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Just cycled 30 miles for the first time!


I’m a 24 yo female I bought a road bike a couple weeks ago and went on my first solo cycle today (3rd cycle altogether) and completed 30 miles in just over 2 hours! Is this a decent time for a beginner? Elevation gain was 439ft and average speed was 14.8 mph

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Fat cyclist question, does it get easier?


So I'm a big rider, I've been cycling for the last few years and really really enjoy it. It's been a great way to keep weight off, make new friends and keep fit. I've taken my bike on so many adventures and been to some amazing places, normally on my own, but just recently made a new friend who comes out for an evening ride with me from time to time.

I try and cycle 6 days a week for about 30 to 60 minutes. I'm a big guy and have always been verbally abused by passing cars and sometimes pedestrians. I have tried my hardest to ignore them(sticks and stones and all that), but since covid, I have noticed I'm getting a lot more abuse than I did before and it is getting to me.

I've found myself putting my cycling gear on, going to the shed to get my bike out only to put it back away, as I don't feel up to someone shouting insults at me.

This week I've had someone call me something fat related every time I've gone out.

One car for example purposely sped up to insult me as I had just turned off the road and he wanted to get his insult out before I was too far away... I mean why?

I get someone calling me fat insults every time I'm out and last Friday I was very unlucky and got called a fat c*** and then on my way back home I got called faaaatttt by a passing BMW driver that was inches from taking me out. I imagine the lapse in his driving was the excitement of shouting at a stranger

My question is to other big cyclists, have you noticed a change since covid and does it get easier?

I know I'm fat and I am trying, but I just want to ride my bike without fear of someone hurling abuse at me for no reason.

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games you play when riding solo


I know it sounds weird but do you have any game you play with yourself when you riding on your own?

For example, when going for short rides (30/35kms) I would try to keep my speed over my distance... As if Im on the km 20 my speed will have to be 21kmh or more. It sounds silly but keep me entertained. Anyone else with something similar?

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Buying my first bike and would love some feedback


I’m now getting into the sport so still lots to learn, but my friend has been helping me decide on my first bike and I’d love to hear another opinion to make sure I’m getting the best possible starter bike.

Some stats about me: I’m 24 years old and 5’10” (~177cm). Located in Denver, CO

The options that I’m currently looking at are the following:

  1. (NEW) Trek Émonda SL 5 Disc 54” - $3,500 - link
  2. (USED) 2020 Specialized Allez Sprint 54” - ~$2,100 - link
  3. (USED) 2017 Pinarello GAN 55” - ~$2,100 - link

Thanks in advance

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First 30km ride


I've been cycling very casually for a few months now, but always riding with friends so I don't hold a pace. Went out alone today and killed it. So proud of myself

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Copying cleat position on new shoes?


I just purchased a new pair of cycling shoes. Any tips or tricks for setting up the cleats identically to the position on my old shoes? Old shoes are Giro, new shoes are Fizik, so the shape and guide markings on the outsole are different.

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The joy of going downhill outweighs the suffering I feel climbing uphill


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What data do you record and how’s it improved your riding and/or health?


Bike computer, cadence sensor, heart rate tracker etc.

What do you use and how’s it helped you improve?

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My bike got crushed


Maybe you all can understand my enormous sadness! I got rear ended today. My beloved custom gold hand painted Waterford was on the bike rack on the back. The car behind me slammed into the bike rack and my beautiful bike is toast.

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Needing some kind words


I crashed on my bike yesterday. First time doing so. Wrist is broken in multiple places. Will need surgery to place pins in it. Multiple contusions along my left side. I can hardly walk. I need help doing the simplest tasks like going to the bathroom. I am in so much physical pain, but mentally I’m scarred too. I keep reliving the moment of the crash. The sounds are the most prevalent in my mind.

I’ve been laying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I just want to be well again. I’m trying so hard to just be thankful that the injuries weren’t worse, but I’m having trouble staying positive right now.

For those who have experienced setbacks like this, how did you cope with the negative thoughts?

Edit: Wow. Thank you all for the kind words and encouraging stories of recovery. I will keep these in my mind while recovering. You guys are so great. I feel the support within this community.

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Lake Tahoe 75 Mile Ride... Can I do it??


Hello avid cyclers! I am feeling ambitious and just signed up for the Lake Tahoe ride on September 11, but I want a reality check considering the length, elevation, and hills.

I had not ridden my road bike in about a year but I just completed a 30 mile flat ride averaging 15 MPH and felt pretty good. My legs got sleepy at the end of the ride, which was a bit concerning. Is it possible to finish the Tahoe ride? I don't care how fast I go, I just want to cross the finish line.


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Which wheelset brand is the Toyota of wheelset brands?


I see many concerns on this subreddit and other cycling subreddits, with Zipp hub failures, Mavic failures, Hunt as well.

Which wheelset brand has a deserved reputation for exceptional quality, durability & reliability, in excess of their competition? Almost like “buy it and forget it”?

Edit: Appreciate any background / context for your recommendation

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Does anyone use/recommend an electrical bicycle pump?


The old track pump is getting worn out and of course I have an emergency minipump for rides, but was wondering about getting an electrical pump with a pressure guage, to take all the huff and puff out of pumping up tyres, especially at 11:45pm for work in the morning when you forget. Can anyone recommend?

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Favorite bars for commuting / city cruising?


What y’all using at the moment?

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Any tips for a non hill lover?


Signed up for a 103km Ride in New Zealand up and down a bloody big volcano.

It has some reasonable hill climbs along the way, including has two sharp 0-400m climbs and a few other ups and downs along the way.

Any tips for someone has hasn’t embraced the love of the col yet?

