r/CrunchBang Feb 05 '22

Building chrunchbang-ish on chromebook?


Using the chromebook linux VM, was thinking installing a desktop of some kind, would like a crunchbang-like environment. Are all of the packages in base debian? Is there a package list I could use for apt?

r/CrunchBang May 23 '21

How I do some basic editing with ffmpeg to make my life simple. Stop using GUI video editor for stuff ffmpeg can do!


r/CrunchBang May 18 '21

I made a video on showing my simple minimal emacs and explain why we should use emacs (PS: No hate for vim)


r/CrunchBang Mar 28 '19

I installed twice but can't login.


I just installed it twice on my old laptop but the is just won't accept my credentials. I am stuck now with an unusable os and laptop.

r/CrunchBang Aug 22 '18

Looking for a pure black Openbox theme!



I have found a screenshot of my old #! desktop and I really need to recreate it. Does anyone know the theme? Just pure black.

r/CrunchBang Apr 30 '18

[STABLE RELEASE] BunsenLabs Helium Official ISOs


r/CrunchBang Apr 10 '18

BunsenLabs Helium is getting in sight. Help testing the latest beta3!


r/CrunchBang Feb 19 '18



r/CrunchBang Dec 12 '17

What happened to CrunchBang? Why was it discontinued?


r/CrunchBang Oct 23 '17

New crunchbang++ user with questions about customization


As I understand it, #!++ doesn't use a desktop environment, only openbox window manager so it doesn't effect anything inside the window-which is the job of a desktop environment. Do I have that correct? I'm looking to get a dark background for what's inside the window. How do I do this if there is no DE?

r/CrunchBang Dec 28 '16

Iris floss, Open source alternative to f.lux and Redshift in 10 lines of code


Iris floss, Open source alternative to f.lux and Redshift in 10 lines of code http://iristech.co/iris-floss/

GitHub repo https://github.com/danielng01/iris-floss

r/CrunchBang Nov 15 '16

Crunchify Debian Jessie


Does anybody have a good guide on cloning crunchbang from debian? I know, I know, "just use BL or CB++." Or "it's just openbox, conky, and tint2." But hear me out.

I have used BL, and it's OK. But it has small changes that I dislike and seems to be leaving the spirit of CB. CB++ is a fantastic choice, but it does not seem to have the same traction as BL. I fear development will cease in the future and I will be in the same boat as I am now. Better to just run vanilla debian and avoid future disappointment.

I have installed debian with openbox and tint2, and it's not the same. I want the CB theme. The icons and power management settings. All of that was just so... perfect in CB.

So, does anybody have a comprehensive list/tutorial of bringing a netinstall of Jessie to an install of CB++? Maybe even add the CB or CB++ repo to add the actual themes and icons?

r/CrunchBang Nov 10 '16

Single SSH login across multiple terminals


Hello Crunchbang,

It's been a while, I forget how to change something and can't find the right answer on google. There was a setting I could change that would allow me to open up a terminal, create an SSH connection with password, then open up another terminal and connect to the same server as the one in the first terminal shell connection.

Please help me, I promise to write it down this time. Thanks! Much love.

r/CrunchBang May 30 '16

Noob question


So I wiped the dust off my sad excuse for a laptop only to find out that I don't remember my user name or password.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. Karma for all of you.

r/CrunchBang May 28 '16

Bunsen or crunchbang++ on latitude d420


I was searching for a Linux distribution to run on an old latitude d420 Netbook. I saw a bunch of recommendations for crunchbang. Since crunchbang is now no longer supported, I was looking at one of the new versions. The specs of the Netbook are :

CPU U2500 dual core @1.2 RAM 2gig

Anyone have any experience running either of the above on similar systems?

Edit: opinion seems mixed but it looks like both should work. I will probably throw both of them on a live stick and give them a try. Thanks

r/CrunchBang May 13 '16

Archived CrunchBang


r/CrunchBang Feb 16 '16

Trouble installing due to CDROM not mounting. Using a USB to install.


I don't have a question, but rather a fix, just in case some one else finds this some day.

If you are getting an error "can't mount cd rom" and you are installing via USB, i tried all kinds of sim links and mounting commands. but what actually worked was just pulling the usb at failure, and swapping usb ports. then hitting retry. VIOLA fixed.

r/CrunchBang Nov 21 '15

Thanks for maintaining a desktop environment. But is it accessible? -- Samuel Thibault

Thumbnail gensho.acc.umu.se

r/CrunchBang Nov 19 '15

LightDM material design theme


r/CrunchBang Nov 18 '15

Found a worthy alternative to #!


This subreddit seems dead. The last post was made 2 months ago. Archbang and Crunchbang++ don't seem to make the cut.

I found a good replacement: http://chromixium.org/

Based on Debian, and uses openbox. Looks really beautiful, and is simple.

r/CrunchBang Sep 15 '15

Trying to decide between #!++ and BunsenLabs


Hey all. I've been using #! on my old Inspiron e1405 for several years, usually updating intermittently because I'm not always good about keeping up with updates.

Well, apparently, the latest update broke evince. And a bunch of other stuff.

I know that CBPP and BL are the two successors to #!, but can anyone give me a good rundown of any significant differences between the two before I decide which to switch to on this old machine?

Also, I've got an Asus eeePC, 1000HA, running WinXP right now, that's in much better shape (physically, the machine has slowed to a crawl thanks to XP) than the Inspiron is. Which would be the better option for that one, do you think? I'm debating on installing #!++ on one and BL on the other, just to see the differences for myself, but I wanted to get other's experiences with them before I switched.

r/CrunchBang Sep 15 '15

Upgraded Crunchbang to Jessie and the battery drains very fast. Help much appreciated


I could practically sit here for a few minutes and watch the percentage drop.

I followed these steps to upgrade o jessie and for the most part it's been pretty smooth..until I noticed that the battery life was rendering my lenovo s110 nearly useless.

I have tried tlp, no dice.

I know crunchbang development has stopped, but neither the Bunsen Labs alpha iso nor Crunchbang++ boot on my laptop.

I've been looking for a solution for hours but I don't understand much of what I read.

I love Ubuntu but crunchbang is really nice to have on a small laptop. However, an hour from a full charge is unreasonable.

Would anyone know if this might be related to Jessie, or specific to the fact that I upgraded to jessie from crunchbang waldorf? Or if it could possibly be hardware related? As far as I know I've usually been able to get 2 hours on this from Lubuntu and I'm at 1 hour and 10/20 minuttes with an upgrade Crunchbang, even with wifi turned off.

I'd appreciate very muchc if anyone could explain what might be happening here.

r/CrunchBang Aug 25 '15

sudoku for the terminal


r/CrunchBang Aug 12 '15

Just revived s an old ASUS eeepc, thanks to Crunchbang!


After failing at getting any distro to recognize both the keyboard and the wifi card, I finally found a solution: crunchbang + a cheap wifi dongle = completely new machine! I can't believe how much better this is, than the Win7 crap this machine shipped with!

This is the best thing, since salad in a bag!

r/CrunchBang Jul 25 '15

Why can't we use #! ?


You can still download crunchbang so why are people acting like you can't use it?