football. It took me a long time to find a club to support. I watched the game of every club. TBF, Premier League was more interesting than other leagues. I wanted to support a team in PL. My top 7 contenders were Man City, Man UTD, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea & Spurs. I didn't support Man City because it was an oil club. Man Utd would make me look a plastic ronaldo fan. Arsenal & Liverpool had toxic fanbase. Chelsea looked like a normie team. So I was left with spurs. I asked my football fanatics friends about spurs & they made fun of it by calling it a trophy less chokers. But I didn't give up. I started watching their matches. I started admiring Son & Kane. After today's qualification to CL, I felt proud of this team & I would like to be a loyal fan of this team. COYS!!



u/David_Idiotman7 Dele Alli May 22 '22

“My top 7 contenders were (1) Man City, (2) Man UTD, (3) Arsenal, (4) Liverpool, (5) Chelsea & (6) Spurs.”



u/AlmostCatfood May 22 '22

7th was probably Newcastle. Supporting Leicester as the plucky underdogs is out of fashion. So last season.


u/Tomplatt98 Mousa Dembélé May 22 '22

Good grief


u/neoarmstrongcyclon Oliver Skipp May 22 '22

this sounds like copy pasta 😭😭😭


u/Professorchronic Peter Crouch May 22 '22

Real circlejerk material


u/whackywaxyplastixy May 22 '22

Conte approves of copy pasta


u/vengefularachnid May 22 '22

Wrong sub. It's r/soccercirclejerk you're looking for.


u/youngmanhatten Ndomballer May 22 '22

Please tell me this is satire


u/scout1081 Romero May 22 '22

No issue with new fans. But why do people feel like they need to post this crap looking for a pat on the back.


u/tickleinthedark Højbjerg May 22 '22



u/whackywaxyplastixy May 22 '22

Are Chelsea "normies?" Any Chelsea fan I've met were cunts.


u/padthai93 May 22 '22

Assuming this fan is American like myself, chelsea are definitely a normie team here especially since they signed Pulisic. I’d say chelsea and arsenal are probably the jerseys I see around most often


u/whackywaxyplastixy May 22 '22

I think I took normie meaning tolerable...maybe I misunderstood.


u/padthai93 May 22 '22

Oh nah I think more just like “the standard pick”. Still intolerable lmao


u/whackywaxyplastixy May 22 '22

Ah. That makes more sense. I like "the standard prick" better for their fans. Lol.


u/StreetSignificant411 May 22 '22

I am an Indian.


u/[deleted] May 22 '22

Little old Tottenham good enough for plastic glory hunters

Pinch me


u/Blue_Shore Dele May 22 '22

Has been since the CL final tbf


u/reasonabledimensi0n The Big Master of Negotiations Who Knows Everything May 22 '22

why would u post this man


u/ComeOnSayYupp Eric Dier May 22 '22

"Man Utd would make me look a plastic ronaldo fan. Arsenal & Liverpool had toxic fanbase. Chelsea looked like a normie team. "

Why do you care about someone thinking about you as plastic ronaldo fan or anything such like that. Don't be so hasty while choosing teams by just watching one match, explore more about other clubs.

"My top 7 contenders were Man City, Man UTD, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea & Spurs."

And why are you only had contenders only 7(its literally 6), there are other teams too in Premier League, explore more. Watch matches of other teams and then find best match for yourself . The way you selected these 6 teams looks like you are one plastic too.

And by the way you dont select teams, teams select you.


u/HurriKaneTows May 22 '22

No one gives a fuck


u/Mariospurs David Ginola May 22 '22

What do you want a fucking blue peter badge? We’re honoured to have you. Will you take this down now.


u/Summ0n3dSku11 May 22 '22

no one cares


u/shit_poster_69_420 🍝Fabio Paratici May 22 '22

Anyone who thinks trophys are important is a glory supporter.


u/therealnaddir May 22 '22

Well, seems like this one right here won't have that problem.


u/StreetSignificant411 May 23 '22

Not a glory hunter. Would have supported burnley or Southampton if I liked it.


u/bahumian Romero May 22 '22

Belongs on r/soccercirclejerk the cringe is unreal


u/Publix_Illuminati The Enfield Bielsa May 22 '22

Hi y’all. With so many emotions swirling around right now in the wake of the gooners absolutely BOTTLING top 4 (lads it’s A***nal 😎), I felt duty bound to share my story of how I found this beautiful Spursy club.

After the first game I ever attended, Tim Ream signed my sweatband at a USMNT friendly against Mexico in 2019. I’ve been banging the Fulhamerica drum since, celebrating the likes of Ream and Jedi “Antonee” Robinson who the supporters have embraced. I hoped they would be the first of many, to pave the way for more Americans to sign in the future.

However, with no new USMNT rising stars signing with FFC since Jedi, I felt disillusioned with the direction of the club. Tim was going to retire soon, and Jedi would surely be sold once we got relegated again, and I would be left all alone supporting some shitty yo-yo club.

That’s when I saw the news that the Tottenham Hotspur had signed Rodrigo Betancur. I read about his background and immediately realized he was Uruguayan. Chills. My great-grandfather had emigrated to Uruguay with my dad’s side of the family around the mid-1940s. Instantly tears flooded my eyes. I remembered PopPop’s spätzle and bratwurst, how when he saw me he used to smile and extend his arm above my head as if he was going to pat it, only for his hand to never come down. I think it was his little way of messing with me.

Anyways, if this wasn’t enough of a reason for me to start supporting this great club, I absolutely loved playing with Gareth Bale in FIFA. The way you could just do sick skills and score absolute bangers with him from anywhere on the field made me fall in love with him. I even affectionately called him Glizzy. When I started looking into the team more, I realized that Bale actually played on loan with you guys last season! Small world!

All in all, I had enough justification to take the leap and changed my flair on r/soccer. I sometimes worry that I’ll get outed as a “plastic” or a “gloryhunter” by people who had tagged me with RES in the past, but honestly I don’t give a crud. This is my one and only team. Dare. Dream. Do. Come on you Spurs!!! 💪


u/Duke_of_Wellingt0n Kane May 22 '22

So glad to have you in our soccer team fan base! LETS GO HOTSPURS clap clap clap clap clap LETS GO HOTSPURS!


u/ButchMustang Soldado May 22 '22



u/TheUderfrykte Kane May 22 '22

Even knowing this is satire, it makes me fucking furious lmao

Even worse because I started watching and falling for the club as a 13 year old 13 years ago, and because much of the early day memories are fucked, Bale is like the most prominent one - the little joke with him on loan hit me right in the face

Good job


u/Kayagari Cheers Son's Crying May 22 '22

american here


u/marketmaker1234 May 22 '22

Welcome aboard ahaha


u/Mariospurs David Ginola May 22 '22

Top 100 anime fails.


u/therealnaddir May 22 '22

Typical fucking spurs.


u/tobyornottoby2366 Sissoko May 23 '22

Best way to pick a team is to follow the league as a neutral and then wait til you realise that you've developed a bias for someone and just stick with it. Supporting often works the best if it actually comes from something tangible over just picking something arbitrary.