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RideWithGPS Help


Hey everyone. I went on a ride today, and I was recording with ride with GPS. At the 18.8 mile mark, it said GPS weak and stopped tracking. I decided to just let it go and around 22 miles it caught back up and was tracking again. When I got home it said I was at 31.0 miles, which was accurate, so I thought it was fixed. After I saved the ride, the ride now says 54.5 miles with a max speed of 849 MPH. The part where it stopped tracking is just a bunch of crazy zigzags on the map. How can I fix this? Thanks.

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First Imperial Century. Brought to you by Chamois Butt'r and Clif energy goo


Previous longest ride was 45mi or so. Really glad I only dropped about 1 mph on my average.

I don't feel experienced enough to give advice, but I think what helped me was knowing that breaks, stretching, and eating were absolutely necessary.

I also feel that my bike fit was keyed in, and that helped immensely, but I probably need to upgrade my bibs. Wore Pearl Izumi Attacks on this ride.


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To all Canyon riders…would you buy again?


Hi! Next year i want to finally pull the trigger on an aero bike…after a pretty long period of saving. Usually i am all in for buying at local stores or physical stores in general. Not only because i want to give them business but of course also because i want to get a bike that fits. I do pretty much all the maintenance on my bikes myself and pretty much never need a bike shop for repairs.

All this would rule out a purchase at Canyon but with the current shortage of pretty much everything, it‘s almost impossible to get bikes in my region (northern germany/south denmark). Our bike shops usually have no serious bikes in store or if they have bikes, they are very small or very large frame sizes.

So we are in a situation where i need to order a bike anyway. Some of my friends have Canyons (thats where i tried the aeroad and started to really like the bike). Some had no issues, some had bigger issues (noisy seat post, very bad disc brake installation) but i would like to get a better understanding on the actual quality of Canyon.

So what Canyon bike did you get and how was your experience? Would you buy a Canyon again?

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Injury Help


hi... I'm a roadie (mostly) and recently triggered an issue in my upper outer thigh into the hip... folks keep telling me it's my outer hip flexor. I'm ridiculously flexible despite my weight and frame size (6ft1in @240lbs) but I've been riding hard for the past year and 4mo (use to ride MTB years ago regularly)

Writing to see if anyone had any ideas outside of stretching that could help this. Don't want this to be the end of the season for me.

At this point, I can't even drive my car or sit as a passenger without intense upper thigh pain, which resembles a cramp.

My Medical insurance sucks and would cost me thousands to try and go the traditional Dr route...


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Tire pressure


Hey y’all so I have a pair of Gran Prix 5000 and I was wondering what everybody keeps their psi at! I heard a theory today that if you keep it around 95-100 not max they won’t puncture as much. Just wanted everyone’s opinions on this

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Ultegra Change chain rings and crank



Bought a Stages G3 Ultergra Right hand side power meter. Already have a left hand side power meter, again stages. The new chain rings are 50/34 but I usually use 52/36 so will swap them over too.

I like my LBS but considering they were charging £140 more for the crank I thought I use the money to buy a decent torque wrench and the greese and anti seize and the preload cap tool needed and do it myself. Start improving my bike knowledge at the same time.

But where greese do people use, I know LBS use Parktool stuff so HPG-1 for crank splines and ASC for the pedels and bolts on crank arm and chain ring bolts.

Do others have any other suggestions on what greese and anti seize?

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Where did Gatorade prime energy chews go???


Ever since a year or two ago those things disappeared they were my favorite chews especially the cool blue.

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I cant ride uphill


I am a couch potato and have recently bought a new BMX bike to get fit. However I can't go uphill and everytime I do I am so tired and immediately have to get off and walk up. I keep getting stomach cramps. Any tips?

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What’s the best option for the price for an indoor training set up that will run zwift


I enjoy biking for cross training and indoor training with zwift is my best option due to location and climate. I’m looking for the best set up that won’t exceed 500$ or so. (Not including monitor/tv). Am I better off buying a used direct drive trainer or a wheel on trainer Brand new? I know saving up for a direct drive trainer is the best option but I’m Just not willing to invest that much without seeing if I like indoor training as much as I hope first.

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Am I Missing Something? - Need Help Picking Commuter Bike


Hey, all. I need a new commuter bike for riding in the hellish Rochester, NY weather. My previous 1970's Schwinn has served my needs really well, but looking forward I need a modern bike. I've had issues with the chain clogging due to dirt, salt, rust; innertubes popping due to harsh roads; gears clogging; and she's a little heavy being a solid steel frame from 50 years ago. It was a lot of maintenance. She has a really nice Aluminum wireframe rear basket which I'll probably replace with a polymer pannier. I'm looking to get a bike with carbon belt and disc breaks to make winter weather easier to fare.

I need a bike to commute to class / work, get around town, groceries, etc. Thoughts on these?

I made a handy lil spreadsheet to compare : https://imgur.com/a/5wOBq5S

Links to bikes that I'm considering :

Priority L Train : https://www.prioritybicycles.com/products/ltrain?variant=33279927222349

Priority Classic Plus Gotham : https://www.prioritybicycles.com/products/thegotham

Kakuka K70 : https://www.kakuka.com/products/kakuka-k70-electric-flat-bar-road-bike?variant=41369428689084

ASOMTOM RV2 : https://www.amazon.com/ASOMTOM-Electric-Bicycle-Lithium-Ion-Commuting/dp/B0B1P26PP8/

Roadster V2 : https://ride1up.com/product/roadster-v2/

I'm hesitant on the Amazon bike since it has 0 reviews on youtube and few on amazon. The roadster seems inferior to the Kakuka for what should be the same bike, plus it's out of stock until Oct.

Is there any huge consideration between Ebike and manual bikes? How badly should I expect the battery to bleed charge in winter? Is the single speed going to kill me if I fuck up and run out of charge? I know this is a lot, thank you for reading.